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The future of Education in the iGaming industry



The iGaming sector, which is still considered to be a relatively young industry doesn’t quite offer any formal qualifications. With recent regulatory developments across the EU, we are however starting to see a change in this approach to education and training for iGaming operators and their employees. Specifically in relation to Anti-Money Laundering and Responsible Gaming, there are already mandatory requirements in place between the majority of the regulatory bodies, and we are seeing the emergence of training bodies and organisations to meet this need.

Foremost among these is the iGaming Academy, where training is provided in a multitude of gaming specific disciplines, including AML, Info Security, Advertising Code & Practices and Responsible Gaming training.

As stated by the iGaming Academy’s DirectorJaime Debono:

All the training courses are created specifically for the iGaming industry, with use of the correct terminology, relevant examples and case studies and by professionals from within the industry itself. This training methodology has been very effective for many of our clients and so far we have be able to deliver our training courses to over 6000 staff member online and 100 face-to-face attendees on a monthly basis

Head of Content & Compliance for the iGaming Academy, Wendy Zitzman said :

while many operators take advantage of the iGaming Academy courses for regulator mandated trainings related to compliance topics, we have seen a change in attitude in 2016, with more and more operators sending entire teams to undergo role specific training in topics such as Social Media Marketing, Sportsbook Management, Customer Relationship Management, Online Casino Management, and a number of other courses across the 4 main key categories: Compliance, Product, Acquisition and Retention

On an enterprise level, the iGaming Academy has delivered complex training initiatives for companies such as Betsson, Mr Green, Lottoland, Betclic Everest Group, Skybet and Evolution Gaming.

In a recent interview with Sara Mosallaee, Marketing and Communication Executive at Evolution Gaming; Sara expressed her experience in working with the iGaming Academy’s Online Training Portal which is used to concurrently train over 500 Evolution employees.


iGaming goes to war with video gaming industry



Oulala CEO Valery Bollier made some surprising remarks regarding the future of the iGaming sector during his recent speech at the industry event in Monaco.

Bollier, CEO and Co-founder of an award-winning Daily Fantasy Football B2B provider, recently visited the principality on the French Riviera where he spoke at the World Gaming Expo.

He explained that there seems to be a significant dissonance between what the industry wants the customers to desire and what the customers and potential clients are actually looking for: ”Over the last 4 years, Oulala has directed its attention exclusively towards understanding the exact needs of these new generations, often referred to as millennials. We have learnt, first and foremost, that they want skill games.

He went on to explain that if one has gone spent their childhood and teen years playing incredible skill games on their consoles, then, chances are, they are entirely hooked on skill games. Unsurprisingly, adulthood spawns the desire to play with real money, the latter upping the stakes in a way that makes the game more exciting. ”The question that remains is why someone would choose to go for games of luck instead, a question that strategists often tend to disregard. The conclusion they settle on is that what worked for older generations will also work for the younger ones. What this notion neglects to take into account is that the older generations were raised before the first Atari console was launched in 1982. Any CTO would classify this as a ‘fatal error’.

Bollier revealed another important lesson that he and his team have learned from their customers: they want social games. ”Fortunately, there appears to be a general consensus over this fact,” he said. ”Nevertheless, it is crucial that one acknowledges the disparity that may exist between what we want to give customers and what they are actually expecting. We may be eager to offer them social luck games, purely because it is simpler for us to create, however, they actively pursue real social games that would guarantee bragging rights upon victory. The satisfaction that comes with luck games cannot be compared to the bragging satisfaction that a skill game would provide. It is for this reason that social games started out on skill games and should remain that way.

Bollier also pointed out that optimal graphic design and gameplay are a must if we want to attract millennials: ”Considering the past 15 years of experiencing video games that cost between $50 million and $300 million to build, it comes as no surprise that the level of expectation with regards to graphic design and gameplay would skyrocket.” He added that the iGaming sector is at least 20 years late in the game and until it commits to investing an extensive amount of funds towards game development, then it will be wedged at a position that is far removed from what the customers expect from it.

Bollier believes that none of the iGaming sector’s traditional products have been responding to any of the three aforementioned needs. Most do not even commit to a single one.

A new market is flourishing and growing fast, yet the iGaming sector, which would be the ideal industry to fill the gap, seems reluctant to do so. Vacuums tend to be short lived and this void will indubitably be colonized by another industry before long: the video gaming industry.

According to Bollier, the start of the 1980s saw an explosion of growth in the video game industry after targeting young children and teenagers. After having done such an excellent job, the industry enjoyed great longevity where customers continued playing throughout their teenage years and the average age of gamers is now 35 years (30 in 2012). Surprisingly, those potential customers who are still hesitant to dip their toes into our industry are already their customers. It is very likely that their next step will be to offer the one thing that they are not currently providing, that is, a real money based experience.

While a lot of this may appear to be set in stone, I still believe that a number of major iGaming groups as well as a few influential casino brands have the financial resources to fight this battle and attain a possible leading position in this upcoming market. As it is, to win a war, one must first acknowledge that there is one at all.

About Valery Bollier
Valéry Bollier has twelve years of experience in the media and online marketing as well as fifteen years of experience within the iGaming industry. He is the shareholder and former CMO of ZEturf (20% of the French online horse racing market) and Co-founder/CEO of Oulala, the first B2B Fantasy football game based on European football. In 2016, Oulala was presentedwith the best Daily Fantasy Football Game award. Bollier is also a private investor and a regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars, as well as a contributor to various B2B publications. In 2016, he was presented with the ”Tech ambassador of Malta” award as well as ”iGaming Idol” (in the category ”Data & Business Intelligence”). In 2017 he was elected the ”ICE prophet”.

About Oulala
Oulala, a B2B-licensed fantasy sports provider, is the company behind an award-winning daily fantasy football management game launched in August 2013. Its highly innovative and advanced scoring system in fantasy football uses 70 different statistical criteria, which are then converted into fantasy points in real time accordingly. A monetised version of the site, launched at the end of 2015, is now used as a case study to present the efficiency of the game to future B2B partners. The latter may opt for a fully customised solution with API, Iframe and Turnkey delivery.

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Prague Gaming Summit 2018 is set to become a platform designed for regional regulatory updates, innovations talks and social responsibility



The second edition of Prague Gaming Summit is set to become a leading platform which will highlight the Slovakian, Czech and Polish market, while also focusing on the latest innovations which are trending at this moment and help increase the social awareness of the industry.


Regulatory updates from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland

As is typical, legislation has lagged behind innovation in the industry in Europe and we’re just starting to see more nations undertake the balancing act between ensuring they generate sufficient tax revenue, and providing a safe environment for their bettors. This process is made particularly difficult since levying too much tax will discourage investment in localities, as well as promote a move to less regulated, altogether dodgier iGaming venues from the punters themselves. Despite the divides between legislators, there are still good offers for specific counties across Europe. The Czech, Slovak and Polish market are not among them. This is why we are reaching out to the industry to encourage this effort of bringing together the key stakeholders of the industry to discuss potential amendments.

The special regulatory briefings will be held by top names of the industry who are well known in the region for their contributions to the online and land based gambling market and here are some of the already experts that will speak during the regulatory update panels:

Dr. Robert Skalina(WH Partners), Jakub Kolomicenko (Endorphina), Jan Rehola (PS Legal), Vojtech Chloupek (Bird&Bird), Piotr Dynowski (Bird&Bird), Tal Zamstein (Fortuna Group), Bogdan Coman (Rombet)


Social Responsibility, Anti-Money Laundering and Gambling Licensing Procedures

Social responsibility is all about protecting players from gambling-related harm and the organizers encourage the fact that crime should be kept out of gambling. The industry is facing a period in which more and more regulated markets are adopting licence conditions and codes of practice which revolve around responsible gambling. However, these programs should be implemented in a manner that it does not block the industry totally.

When speaking about the implementation of the EU AMLD we must mention the fact that there are rumors about a 5th AMLD which will focus on the following 5 main requirements: Extending the Directive Scope to include Virtual Currencies, Addressing the Issue of Anonymity in Relation to Prepaid Cards, Beneficial Ownership Registers, Enhancing cooperation and information sharing among EU financial intelligence units and Developing a Consistent EU Approach Toward High-Risk Third Countries.

The already confirmed speakers of the discussion are: Pieter Remmers(Assissa), Alex Henderson (The Ritz Hotel Casino London), Dan Iliovici (Romanian National Office for Gambling), Martin Arendts (ARENDTS ANWÄLTE)


Innovation Talks, Retention and Marketing

There is no doubt that talks around crypto is going to be among the highlights of many industry related news, thus we are once again putting together a panel where the experts of the crypto industry will share their wisdom and talk innovations.

For the first time in our portfolio, we are implementing a panel style workshop which will revolve around Conversion and Retention which will help attending delegates to gain access to information that will help increase their profit.

The already confirmed experts of the panels are: Tal Itzhak Ron (Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. Law Firm), Quirino Mancini (Tonucci & Partners), Max Krupyshev(Cubits), Robert Dowling (EveryMatrix), Joseph Borg (WH Partners)


With such an incredible lineup of expert speakers, the event is expected to surpass the inaugural edition in numbers and networking opportunities as we are already receiving a high number of registrations.


Delegate pass price breakdown:
•Early Bird Rate (60% Off): 199 EUR – Sales end on December 31, 2017
•Combo – Early Bird Rate + 2 nights accommodation (60% Off): 379 EUR – Sales end on December 31, 2017
•Advance Rate (40% Off): 299 EUR – Sales end on March 22, 2018
•Combo – Advance Rate + 2 nights accommodation (40% Off): 479 EUR – Sales end on March 22, 2018
•Regular Rate (no discount): 499 EUR – Sales end on March 29, 2018

Tickets can be registered via the special new registration gateway created by EEGEvents where you can opt for fiat and cryptocurrency payments.

Register here:


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Prague as well as your contributions to the topics!



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SIGMA 2017: BtoBet changes Technology’s concept on the expo floor



International choreographer and dancers to interpret the essence of digital transformation, showing how rapidly the technology changes every aspect of life, business partnership and iGaming included.


The multinational company, BtoBet is going to bring a unique tech-show to Malta: for the first time in the gambling industry, the technology will become action and be live through Art, Music and Dance.

On 23 and 24 November, at the MFCC, every hour, Gianluca Blandi – an eclectic choreographer and dancer, promoting international dance festivals in New York and Europe – together with a group of skilled and flexuous dancers coming from Las Vegas, Mexico, Malta and Italy, will be the protagonists of a spectacular metaphorical show.
In fact, in an unprecedented dancing performance, the international dancers will show how the igaming industry and the dancing spheres have a common ground when it comes to trust and flexibility, to cement a relationship and to establish a long-term partnership.

Commenting on the disruptive performance organised by BtoBet, sponsoring SiGMA 2017, the CMO Sabrina Soldá, highlighted:

The 5 dancers will be extraordinary interpreters of the importance of a trusted technological partner to follow on the iGaming floor in order to let operations dance to the rhythm of the highest tech beat. In a B2B environment, where everything is technical and ruled by numbers and algorithms, being disruptive marks a big difference in the technology’s outcomes: digital transformation is progressing and is going to change every aspect of the business and of life. I firmly believe the creative thinking and a fast adaptability are the only ways to succeed in a time of significant changes.

All operators willing to meet BtoBet’s experts at SIGMA can contact

About BtoBet
BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. It offers unique, customisable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive sportsbook and iGaming business. BtoBet has offices in Macedonia, Italy and Malta. The Technical team of the company is in Skopje and has an ever-growing team of developers. BtoBet’s dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing centre.

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