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LCB: The best affiliate website unveiling to date!



Latest casino bonuses (LCB), as you know it, is no more; well not entirely. Everything you loved about it still remains, but now it is simply new, and improved. Frequent customers can check out the new website and enjoy new features a secure website connection, a new comprehensive gambling restrictions page and custom made gambling forum, which will surely not disappoint. While it will remain dedicated to its large library of quality content, and its unparalleled commitment to customer support, the site has undergone a transformation that will display a more user-friendly, modernized layout.


Those who are already members need not worry about their accounts, as they will be able to continue logging in with the same details, just as they were before. New members can also register with ease, completing the process in just a few, short moments. Completion will warrant full access to the site and all that it has to offer.


Members will notice that changes have been made for the better. For starters, there have been some modifications made to the user profile. With the new launch, individuals will find this feature more easily navigable, and more personally tailored to each customer’s needs. Furthermore, all things relating to the user profile can be found in one place. Players’ profiles will also be conveniently linked to their dashboard, messages, and the LCB shop.


Additionally, players can also look forward to an improved search option, making it much easier for visitors to find their way around the site. Now, members will be able to easily select the ‘Search’ tab and enter the term or topic they are looking for, with results generating instantly. Main menu navigation has also been similarly reconfigured. Tabs provided at the top of the site will immediately launch the desired page, providing links to any and all sub-pages.


LCB delivers its members the latest news within the gambling industry, providing for the most up-to-date details on gambling-related news across the globe. This is further enhanced by a live feed, in which information is updated as it happens.

So, members need not fret. LCB is not going anywhere. It has simply been improved to meet the growing needs of its users, while still delivering hundreds of online casino and game reviews, thousands of free games, mobile gaming opportunities, and a world directory of land-based casino reviews. With a number of awards already under its belt, this latest transformation foreshadows a bigger, and brighter future for the site.


Are Evolution poised to become the biggest name in online slots?




Are Evolution poised to become the biggest name in online slots?

Towards the latter end of July Evolution Gaming Group released its second quarter financial results which showed the iGaming powerhouse’s year-on-year operating revenues had doubled to an incredibly impressive €256.7 million.

If you know, or have read anything about Evolution in the past year then this news will hardly come as a surprise to you, as the company has been making serious leaps and bounds forward within the industry thanks to some shrewd and impressive acquisitions.

So impressive has their growth been in the last twelve months that many industry insiders are predicting big things for the Swedish company, with the experts at, one of the leading sources of independent bias free online slot reviews, believing that Evolution could quite easily become the biggest name in the world of online slots for years to come. 

If you’re not yet acquainted with Evolution then allow us to explain exactly who this trailblazing iGaming studio are, and why they’ve made such a splash in the last few years. 

Who are Evolution and what do they offer casino players?

Founded as Evolution Gaming in 2006, the company has for the most part provided top quality live casino content to iGaming operators around the world with live casino studios set up in Latvia, Romania, Georgia, Lithuania, Malta, Belgium and the United States. 

For more than a decade the company focused solely on live casino solutions, bringing popular table games to life online, ensuring players could enjoy roulette, blackjack, baccarat. sic bo and poker from the comfort of their own homes in real time, with real dealers, as if they were there.

In 2016 the company turned its attention to developing more creative live casino games that pushed major boundaries, offering game show style games, something that had not yet been seen before in the live casino space.

In the three years that followed since the release of their first live casino game show game, Dream Catcher, Evolution released a number of innovative new games to huge fanfare and applause, these include Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice, Mega Ball, Crazy Time and most recently Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Having conquered the fiercely competitive live casino market, helping develop it into a completely new beast in less than a single decade, Evolution decided to turn their attention to an even more competitive and lucrative market, online slots. 

The story of Evolution’s unparalleled spending spree

In 2018 Evolution made the decision to acquire one of their closest rivals in the live casino space Ezugi for the modest sum of €15.8m, this move allowed them to make positive moves in expanding their operations into the United States, a market with great untapped potential. 

However, as exciting as Evolution’s acquisition of Ezugi was, it barely registered as a drop in the ocean in comparison to the groundbreaking news that was to follow just two years later when the company announced they were purchasing NetEnt for the phenomenal price of €1.8 billion.

NetEnt, as most online slot fans know, are by far the most decorated and well established slot development studio in the world, nobody has come close to replicating the success they’ve achieved in the last two decades, and their line-up of games are unrivalled. 

The studio is known for creating true classics such as Divine Fortune, Dead or Alive, Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Fortune, just to name but a small handful of hit games that have graced the lobbies of online casinos. 

However, in purchasing NetEnt, not only had Evolution gotten their hands on one award winning slot studio, they had also taken control of Red Tiger Gaming by default, another high profile studio NetEnt themselves had purchased for £220 million just a year earlier.

With firm control over two of the online slot industries biggest studios there were plenty of questions regarding Evolution’s next moves. Would they begin to release online slots under the Evolution brand? Would they change the direction in which NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming were going or would they just continue to operate business as usual?

The immediate answer was actually quite unexpected… Rather than lay out a roadmap stating their intentions, they went big once more. In 2021 Evolution unexpectedly completed the purchase of Big Time Gaming, the studio behind the legendary Megaways mechanic.

Having splashed €455 million on Big Time Gaming we really have to start wondering what they’re going to do next, especially considering they’ve got full creative control over the Megaways mechanic, a huge money-spinner for the Australian studio over the years.

What will Evolution do with the slot IP they’ve acquired?

Those of you that have been keeping a keen eye on developments at Evolution and the live casino world will have noticed that Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live was released in June 2021, this 3D augmented reality utilises the main character in NetEnt’s most successful slot game of all time, Gonzo’s Quest. 

The release was heralded as a ‘whole new direction’ for Evolution and their live casino games, so that potentially gives us quite a large clue as to what the studio are set to do with the IP they’ve acquired in the last two years. 

There’s clearly a high-demand for Evolution’s live casino offering with the studio experiencing 59% growth year on year, so naturally it makes complete sense for the company to continue in the direction they’re already going, so we could be seeing some of the most popular titles developed by NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and Red Tiger Gaming make a transition into the live casino scene in the not too distant future. 

It’s difficult to comprehend how Evolution will fit the Megaways mechanic into a live casino game, but one thing is for sure, if anyone can pull it off, Evolution can.

Can Evolution become the biggest name in slots?

Having keenly watched each and every move Evolution has made since their acquisitions, the team at Slot Gods believe that whilst Evolution will quite literally be the biggest name in slots on paper (in terms of the intellectual property they own), their direct involvement in the world of online slots will likely remain minimal.

It’s clear that the studio is looking to continue growing in the live casino space, especially as they make a move into the United States where iGaming is becoming increasingly more popular as liberal states slowly begin to open up to online gaming.

All three of the studios purchased by Evolution can rightly be described as some of the biggest players in the iGaming industry, their business models were working well before the live casino giant came along and they’ll continue to work for years to come, especially with the additional investment they’ll likely receive.

If anything, you can expect NetEnt, Red Tiger Gaming and Big Time Gaming to all continue dominating the online slots market, whilst Evolution continues to dominate the Live Casino market, taking a back seat as they allow their subsidiaries to do what they do best. 

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May was a Record-Breaking Month for Casino Streamers



May was a Record-Breaking Month for Casino Streamers

In the last few years Twitch has become the platform of choice for streaming with as many as 9.36M active streamers, and viewers consuming over 110M hours in 2021 to date. As a result, Twitch has become the online home for gamers and a digital marketer’s dream.

Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, and even casino games like blackjack and poker have scores of dedicated channels that regularly broadcast to audiences numbering in the thousands.  

Many of these channels and their respective categories set new records for viewership regularly. And unsurprisingly, the slots category is no different.

A detailed study of the slots category on Twitch has revealed that slots streamers set three new records in the month of May.

  • Twitch slots streamers set a new record of 130,622 hours streamed in the slots category — this beat the previous record set in April by over 10,000 hours.
  • The peak number of viewers in the slots category at any one time was 204,468.
  • The category had an average of 47,421 viewers watching slots streams — up from 30,533 in April.

Historical Twitch Slots Streaming  Data – Graphic courtesy of

Some key highlight from the study include:

  • 6,438 channels streamed in the slots category during May marking a 19.6% increase on April’s stats.
  • Slots was the 13th most watched category on Twitch in May moving up 4 spots from the previous month.
  • An average of 175 channels were streaming slots throughout the month (while over in ‘poker-land’ there were just 108 channels streaming online poker on twitch in May- according to a report from
  • 7,694 was the lowest number of viewers — Wednesday 5th.
  • ROSHTEIN was the category’s top streamer streaming 388 hours.
  • The lowest viewer ratio — 49.32 — Wednesday the 5th.
  • The highest viewer ratio — 1,215.93 — Monday the 24th.
  • Peak number of followers gained in the slots category — 21,981 — Sunday the 30th.
  • Lowest number of channels streaming at one time —121 — Monday the 3rd.
  • Highest number of channels streaming at one time — 263 — Friday the 7th.

(Data & graphics provided by casino affiliate site

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Poker fans consumed 7,000,000+ hours of poker on in March




Poker fans consumed 7,000,000+ hours of poker on in March

Twitch Poker streaming report: stats & records – March 2021

Twitch isn’t just for video-gamers. In fact, poker-streamers have taken by storm since launch-  setting & breaking new category records and setting new viewership records for the poker category, with pro-players and amateur players streaming their deep-runs and big wins, while racking up millions of dollars in wins.

Poker fans enjoyed watching over 7,000,000 hours of poker in March 2021.

The Twitch service began in 2006 as a streaming platform focused on video gamers, but has morphed into a platform where there’s a category for almost everything – from just “chat” and music and casino and gambling games like slots or poker. Since then, Twitch has attracted more than 35 million unique visitors a month.

For streamers It’s really easy to get set up on Twitch from a PC, mobile or laptop / desktop computer. Within minutes players can share their gaming experience with viewers and fans all around the world.

26.5 MILLION visitors come to Twitch daily, with  93 BILLION minutes watched per month

Poker tournaments run daily, but Sunday is the day where the big buy-in “Sunday Majors” take place – with qualifier tournaments (a.k.a. satellites) running or direct buy in, and offering eye-watering, multi million dollar prizes + bragging rights for winners.

Millionaires are sometimes made in the poker-world on Sundays – and viewers can watch deep-runs, final table crushing, epic wins, and of course brutal beats-  all from the comfort of their own homes.

March 2021 Twitch Poker Streaming Key Statistics

  • Hours of poker watched on Twitch : 7,011,830  (+16.8%)
  • Hours Hours of poker broadcast 96,550 (-10.8%)
  • Average Monthly viewers 9,437 (+ 5.5%)
  • Average Poker channels:  129 (-19.9% )
  • Viewer ratio 72.6 (+30.9%)
  • Max viewers 86,549 (+4.8%)
  • Poker Broadcasters 5,429 (+5.8% on February with 299 new streamers)
  • Lowest # of channels : 40 (Monday 15th March)
  • Peak Channels: 393 (Sunday 21st March)
  • Peak Twitch Poker Viewers in March: 84,347
  • Languages streamed included English, Russian, French, Portugese, Spanish, German, Italian and more, with English language used in ~ 45% of all streams.

Why Do Poker-players Love Twitch?

Many poker players and poker fans watch poker streams for entertainment, but for many there’s a valuable learning aspect too –  for those who wish to learn how to play winning poker from those who have mastered the game.

“By following Twitch streams, you can get insight from top players’ thinking processes. For this, you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars on poker training sites. Entirely free on Twitch – crazy but true!”

-‘Arvain’, Team Pro at

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants – you can literally learn some of the best poker players in the world (based on amassed winnings). These wizards are showing and explaining their plays and thought processes for each spot in each game for hours on end.
  • Anything that improves your ‘edge’ in the poker games with no investment other than time is good (or +EV!)
  • Twitch poker is free and always available
  • Viewers can join in and be part of a community – viewers and channel supporters can often enjoy added value private / exclusive community games, freerolls and promotions with popular streamers.

Top Poker Streamers March 2021

The top streamers in March are all partnered with except Winamax Poker. The  Runitup channel gained the most followers (2902) in poker on Twitch during the month while streaming poker.


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