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10 Years of LCB



In the few years leading up to 2006, a man had an idea that would turn the online casino realm on its head for years to come. Of course, one could have never guessed this from the start. Joshua Chan, an Australian-born computer whiz was that man; and after accumulating the essential skills for starting a business, while working as a Flash Developer straight out of college for a start-up company, he made the leap from employee to founder. He wanted a business of his own, and took a major leap of faith, which resulted in a major success. Perhaps, you’ve heard of it: (LCB). That’s right, he is the creator of the highly regarded online casino directory, delivering a one-stop-shop for avid casino players across the globe. Today, the guide which provides ample gambling information and the frank opinions of players just like you, celebrates its 10th year in the business. You know it as the award-winning site, containing nearly 7,000 pages of the latest casino news, select casino games, the newest slots, and endless reviews of online & land-based casinos, slots, software, and more. It’s every gambler’s guide to casino gaming, and boasts a mission of bringing ‘more value to the player.’


An Instant Success


After a short time a star-studded team was formed, in order to run the site without a hitch. Developers, designers, content writers, managers, and moderators came to form what has become the LCB team. Just a year after its conception, the site was setting its own records.


Also in 2007, the team began expanding due to its increasing success. It launched, a site dedicated to giving players a space to become familiar with the most trusted casinos in the industry, as well as get the latest on bonuses and news. The expansion continued in 2009 with the addition of three more sites: (LSB), (LBB), and (LSB). The sites were created as extensions of LCB, geared toward poker, bingo, and sports players. Over the course of the next few years, the LCB owners launched three more sites. Casino Slots was established in 2011, geared toward providing players with a list of credible casinos, along with detailed slot reviews. No Deposit Bingo and No Deposit Casino followed in 2012, essentially dedicated to offering the best bonuses available to bingo and casino players.


The site received three iGB Affiliate awards from 2013 to 2014, marking its first bout of credible recognition for its success. Also in 2014, the LCB team took off running, without as much as a breath, with the addition of Online,, and the purchase of,, and


The Heart of LCB 


While its fast-paced accomplishments over the years are impressive, what is more impactful is the pure dedication exuding from its team, which has worked relentlessly to aid in achieving such spectacular accomplishments. Its devoted team holds the network dear to its heart, and works together to intricately deliver players what is promised in the site’s aforementioned motto. Below are some of the crew’s reflections on its latest milestone:


“Ah, where does one begin to reflect on LCB over the last 10 years? It’s a difficult task to condense into just a few words. I have watched it grow by leaps and bounds and must say it has been one hell of a ride that keeps getting better with time. It is hard to put into words some of the most poignant memories because it has truly been a life changing experience and a sentimental journey. I always thought luck meant a royal flush, 100 free spins on a slot or walking away from the roulette table $1,000 ahead. Real luck is landing an opportunity to work in a field that you love! Whenever I tell anyone what I do the response is always the same “how lucky can you get” especially when it is someone I meet inside a casino.


“… The LCB community has always had a warm and charming atmosphere at the forum. We aren’t just a gambling forum we are so much more than that. At one time or another, we have laughed together, cried together, shared winning stories and not so lucky ones too. Members have been influential in sharing some of the best promos and bonuses out there as well as looked out for one another by passing on their good, bad and ugly casino experiences. 

“Right when I think LCB can’t get any better, it does. What’s in store for the next 10 years, it is too early to tell, but one thing I can predict is it will be simply the best, better than all the rest!” –Ava Carson, Chief Content and Land Casino Manager


“I started working at Latest Casino Bonuses late 2010 after working as a casino affiliate manager for 2 years. The shift from the casino operator side to affiliate was an easy transition and enabled me to fall into my marketing role pretty easily. Its been an honour to be part of the LCB team for the past few years, the LCB team are really awesome to work with and we are all so proud to be part of something that has accomplished so much. We always strive to push the boundaries, reinvent and maintain our solid base as one of the top industry leaders. Our community is the heart and soul of LCB and without them 10 years wouldn’t have been as fruitful and lets face it, it would have been a little lonely. Heres to another 10, 20, 30 years! “ – Melanie, Marketing Manager


“As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of LCB, we couldn’t help but wonder how it all started out as just a tiny figment of imagination in the mind of an ambitious young man with a vision.  But it was a great idea, and as all great ideas, it has found a way to become a wonderful reality which we are all so fortunate to be a part of. Ten years ago, most of us in the Belgrade Team were young and crazy, without much clue as to what life has in store for us or what the future holds. Of course we had plans, but none like this. When the opportunity arose, we followed our instincts and took a chance with what was going to become the best job in the whole world and never regretted a thing. 


 “… Ten years ago it was just one person, today all of us, and tomorrow there may be many more. But at the moment, LCB is led by an amazing group of people who all share a single goal, led by the same aspirations, principles and unyielding desires that will make all that we want to achieve possible.


“Today is a special day, and we would like to use this opportunity to express gratitude to all of you who have taken part in the creation and growth of LCB, as well as to our members and everyone who supports us. We may have taken a moment to reflect on the past, but we are looking toward the future and all the great things we have yet to accomplish together.” –LCB Headquarters, Belgrade, Serbia


LCB in 2016


Today, the casino directory is loaded with more than 1,000 casino reviews, thousands of casino bonuses and free games. There are nearly 300 casino representatives on the forum, and it is now home to a staggering 90,000 registered members and counting. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, it will be going forth with its traditional monthly contest, which awards selected winners with $250 worth of LCB chips. However, this month will be an exclusive LCB 10th Anniversary Contest, during which the prize will be doubled to $500 in LCB chips to be shared among the winners.

Congratulations LCB!


Affiliate Succes

Do the right thing



do-the-right Do the right thing


James Ashton from Find My UK Casino says that affiliates and operators must be responsible in their approach to engaging players over the coming months

As an online casino affiliate that prioritises responsibility and compliance above all else, I was saddened to receive emails from several of our operator partners regarding a small number of publishers that have looked to leverage the on-going global crisis to their advantage.

These emails are reminding affiliates of the terms and conditions which they agreed to when partnering with the operator, most notably that all marketing activity undertaken must be responsible and compliant at all times.

For those that are not, they risk having their accounts terminated with immediate effect. And rightly so. Professional online casino affiliates do not need to rely on a global crisis to drive traffic to their sites – if anything, they should be taking additional steps to protect their players.

Since the UK lockdown came into force last week, we have seen traffic numbers increase. This, of course, is to be expected as more people are now working from home or not working but being required to stay at home.

This is good for us and other affiliates, and equally positive for our operator partners. But we all have to take a responsible approach and ensure that we go above and beyond to provide players with the information they need to make an informed decision about if and where to play.

This includes ensuring bonus terms and conditions – significant and full – are correctly displayed while also creating explainers about wagering requirements, the tools available to help keep in control of their play and how to ensure they play at licensed and reputable brands.

We are prioritising pages such as these over high-volume ranking pages that are proven to drive players from the SERPs to our pages and ultimately to the online casino brands we recommended. As a result, we have seen retuning site visitors increase over the past two weeks.

One of the most effective ways online casino affiliates can protect players at a time when site traffic and demand is likely to increase – at least over the coming weeks and months – is to only work with the best online casino brands out there.

These are not necessarily the most established brands or those that hold multiple licences, but those that go the extra mile to educate players about responsible gambling and provide them with additional features to manage their play.

As an affiliate focussed on the UK market, we only work with those that hold a UK Gambling Commission licence. Others don’t do this and some even actively promote brands that are not UK licensed to UK players on pages about Online Casinos Not On GamStop.

This is irresponsible on many levels, but amid the current climate is putting the most vulnerable at greater risk than ever before.

We also work very closely with our operator partners to ensure that all the content we create around their brand(s) is 100% compliant, and also seek feedback on other aspects of our site to ensure we are doing everything we can to meet the highest possible standards.

This is always important but particularly right now as people find themselves with more time on their hands but perhaps with less disposable income to spend. That’s not to say they shouldn’t play online casino, but affiliates and operators must do all they can to ensure they play responsibly.

There is clearly an opportunity to target the growing number of people being confined to their homes, but affiliates and operators must do the right thing and ensure they do not take advantage of the situation and use is to their advantage.

Affiliates and operators should be investing time and resources into helping players enjoy online casino play if that is how they want to spend their time and money, but in a way that is healthy and within their means both personally and financially.

So although I was sadden to receive emails from operators stating that affiliates should not be leveraging the current global crisis and using it to their advantage, I was encourage to see that they had taken serious steps to identify, prevent and punish those that are.

That being said, it is really down to affiliates to do the right thing in the first place and it seems that despite the tremendous efforts being made by regulators, watchdogs, operators and publishers, a small minority continue to act irresponsibly, doing untold damage to the rest of the sector.

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Rescuebet Sports Betting Losses Rebate



rescuebet-eeg Rescuebet Sports Betting Losses Rebate


In the last two decades, online gambling has seen a remarkable rise in numbers, both in terms of betting portals and users of these portals. Online gambling portals have transformed the way sports bettors place bets. Since online gambling is still a relatively new practice, the regulations vary depending on the jurisdiction. This doesn’t change the fact that the online betting ecosystem attracts more players every year only because of its ease of access and convenience.

All one requires to start placing bets online is an internet connection and a bank account. RescueBet is the leading online betting website in Malaysia that combines e-betting services with a diverse range of other entertainment services. Some of these services include esports, slot games, live casino games, fishing games, live scoreboard updates, and so many more so users can enjoy the world’s best online gaming experience.

One-Stop Betting Website

For online gambling solutions, look no further than RescueBets’ outstanding range of betting services. Integrated with Asia’s leading online sports bookies, Rescuebet ensures that all users have a safe, entertaining, and profitable experience. Rescuebet caters to a variety of interests, so finding the right game got much simpler and more accessible for a user. The sophisticated user interface is designed to allow moving from one section of the site to another extremely easy. This integrated platform enables users to place bets on any sport, be it tennis, golf, soccer, or horse racing.

RescueBets’ convenient interface allows users to access the marketplace online and place wagers on events taking place anywhere in the world. A user is always in control of how much they bet and they also get access to premium leads for the most popular games in the world. But it doesn’t stop there, there are also live in-play options which allow users to make changes in bets mid-game. Exciting promotions and surprise bonuses make sure that users don’t miss a chance to increase profits from their wagers.

Experienced bettors are already aware that the chances of getting better odds are higher online, and better the odds, the better the potential returns. Most professionals compare odds across various platforms to ensure they pick the best bets. Even slightly better odds can have a huge impact on your final profit and rest assured, RescueBet has a live updated compilation of the most competitive odds in the market.

Moreover, the site offers several prop-bets for a single event, so users never miss out on an opportunity to make their money back. Members can even access premium content through video web series, articles, and tutorials on relevant topics and popular events. This quality content is curated to help guide members of the RescueBet community to place the most successful wagers.

The sports betting market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. International sports betting currently accounts for upwards of 40% of all gambling revenue worldwide, including lotteries, casinos, poker, or any other forms of gambling. Due to popular demand, one of

RescueBets’ most prominent attractions is its sports betting and especially the soccer betting services for which they are leaders in any European and Asian bookies. The website covers all matches and leagues from all corners of the world, including the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Series A, Champions League, and the German Bundesliga. Users gain access to various helpful resources to guide their betting decisions. These include a regularly updated blog about the latest trends in sports betting, best soccer picks, and more relevant topics that keep users informed of the current trends in the marketplace.

Follow games and popular events through live scoreboard updates and interact with other members of the community and RescueBet executives to be further informed of your betting decisions. Each game has the potential to win at multiple junctures with RescueBets range of prop-bets. Winning these prop bets could add up to a decent profit by itself.

To encourage zealous bettors to continue placing big bets, RescueBet is the only online gambling platform that offers rebates on sports betting losses across all games. Rather than giving users fancy bonuses with high rollovers, RescuBet believes in giving users weekly and monthly rebates to build partnerships and motivate them to place more bets confidently.

rescuebet-sports-betting Rescuebet Sports Betting Losses Rebate

So, How The Rebates Work?

Every Monday, RescueBet credits 15% of the week’s loss value back into a user’s account after a losing week. The site uses a fixed formula to calculate the rebate for each week. You can choose to transfer the corresponding amount into the RescueBet e-wallet, which holds these funds for you until they are ready to transfer it to a different provider. The result is, users have more chances to chase those big plays in the future.

The 15% losses rebate introduced by RescueBet aims to help users maximize their profits responsibly. Every time a member transfers funds from their rebate wallet to their game provider wallet, there will be a 10x wagering requirement before a member can transfer the funds to their main wallet. This means that the user will have to wager the combined amount of their deposit and bonus 10 times over before they can withdraw any of the winnings. Long-time users of the service ensure that RescueBet provides them with the best leads on profitable sports bets while also simultaneously allowing them to win at additional engagements of the site.

Other Betting Games

New users of the site can also explore all of RescueBet’s free casino games that do not require a buy-in to play. They can play these games without spending any real money and try the ropes at different games to determine what interests them most. With RescueBet, members stand to gain far more than just betting on a single sport. If you are looking to switch providers or to upgrade your betting skills, then RescueBet is the perfect platform for you. Give your betting toolbox a much needed revamp by visiting the RescueBet website today.

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Affiliate Succes

Leading betting affiliate sets sights on Virtual Sports market



leadstar Leading betting affiliate sets sights on Virtual Sports market

In a historic shake up of the sporting calendar not seen since the Second World War, all major sporting events have been put on hold indefinitely.

With markets in turmoil, and traffic to online bookmakers and affiliate sites alike taking a significant hit, there is a lot at stake. Sporting events will eventually return, although it’s unclear exactly as to when.

It means that the iGaming community as whole needs to look to viable alternatives, although some feel that the present predicament actually provides opportunity.

 “We’re aiming to turn this unique situation into one where we can adapt, learn, and hopefully come out of the other side in a much stronger position”, says Eskil Kvarnström, CEO of Leadstar Media. 


Viable alternatives to sports betting

“We’re quite lucky in the fact that we’ve always set out to hold a varied portfolio of products that set their focus across sports betting, online casino and a number of international markets,” says Kvarnström.

Indeed that is the challenge for many betting affiliates and online bookmakers alike. How they act and react now could leave a pivotal mark in the immediate and distant future alike.

“One of the areas where we’re already seeing a significant upturn is in the realm of virtual sports, and that’s exactly where we’re setting part of our focus for the time being. It’s providing us with a great opportunity to improve in fields that might before have gone overlooked.”

A flagship product of Leadstar Media,, aims to provide the best overview of UK bookmakers for its users based in the British Isles, but also further afield. 

“While Bookies Bonuses is primarily geared towards providing a great deal of information on online bookmakers, it is one of our sites where sports betting takes centre stage, although online casino does play an ancillary role in what it has to offer.”


It’s important to be reactive

Many sports betting sites are already seeking to develop their virtual sports betting products. The likes of Bet365, Betway and Coral have arguably the most advanced virtual sports packages on the market at present, while the BetVictor sign up offer has recently been updated to highlight its availability to players interested in virtual sports. 

“We’re actually surprised that more online bookmakers aren’t yet seeking to promote their virtual sports packages given that we already know many of the major football leagues in Europe in particular are going to be out of action for at least another month or so. But that’s where we come in”, states Kvarnström.


The role of the affiliate

“In many respects the virtual sports market goes overlooked by many players who are interested in sports betting, simply because there is a constant availability of real-life events taking place all over the world at any given time.”

“We see our role at Leadstar Media not only to provide the best products for the consumer, but in being a key conduit of disseminating valuable information on distinctive areas of the sports betting and online gambling sector. It’s not just about what is on offer, but also how particular aspects of the market like bonuses and deposits methods fundamentally work in practice, and providing that information accordingly,” says Kvarnström.

“In many respects the virtual sports market is an untapped resource ready for development, especially in such unique times. Our company has a lot of experience in nascent markets across the world, such as Africa and India, so we feel confident we can inform and advertise to our users everything that virtual sports have to offer”.

In such unique and uncertain times, it certainly provides food for thought in how the iGaming sector as a whole will look to react, adapt and develop, and more importantly, what the landscape will look like when we come out of this period on the other side.

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