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10 Years of LCB



In the few years leading up to 2006, a man had an idea that would turn the online casino realm on its head for years to come. Of course, one could have never guessed this from the start. Joshua Chan, an Australian-born computer whiz was that man; and after accumulating the essential skills for starting a business, while working as a Flash Developer straight out of college for a start-up company, he made the leap from employee to founder. He wanted a business of his own, and took a major leap of faith, which resulted in a major success. Perhaps, you’ve heard of it: (LCB). That’s right, he is the creator of the highly regarded online casino directory, delivering a one-stop-shop for avid casino players across the globe. Today, the guide which provides ample gambling information and the frank opinions of players just like you, celebrates its 10th year in the business. You know it as the award-winning site, containing nearly 7,000 pages of the latest casino news, select casino games, the newest slots, and endless reviews of online & land-based casinos, slots, software, and more. It’s every gambler’s guide to casino gaming, and boasts a mission of bringing ‘more value to the player.’


An Instant Success


After a short time a star-studded team was formed, in order to run the site without a hitch. Developers, designers, content writers, managers, and moderators came to form what has become the LCB team. Just a year after its conception, the site was setting its own records.


Also in 2007, the team began expanding due to its increasing success. It launched, a site dedicated to giving players a space to become familiar with the most trusted casinos in the industry, as well as get the latest on bonuses and news. The expansion continued in 2009 with the addition of three more sites: (LSB), (LBB), and (LSB). The sites were created as extensions of LCB, geared toward poker, bingo, and sports players. Over the course of the next few years, the LCB owners launched three more sites. Casino Slots was established in 2011, geared toward providing players with a list of credible casinos, along with detailed slot reviews. No Deposit Bingo and No Deposit Casino followed in 2012, essentially dedicated to offering the best bonuses available to bingo and casino players.


The site received three iGB Affiliate awards from 2013 to 2014, marking its first bout of credible recognition for its success. Also in 2014, the LCB team took off running, without as much as a breath, with the addition of Online,, and the purchase of,, and


The Heart of LCB 


While its fast-paced accomplishments over the years are impressive, what is more impactful is the pure dedication exuding from its team, which has worked relentlessly to aid in achieving such spectacular accomplishments. Its devoted team holds the network dear to its heart, and works together to intricately deliver players what is promised in the site’s aforementioned motto. Below are some of the crew’s reflections on its latest milestone:


“Ah, where does one begin to reflect on LCB over the last 10 years? It’s a difficult task to condense into just a few words. I have watched it grow by leaps and bounds and must say it has been one hell of a ride that keeps getting better with time. It is hard to put into words some of the most poignant memories because it has truly been a life changing experience and a sentimental journey. I always thought luck meant a royal flush, 100 free spins on a slot or walking away from the roulette table $1,000 ahead. Real luck is landing an opportunity to work in a field that you love! Whenever I tell anyone what I do the response is always the same “how lucky can you get” especially when it is someone I meet inside a casino.


“… The LCB community has always had a warm and charming atmosphere at the forum. We aren’t just a gambling forum we are so much more than that. At one time or another, we have laughed together, cried together, shared winning stories and not so lucky ones too. Members have been influential in sharing some of the best promos and bonuses out there as well as looked out for one another by passing on their good, bad and ugly casino experiences. 

“Right when I think LCB can’t get any better, it does. What’s in store for the next 10 years, it is too early to tell, but one thing I can predict is it will be simply the best, better than all the rest!” –Ava Carson, Chief Content and Land Casino Manager


“I started working at Latest Casino Bonuses late 2010 after working as a casino affiliate manager for 2 years. The shift from the casino operator side to affiliate was an easy transition and enabled me to fall into my marketing role pretty easily. Its been an honour to be part of the LCB team for the past few years, the LCB team are really awesome to work with and we are all so proud to be part of something that has accomplished so much. We always strive to push the boundaries, reinvent and maintain our solid base as one of the top industry leaders. Our community is the heart and soul of LCB and without them 10 years wouldn’t have been as fruitful and lets face it, it would have been a little lonely. Heres to another 10, 20, 30 years! “ – Melanie, Marketing Manager


“As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of LCB, we couldn’t help but wonder how it all started out as just a tiny figment of imagination in the mind of an ambitious young man with a vision.  But it was a great idea, and as all great ideas, it has found a way to become a wonderful reality which we are all so fortunate to be a part of. Ten years ago, most of us in the Belgrade Team were young and crazy, without much clue as to what life has in store for us or what the future holds. Of course we had plans, but none like this. When the opportunity arose, we followed our instincts and took a chance with what was going to become the best job in the whole world and never regretted a thing. 


 “… Ten years ago it was just one person, today all of us, and tomorrow there may be many more. But at the moment, LCB is led by an amazing group of people who all share a single goal, led by the same aspirations, principles and unyielding desires that will make all that we want to achieve possible.


“Today is a special day, and we would like to use this opportunity to express gratitude to all of you who have taken part in the creation and growth of LCB, as well as to our members and everyone who supports us. We may have taken a moment to reflect on the past, but we are looking toward the future and all the great things we have yet to accomplish together.” –LCB Headquarters, Belgrade, Serbia


LCB in 2016


Today, the casino directory is loaded with more than 1,000 casino reviews, thousands of casino bonuses and free games. There are nearly 300 casino representatives on the forum, and it is now home to a staggering 90,000 registered members and counting. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, it will be going forth with its traditional monthly contest, which awards selected winners with $250 worth of LCB chips. However, this month will be an exclusive LCB 10th Anniversary Contest, during which the prize will be doubled to $500 in LCB chips to be shared among the winners.

Congratulations LCB!









Switzerland, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, exquisite chocolates, and financial prowess, is also home to a turbulent gambling landscape that has undergone significant changes throughout its history. Once considered immoral and prohibited on religious and social grounds, gambling in Switzerland is now steadily embracing change and adapting to modern times.



Over the centuries, the Swiss have dabbled in various forms of betting. The first Swiss casino opened in the 19th century, quickly establishing itself as a vital social and cultural hub. However, this golden era was short-lived, as just a month after the opulent Interlaken Casino’s debut in 1859, the Cantonal Government imposed a blanket ban on all forms of gambling.

Despite this prohibition, the Swiss ingeniously continued their gambling activities by wagering on a game known as “petits-chevaux”, involving miniature metal horses racing on a small circular track.

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that Switzerland began to slightly relax its gambling prohibitions, signaling a shift away from the long-standing moral stigma attached to gambling. Nonetheless, even with new legislation in place, the ban wasn’t fully overturned, allowing only limited-stakes casino gambling.



As time progressed, the digital age brought forth online forms of betting, including sports betting, which led Swiss punters to spend substantial amounts abroad.

Motivated by both economic considerations and the rising number of gambling addicts, Swiss politicians decided it was time to modernize their outdated gambling regulations.

In January 2019, the Swiss government introduced a new Gaming Act that legalized online betting for the first time while blocking all foreign operators. The primary goals of the new gambling law were to enhance protection against gambling addiction and ensure a portion of gambling revenue was allocated for public welfare, all while adapting to the challenges of the digital era.

Consequently, Switzerland now boasts one of Europe’s strictest gambling regulatory frameworks, allowing only two public operators, Swisslos and Loterie Romande, to provide sports betting services. Similarly, online casino services are exclusively offered by licensed brick-and-mortar casinos.

To date, nearly 400 domains have been added to the official list of blacklisted sports betting operators, and Swiss telecommunication service providers automatically block these domains using DNS blocks.

While domain blocking is a deterrent measure, it has its limitations. Technologically adept punters can easily bypass these blocks using VPN clients. At the same time, blacklisted operators persistently seek ways to provide their services to Swiss customers, often resorting to frequent domain name changes.

With the surge of unregulated online betting in Switzerland, the need for reliable resources such as BookiesBonuses, which help Swiss punters navigate the complex betting landscape and discover the best betting options has never been more critical.



Switzerland’s gambling future remains uncertain due to stringent regulations that raise questions about their effectiveness and the pressing need for regulatory reforms that balance player protection with fostering a competitive and vibrant betting landscape.

While the intent behind these measures is to safeguard citizens, they have inadvertently limited options for Swiss punters. Consequently, a growing number of individuals have turned to international bookmakers known for providing a broader range of betting options, more competitive odds, and attractive bonuses.

In this ever-evolving industry, staying well informed about the latest developments, regulations, and the most reputable offshore bookmakers is crucial for those seeking the best sports betting experience. This knowledge empowers bettors to navigate the shifting Swiss betting scene and make well-informed decisions.

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Disparities in Brazilian Gambling Market Expose Socioeconomic Inequities




The Brazilian gambling market is a dynamic and ever-growing industry that attracts individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds. 

However, a closer analysis of the market by ENV Media reveals significant disparities, highlighting how certain segments of society are overrepresented while others are underrepresented. This article examines the distribution of active real money gamblers across different household brackets in Brazil and sheds light on the underlying socioeconomic inequities that contribute to this phenomenon.


The Overrepresentation of A-Level Households

Comprising only 2.9% of Brazilian households, A-Level households surprisingly make up 12% of the Brazilian gambling market. This overrepresentation raises questions about the factors driving individuals from these households to engage in gambling activities more frequently compared to their counterparts in other socioeconomic groups. 

It suggests that A-level households may have a higher disposable income or a greater inclination towards risk-taking behaviour, making them more prone to participating in gambling activities.


B1-B2 Households are Overrepresented yet Underrepresented

While B1-B2 households constitute 21.8% of the Brazilian population, they make up a striking 40% of active real money gamblers in the country. This disparity indicates that individuals from B1-B2 households are significantly overrepresented in the gambling market compared to their representation in the general population. It implies that this particular socioeconomic group might have easier access to gambling opportunities or possess higher discretionary income, allowing them to participate more actively in the industry.


C1-C2 Households Have Near Representation

In contrast to the overrepresentation of A-level and B1-B2 households, C1-C2 households demonstrate a nearly proportionate presence in the Brazilian gambling market. Comprising 47.4% of the Brazilian population, they account for 48% of active real money gamblers. This alignment between the population distribution and the gambling market participation suggests that individuals from C1-C2 households are engaging in gambling activities in line with their demographic representation.


Socioeconomic Factors at Play

The observed disparities in the Brazilian gambling market can be attributed to several underlying socioeconomic factors. A-level households, characterized by their higher income and potentially greater disposable wealth, may find gambling more accessible due to their financial resources. B1-B2 households, although overrepresented, may face financial constraints that prevent them from participating more actively. However, their higher representation could indicate the allure of gambling as a potential means to improve their economic situation.

The overrepresentation of certain socioeconomic groups in the Brazilian gambling market underscores existing inequalities within the country. It highlights disparities in income distribution, access to disposable income, and opportunities for upward mobility. Such imbalances can perpetuate a cycle of socioeconomic disadvantage, as individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may be lured into gambling as a means to attain financial stability or escape their circumstances, further exacerbating their vulnerability.7JP


Addressing Socioeconomic Inequities

To address the disparities in the Brazilian gambling market and reduce socioeconomic inequities, a multifaceted approach is needed. Firstly, initiatives should focus on enhancing financial literacy and providing support to individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about gambling. 

One aspect that ENV Media has been working hard on pushing through its new casino brand,, is to focus heavily on responsible gambling practices. According to ENV Media’s COO, Shane Hand, it’s of vital importance that any and all brands that enter the Brazilian market have this front of mind.

Previously, we have worked extensively in the Indian gambling market and one thing that become very clear is that it is of utmost importance to safeguard players, especially those who fall into the lower wage earning brackets. These individuals are the most vulnerable to developing unsustainable gambling habits. It’s extremely important that brands considering entering the Brazilain market focus on promoting awareness campaigns and implementing stringent regulations to protect such people


The overrepresentation of A-level and B1-B2 households in the Brazilian gambling market, coupled with the near-representation of C1-C2 households, sheds light on the socioeconomic inequities that persist within the country. 

While A-level households and B1-B2 households are overrepresented, this indicates that certain socioeconomic factors, such as income and accessibility, play a role in shaping gambling behaviours. 

Recognizing and addressing these disparities is crucial to fostering a more equitable society and ensuring that gambling remains a form of entertainment rather than a path to socioeconomic distress for vulnerable individuals.

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RacingTV joins forces with 2mee



RacingTV joins forces with 2mee


Affiliate powerhouse is allowing its operators to leverage the power of direct human messaging with trial campaigns hitting engagement rates of 38%

2mee, the Direct Human Messaging platform that helps online gambling companies take player communication and engagement to the next level, has joined forces with RacingTV so that the affiliate powerhouse can offer its technology to operators.

This means that online sportsbook brands working with RacingTV can create human hologram messages and use them to drive bettors to their sites.

RacingTV partners Bet Victor and SkyBet have been trialling the technology for several weeks now and across various campaigns have been able to achieve unrivalled rates of engagement and conversion.

One messaging campaign has performed particularly well with Bet Victor ambassador Harry Redknapp delivering a new player bonus offer which hit an engagement rate of 38% with his hologram message.

2mee’s patented technology allows gambling operators and affiliates to send Human Hologram Messages directly to customers in a way that demands their absolute attention.

It has been deployed by big-name brands such as BetFred and on their own websites and apps to leverage the power of emotional intelligence to boost acquisition and retention, and deliver KYC and compliance messaging with empathy.

Now operators can maximise their ambassadors and brand reach on third-party affiliate collateral as well.

2mee has been designed to do everything a volumetric studio can do but from a mobile phone. The user simply records the person delivering the message from any setting then 2mee recognises the face and cuts out the surrounding clutter, focusing the viewer on the person and the message.

James RileyCEO of 2mee, said: “We are thrilled to be working with the innovative team at RacingTV and for its operator partners to be able to use our technology to send direct human messages to bettors. This really does allow them to stand out from the crowd and take engagement and conversion to the next level.

“Emotional marketing is absolutely the most effective way to engage and communicate with consumers and what better way of fostering this connection than via a face-to-face message. 2mee allows operators and affiliates to do just that.”

Clive Cottrell at RacingTV, added: “Quite frankly, we haven’t seen engagement and conversion rates like it. While running hologram campaigns, both BetVictor and SkyBet were our top-performing brands on the pages where the hologram messages were active.

“As an affiliate, this not only allows us to acquire increased volumes of new customers to our operator partners, but we too benefit from enhanced engagement, conversion rates and affiliate revenue streams.”

Luke ZgagaHead of Acquisition UK at Bet Victor, said: “2mee’s value proposition through offering a unique human hologram message to prospects was exciting for us to test and exceeded our expectations. We saw strong results and far beyond the engagement levels we get with static image formats and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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