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Online Gambling in Ukraine – Free Market Report



After may 2009 gambling became illegal in Ukraine after a fire at a gambling hall in Dnipropetrovsk killed 9 people. The law stated that “any game requiring the player to make a bet that enables them to receive a prize and the result of which depends on chance partially or completely, is considered gambling”.  The lottery, sports events, pool, bowling, free draws carried for advertising, charity were not integrated in the “gambling” category allowing them to exist legally.

Until 2011 operators were able to take advantage by “reading between the lines” when it came to  Ukrainian laws. Flaws in the law allowed them to continue their activity, by moving servers outside the country without the fear of persecution. But in 2011 the government passed a bill that empowered them to take more action against this kind of practices, including the power to make arrests.

But even though the main reasons of the ban was apparently restriction, like limiting crime and other similar actions, nothing was done against it. Even more, they indirectly forced the gambling industry to take an illegal turn, throwing this industry in the black market area. The requirements were simply too much. Not only they required a capital of 2 million € separated by any borrowed funds, but also space requirements. The new casinos were to exist only in 4 or 5 stars hotels, with over 200 rooms, but the only problem consisted in the very small numbers of such places.

But wait, there’s more! An annual license fee is also introduced, ranging from 300 000 – 1 000 000 € depending on the city and population, of the placed casino. Overall, this does not include the gaming license. Add 1.5milion euros more to get the license. This kind of laws are very likely to scare off foreign investors, thus putting Ukraine very close to the top on the list of “most expensive places to make a casino” in the world. AND APPARENTLY the government chooses to look at the negative side of gambling more than it looks at the possible advantages that such industry would create and help sustain national budget and tourism.  The government controlled lottery is the only form of gambling, that is accessible to most of the Ukrainian people.

The good news is that even though these bans existed, Ukrainian people were still able to comfort their thirst for gambling, by visiting foreign web-sites; most of them accepting Ukrainian citizens. These things were not regulated by any specific laws; and even though some laws tried to regulate this aspect, things were very unclear when it came to sanctions or allowance. While trying to stabilize economy in every way possible, and at the same time wishing to bring more tourists to the country, the Ukrainian government announced that possible legalization of gambling could be brought in discussion again. Glyn Thomas, organizer of has stated that Ukraine has “a background of IT companies that are involved in the gaming industry. A lot of software suppliers are based here already because of the renowned skill of the workforce” thus showing the potential of Ukraine that could become one of the world’s leading countries in this industry. But because the harsh legislation that still holds on in Ukraine, many investors have decided to wait for “better days” before investing in a country that has one of the biggest taxation laws.


Here’s what our partners Casexe mentioned about this economy:




CASEXE experts, that support legislative regulations in the gambling industry, stated the following:


Gambling in Ukraine. What’s going on and why?

It’s a well-known fact that CASEXE is a major supporter of legislative regulation of the gambling industry in any country of the world, despite of the region and market peculiarities.

Having comprehensively analyzed the situation that is evolving around the possible legalization of gambling in Ukraine, CASEXE experts have provided their confident and extensive comments on the topic.

Ivan Kondilenko, CEO, CASEXE:

“In the future, Ukraine could become one of the most interesting and top priority markets for our company. And this goes not without a reason, as this is the second country in Europe by population, which has the experience of regulating gambling business and a certain established segment of the audience that is quite aware with peculiarities of gambling (first of all, land based). That’s why we decided to carefully study the situation with gambling legalization in Ukraine, and understand why there’s still no any progress in the industry and what should we expect in the nearest future.

On September 29, 2015, CASEXE has been sponsoring the first Ukrainian Gambling Congress, which was held in Kyiv and was expected to become a catalyst for progress. Event has been a top class, but unfortunately, speeches and promises from politicians weren’t enough and the law on legislation of gambling has not been accepted yet. Why’s that so?

It seems that key reason for such situation is powerful lobbying from people who represent the only kind of legal business in Ukraine – lotteries. Their unwillingness to share the market with bookmakers and casino is a key obstacle on the way of adopting the law that could regulate all types of gambling in the country.
The essence of the law is important as well, being offered by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account all realities and interests of market participants. We’ll not go into details, but let’s just note the fact that the draft in its existing form creates more problems and obstacles for operators, than possibilities for organizing a business.

Some part of Ukrainian political elite explains it as a care about population and preventing negative consequences of gambling legalization. Unfortunately, such notes are no more than manipulation, as advantages and benefits from adopting of the law that we don’t have today would be so much bigger. So let’s look through the key thesis against legalization that we can hear from mass media:

1.) “Gambling is waste, addiction and poverty”. This is not more than a mere myth. There’s a threat for people fighting the gambling addiction. But there’re no more gambling addicts in the industry than, for example, people suffering from alcohol addiction, and it’s allowed everywhere. American social studies show that gambling problem has been an issue for 1 – 1,5 per cent of the total amount of player respondents. In your opinion, is this figure high or low?

2.) “Gambling is criminal”. Makes sense if we speak about the country where it’s banned. The need for playing has not been vanished, thus players go to illegal venues. And there are lots of them. The only way to exterminate criminal essence of this business is to legalize it.

3.) “Children and teenagers who can’t control themselves will attend casinos”. This is another myth, because the rules of the reasonable law completely prevent people under the legal age to enter such places. And owner of the business shall bear responsibility for that with a possibility of losing the license and confiscation of property. No need to doubt – control will be very strict. It’s proven by the worldwide experience of casino and betting shops operation.

CASEXE is the leading European manufacturer of software for gambling industry. Multifunctional online casino platform is a key product of the company allowing to launch the most challenging and unconventional projects.




CASEXE is the leading European manufacturer of software for gambling industry.

In particular, Evchenko will cover the possibility to attract tourists and players to Ukraine from all over the world and factors that can repackage the image of the country, as well as the chance to turn the country into an interesting investment project in the terms of gambling and other sectors












How to start an online casino business: learn the latest legislative changes in global gambling industry



CASEXE suggests to find out more about important updates in gambling regulation across the world. If you know how to start an online casino business then regulatory developments will help you to choose a suitable jurisdiction for your project. Malta, Australia, Georgia and Armenia are in our following review.



Malta’s gambling regulator aims to be one step ahead of other jurisdictions by expanding opportunities for local operators and offering them more variants how to start and develop smoothly an online casino business.

One recent initiative was a legal reorganization in the country to reduce an unnecessary normative complexity for local gambling operators.

Gambling business realignment in the country includes the next terms:

  • issuance of two different types of permits for B2B and B2C sectors instead of one multi-license
  • optimization of taxation for operators
  • tax exemption of B2B sector applicable to gambling business
  • transition to automated reporting
  • integration of more effective criminal and administrative justice
  • improvement of sphere of consumer protection


The government approved a draft law on nationwide ban on start an online business despite of strong opposition from both local operators and gamblers.

The legislative initiative provides a right of veto over online casinos and poker rooms operation on the Internet. Key stakeholders have already informed that they are leaving the Australian gambling market due to these regulating updates.


The national parliament considers a series of legal undertakings to regulate the online gambling industry. Allegedly, the draft bills will enter into force in 2018. Therefore if you consider on how to start an online casino business in Georgia, you should have your finger on its legislative pulse from today.

New terms and conditions are to increase a license fee applicable to online gambling operators, and also to organize an obligatory registration on the players roster. The latter measure seeks to combat a gambling addiction and to prevent from recruiting minors into gambling.


Armenia’s government established a special roster for high-rollers. Gamblers playing very high stakes and spending on game more than $2 000 must to identify their personality, to keep all their receipts and transaction statements.

Stay with CASEXE and keep up with the latest gaming news around the globe – we do know how and where to start an online casino business.

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CASEXE: is participating at Riga Gaming Congress 2017



The CASEXE company announced its participation in the main gambling event in Latvia – Riga Gaming Congress 2017. According to the official press release, the event to be co-sponsored by the developer.

It is reported that CASEXE will also participate in the exhibition area and will present its latest products at the A13 zone. The representatives of CASEXE are ready to meet with everybody individually and discuss the prospects and conditions of cooperation.

To book an individual appointment, leave the application on the company’s official website. Managers will contact you as soon as possible to refine the details and confirm your meeting.

Note: Riga Gaming Congress 2017 will be held on October 12 in Riga. Topical issues – online gambling, betting, eSports and fantasy sports, blockchain and Bitcoin, virtual and augmented reality technologies. The future of the gambling industry in Latvia will be a key theme of the international conference.

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CASEXE to run a Bitcoin casino – DarkNet



The Czech company, CASEXE, announced the launch of its Bitcoin casino – DarkNet. Visitors will get a pleasant welcome bonus for registration, a convenient interface, and a navigation with easy game search, together with the best gaming content from the world’s casino software developers and providers.

The resource is fully anonymous due to financial transactions done in Bitcoin. Developers have done a great job to ensure gamblers not to worry about secure and transparency of the casino based on the principle of responsible gaming.

Players will have an opportunity to participate in regular promotions, lotteries, and tournaments organized by the company in order to get exciting gaming experience and have fun playing at the game table or favorite slot. The resource is available without download. You can play from desktop browsers and pocket gadgets.

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