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12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis



blueclaw-analysis 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis
blueclaw-analysis-1 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape AnalysisReading Time: 5 minutes


Given the recent circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the gaming and betting industry has seen a huge influx of traffic and attention from consumers, new and old, that are now settling into home-based ways of working.

For the savvy gaming companies that have been making improvements to their sites over the last 12 months, now is a time to thrive. Leaders in this area have used this time to take advantage of scope to attract new customers with innovative marketing tactics, fantastic offers, and an energetic brand. For others however, the next months will likely be a struggle unless they take the necessary steps to amp up their efforts.

In uncertain times, player acquisition remains a vital priority and those who have invested time, energy, money and expertise into this area will likely reap the rewards 10-fold. Given the relevance, we’ve conducted a substantial analysis of the top 50 organic keywords in the UK for the four main sectors of iGaming – Slots, Roulette, Casino, and Poker – to better understand the sites that have seen the biggest improvements over the last 12 months, how they’ve done it, and what their next steps are likely to be over the coming months.

Additionally, through conducting an in-depth situational analysis of the current landscape we are able to better understand the activity that has been rewarded by Google over the last 12 months, while better differentiating between successful strategies and those that will likely deliver underwhelming results.



Casino-Organic-Traffic-Share 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis


The websites that have seen the biggest swing in overall organic visibility over the last 12 months have been increasing their games library but more importantly; increasing the crawlable copy of game pages.

For slot sites that are usually quite Javascript heavy, ensuring all copy is clear and crawlable gives search engines something to work with at first pass and can improve performance long term.

Leading the pack, Admiral Casino has a larger than average amount of text on its game pages and is clearly reaping the rewards with significant uplifts in traffic Y/Y straight into game URLs.


YY-Slots 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis

It should also be mentioned that all of these sites were active with link building and typically saw a lead time of about 6 months between starting to build links and seeing serious gains in organic visibility.

Once these improvements began, however, the growth seen in the first six months was again repeated in the subsequent 3 months.



Roulette-Organic-Traffic-Share 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis




YY-Roulette 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis



The biggest 12-month swings in the Roulette sector has been for sites that have kept a tight focus on the Roulette topic area and supported commercial pages with informational content to grow awareness of their brands.

Leading sites such as and can be praised for the informative content and extensive guides targeted towards both first-time depositors and seasoned players.

In addition, leaders in this market must ensure they consider the user journey and are present throughout the conversion funnel, not just at the high-volume terms close to conversion. Focusing on terms such as “how to play” and exploratory informational queries is crucial to nailing that focused topical relevance.

Finally, it is important to note that these are established domains with sizable link profiles with the quality of the most recent links becoming the key differentiating factor. Newcomers looking to succeed in this sector must be both aggressive and smart with their link building strategies to ensure they’re in a position to compete as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid to break the mould with your PR to generate buzz and links that will get the site off to a great start.


Casino-Organic-Traffic-Share-1 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis



YY-Casino 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis has seen a significant level of visibility growth over the last 12 months due to an increase in the number of landing pages on the site but more importantly the copy on game pages has had an overhaul.

Historically, one of the biggest technical challenges in the gaming space is the use of JavaScript and search engines inability to render the content. Useful HTML based web copy has worked as well for Pink Casino, as it has Admiral Casino, previously mentioned. The site is also benefiting from improved internal linking and a streamlining of the site structure.

Some of the domains on this list have also had expired domains with link equity redirected into them. Whilst this can sometimes be used as an effective tactic, it is important to remember that it can also raise flags with Google and should be used sparingly.


Poker-Organic-Traffic-Share 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis


YY-Poker 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis


As with Roulette, focus and relevance are key in the Poker rankings. How to play type content and guides perform incredibly well when paired with effective internal and external link strategy. has this area nailed down and so it is no surprise to see them growing over 230% in 12 months. has also put a significant level of effort into producing content and guides and as a result are visible for nearly twice the number of keywords as according to SEMrush data. The next step for them, and sites in similar predicaments, is to improve their visibility through good quality link acquisition.


In Conclusion

The gaming and betting markets continue to be one of the most competitive and varied SERPS to operative in.

From our analysis, we see a significant shift from black hat tactics to informative content and PR-led campaigns, which for many sites, is the driving factor behind and increase in strong coverage, brand awareness and long-term rankings.

The future of iGaming is looking quite bright and as the current surge in traffic continues, it is no doubt that current timings favour acquisition. For those looking to capitalise and increase their conversion rates, keep in mind that increased traffic lends itself incredibly well to different forms of testing. Now is a great time to catch and convert as many of those new visits as you can with short test cycles.

From the analysis conducted, the key takeaways for competing in iGaming SERPs in 2020 are as follows:

  • Sites that are spending the time and money on creating well written, informative, and user-friendly content are currently reaping the rewards.
  • Rather than focusing solely on the high-volume terms, it is crucial for sites in the noted sectors to ensure they’re considering the full user journey and conversion funnel.
  • Links remain important but the quality will always trump quantity over time.

With over 13 years of experience in the iGaming and Betting industry, the Blueclaw team are always happy to talk search. For a more focused analysis, or to discuss anything mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.


Author: Andrew Parker, Performance Director at Blueclaw Media Ltd



Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: 12 Month of iGaming: A Landscape Analysis

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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Moving forward: Lessons learned for the lottery sector



15 Moving forward: Lessons learned for the lottery sector
15-1 Moving forward: Lessons learned for the lottery sectorReading Time: 3 minutes

As some countries start to ease back on nationwide lockdowns and restrictions, many are being hit with an increase in cases, with some areas renewing stay at home orders. In this time of instability, Spinola Gaming CEO Ade Repcenko takes a look at the realities that Covid-19 made businesses face over the past few months, what the ‘new normal’ looks like for the lottery sector, and lessons learned that can help businesses prepare for what might be a second wave in the coming months.

What was the state of the lottery sector before the lockdown? How has it changed over the last few months?

Ade Repcenko, CEO of Spinola Gaming: The lottery sector traditionally operates through an extensive retail network, but had been taking a slow creep towards digital solutions over the past few years. Some lottery companies were exploring options to become more digitally focused in order to reach new global audiences and give their players the opportunity to purchase tickets on demand, wherever they may be. But this digital transformation was not being adopted as rapidly as other sectors, with some huge names in lottery shooting down any notion that lotteries should move online, and others such as some states in the US not able to go online due to legal frameworks.

Covid-19 removed all player access to lottery’s established retail networks and forced companies to find digital solutions fast in order to find new ways of reaching their players, or risk not reaching them at all. Many were those who managed to make the switch, with others being forced to temporarily close and cease operations until restrictions were lifted.

How did operators adapt to the lockdown? Which ones were successful?

Lotteries which had digital sales available saw sustained revenue to see them through the pandemic, and also noted a marked increase in online sales during this period. American state lotteries whose offering included online lotteries saw online sales surge more than 10 percent. In New Hampshire, the state lottery saw a 38 percent surge in first-time digital lottery players in February and March.  

This trend was also seen in Europe. In a very interesting online webinar titled “Lotteries in COVID-19 Lockdown”, the European Lotteries (EL) Secretary General Arjan van‘t Veer reported that online lottery games were performing better than initially expected. Robert Chvatal, CEO of the Sazka Group also revealed that “many lotteries have seen a significant increase in online sales share” due to the fact that retail options were no longer viable.

What will the ‘new normal’ look like when countries reopen their retail businesses?

Some countries are slowly reopening and trying to go back to normal, but normal seems a very vague term, at least for the foreseeable future. The harsh social distancing imposed onto the public during the peak of Covid-19, although slowly lifting in some areas, still resonates with people. How we interact has changed, how we buy things has changed. Establishments are slowly re-opening, but patrons are choosing to visit physical retail less and less, especially as re-opening is resulting in a resurgence of cases. People got accustomed to getting all their needs met online from the comfort of their homes: groceries, restaurant deliveries, entertainment, and even gambling and playing the lottery – and this comfort is one that many will continue to seek long-term. The future, and what it holds in terms of a second wave and the possibility of renewed lockdowns, remains uncertain. Operators need to use this time to become more prepared and find ways to react to these market changes and player needs with long-term solutions.

How can the sector move forward following the impact of lockdown both on the market and on players? What solutions can help with this transition?

As the world becomes more digitally inclined, with Covid-19 forcing all demographics to become more digitally dependent, a unique opportunity has arisen where traditionally land-based players can easily be converted into digital ones without spending considerable time and resources educating them about the benefits of digital. The entire world has been forced into adopting a digital approach, and the lottery sector must therefore embrace technology in order to continue to reach their players and acquire new ones. Going digital would also give retail operators access to a new player base which already entertained themselves in an online gaming space, and who could easily be converted into lottery players.

In order to succeed long-term, lotteries must strive to provide a seamless, omni-channel player experience that merges digital and retail initiatives. Solutions such as those offered by Spinola Gaming are specialised in helping operators make the move to digital, while still maintaining their traditional retail operations through one seamless interface. 

Our software allows operators to monitor all lottery ticket sales and track all online and offline purchases in real-time, complete with a myriad of marketing functions and analytics available at the touch of a button. The system is available across all markets, currencies and languages and is fully customisable. 

Any land-based retail, national or state lotteries interested in learning more about Spinola Gaming’s lottery software solutions can book a demo by getting in touch on

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Moving forward: Lessons learned for the lottery sector

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Strategic Alliance Between Zitro, Casino Magic Online and Ondiss



14 Strategic Alliance Between Zitro, Casino Magic Online and Ondiss
14-1 Strategic Alliance Between Zitro, Casino Magic Online and OndissReading Time: < 1 minute


Zitro announces a new strategic alliance through its online division Zitro Interactive, together with Casino Magic Online ( and its digital platform provider, the company Ondiss.

Thanks to this new agreement, Casino Magic Online, which operates in the province of Neuquén in the Republic of Argentina, already has the latest video slots titles that are a huge success worldwide, such as Wild Mustang, Fortune Goddess and Maneki Neko , among many others, as well as Zitro’s most popular video bingo games.

Eduardo Antonio Nanton, General Manager of Casino Magic Online comments that: “We incorporated Zitro into our entertainment offering to provide our customers with more fun and a greater diversity of experiences. At Casino Magic we are always in search of excellence to guarantee the best offer on the market, and with Zitro – whose games are well-known in the country’s casinos – we have found an ideal partner that offers unmatched performing products, an excellent know-how, and a personalized attention essential for the optimal functioning of a long-term collaboration”.

Facundo Giorgi, CEO of Ondiss adds: “To have a perfect integration, it is very important to have a reliable and experienced partner. This has been the case with Zitro Interactive. Our technical teams working together have completed the integration of the Zitro games very quickly. We are confident that this will be a very beneficial collaboration for everyone.”

Sebastián Salat, CEO of Zitro, underlines: “We want to congratulate Ondiss for the excellent technical work they have done, integrating our games without delay or setbacks, and, of course, we want to thank Casino Magic for having Zitro in this exciting project.”

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Strategic Alliance Between Zitro, Casino Magic Online and Ondiss

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Burning Classics



13 Burning Classics
13-1 Burning ClassicsReading Time: < 1 minute


Shane Cotter, Booming Games’ Director of Product, says “The bricks & mortar casinos may have had to brick-up their doors for a while, but never fear, Booming Games’ upcoming release of Burning Classics has all the look & feel of an old-school physical Fruit Machine.

Decked out with classic symbols, this 5×3 is also low volatility, making it especially appealing for your ‘time on device’ players.”

In the tradition of classic slots, this game has been designed to be clean, intuitive and simple. But this doesn’t for one second mean you can’t win big. On the contrary; all Major and Minor symbols and all Wilds are stacked, while Free Spins can be retriggered indefinitely. And as if that wasn’t enough of a recipe for booming wins, the gamble feature enables players to repeatedly double their winnings exponentially, up to 10 times!


So sit back, relax, and get ready to play a real classic.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Burning Classics

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