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Interview with Anutosh Chatterjee



20 Interview with Anutosh ChatterjeeReading Time: 3 minutes


Anutosh Chatterjee is a Subject Matter Expert (SME ) in the global iGaming space., Anutosh has a substantial  knowledge and experience for the Indian subcontinent. Anutosh started his career in GVC holding in 2003 as part of their core marketing team and has been exposed to all aspect of real money wagering from paper lotteries to online betting. Anutosh has successfully launched multiple products across various gambling spectrum in India and abroad.

Eventus: How did you find your start in the industry and how did you arrive at your current position?


I started more than 16 years ago with Party Gaming ( now  GVC ) , back to India in 2010 , where I started my consultancy business.

Eventus: What do you think the industry will look like in five years?

Anutosh: I assume this for India: Three word (s)  – Consolidation , Regulation ( positive / negative ) significant FDI  ,  this will lead to the following

  1. More organized players would venture , lead with SME’s
  2. More states will come with state regulations , ex : Telengana
  3. FDI should flow would be enormous
  4. Land based casinos would see a uprising
  5. Gambling as a domain would be better accepted in India
  6. Lower middle class would gamble more

Eventus: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the gambling sector in India in terms of legislation and regulation at the moment?

Anutosh: Mindset and the social acceptability would play a significant role  , as opposed to the actual legislation and regulation. Political will is BIGGEST  challenge.

Eventus: The debate on legalising sports betting in the country has gained momentum in the country with the Law Commission’s report, however, there has been little discussion at the political level so far. How do you see the deliberations moving ahead in the coming days?

Anutosh: As reflective from my answer above ,  it’s a uphill task , it’s a very sensitive topic for vote banks. Absolute majority in respective houses are important for a particular party. I think a concrete deliberations can only be understand by a single strong headed party. The simple idea of not preventing online platforms working anywhere in the world , has to be articulated in Lutyens Delhi

Eventus: Do you think the government needs to focus more on the gaming sector? If so, what are the immediate and practically plausible steps that can be taken by the government?

Anutosh:  The current size ( legal ) is too low for the government to apply any mindshare. But I think with the LCI report , government has taken into cognizance the amount of “ underground  “ gambling and it should take priority in the coming years.

Eventus: Do you think other state governments are looking at opportunities in the casino and gaming space?

Anutosh: State governments should be more proactive in this space, it offers immense employment and investment opportunities. Backward states like Bihar , Jharkhand should have a good gaming policy where they can attract a ton of investments , while keep local interests / culture intact.

Eventus: Do you think it makes sense to look at opportunities in the broader Indian subcontinent, for example in Nepal and Sri Lanka?

Anutosh: The sheer size of the Indian subcontinent is an opportunity not to be missed , both countries interest are ONLY because regulation exists mainly on the land based domain. The online aspect is worth exploring , although both these countries would observe which way India is going.

Eventus: What are the latest products that are becoming increasingly popular in India?

Anutosh: I think rummy would eventually be a dead game in India , its not working anywhere in the world. Fantasy , esports , online lottery are some new products which would be interesting in the coming years.

Eventus: In your own words, describe what you believe SPiCE 2019 to be.

Anutosh: A repository of best minds in the Indian gaming space !

Eventus: What do you look forward to by being a part of SPiCE 2019?


I look forward speaking and meeting with the best brains around the world. See you soon !

Anutosh Chatterjee looks forward to meeting you in person at SPiCE 2019 in Goa. See more information on SPiCE 2019 and how you can register below.

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Rise in Staffing Costs Results in Full-year Revenue Loss for Genius Sports



9-10 Rise in Staffing Costs Results in Full-year Revenue Loss for Genius SportsReading Time: 1 minute


Genius Sports Group has posted a loss of £7.6m for the year 2018 despite a 23.9% yearly rise in revenue for the 12-month period.

Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2018, amounted to £65.8m, up from £53.1m in the year 2018. Genius Sports experienced momentous growth in its rest of world business, with revenue up from £200m to £31.3m. UK revenue also climbed from £6.1m to £7.3m, while rest of Europe revenue increased a little from £26.9m to £27.2m.

Though, GS also noted a growth in expenses for the year, with the cost of sales rising 52.4% from £18.4m to £28.0m and administrative expenses up from £23.3m to £29.5m. Hiring more staff costs particularly hit Genius, with this jumping from £22.3m to £29.7m as the business increased its employee numbering from 669 to 901 in the year.

The increased costs drove Genius from an operating profit of £5.9m in 2017 to an operating loss of £4.2m for the full year. Evaluating the results, Regulus Partners said that Genius’s historical pattern of growing revenue at the expense of profitability also need to be changed in order to deliver viable potential.

Market Analyst at Regulus also emphasised Genius’s acquisition of English and Scottish football official betting data from what is now Stats Perform, saying that this is “transformational to Genius and potentially transformational to the betting as well as sports rights sectors.”

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Rise in Staffing Costs Results in Full-year Revenue Loss for Genius Sports

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Svenska Spel Launches Verisec’s Freja eID Technology



8-9 Svenska Spel Launches Verisec’s Freja eID TechnologyReading Time: 1 minute


Svenska Spel has launched Verisec’s Freja eID to enhance its customer identification process.

The new gambling legislation that came into force on 1 January this year requires gaming companies to use an e-ID for registration of their customers. This is to increase safety and to ensure players’ age and identity. Until now, the customers of Svenska Spel have been referred to a single e-ID but with the introduction of Freja eID is given both greater choice and independence, by not being locked to a specific login method.

“Most companies that digitize their services put considerable resources on good user experience and to eliminate eventual friction for users who want to access the digital service. Thus, not keeping users locked to a specific sign-in solution is an important step. We believe that this is not only positive for the users, we also believe it is a strong competitive factor in that Svenska Spel is the first gaming company with a gaming license that offers its users more than one e-ID,” Johan Henrikson, CEO of Verisec said.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Svenska Spel Launches Verisec’s Freja eID Technology

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Trustly Launches its New Product Trustly Live



7-10 Trustly Launches its New Product Trustly LiveReading Time: 1 minute


Online banking payments provider Trustly has launched Trustly Live, the product built specifically for land-based gaming. With the introduction of Trustly Live, Trustly is helping to remove the need for cash at land-based casinos and sportsbooks.

With Trustly Live, players can scan a Trustly QR code with their smartphone and instantly deposit funds from their online bank account. This helps operators to lower cash handling costs while also catering to the preferences of their players. Additionally, Trustly Live can strengthen KYC and AML checks, ultimately helping to enhance the trackability of players and meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements. Trustly Live is currently live with Cherry Spelglädje in 45 locations in Sweden and plans to expand across Europe in the coming months.

“The launch of Trustly Live will help land-based operators thrive in today’s increasingly cashless economies. Cash handling is expensive, unsafe and, frankly, outdated. Consumers are already adopting safer and more convenient ways to pay and Trustly is excited to be bringing innovation to the land-based gaming world by helping operators keep pace with their players’ preferences,” Samuel Barrett, Director of Gaming at Trustly said.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Trustly Launches its New Product Trustly Live

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