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Vanilla content will always be second best – argues Reflex CPO



addiction-bet-betting-casino-1 Vanilla content will always be second best – argues Reflex CPOReading Time: 4 minutes


Ahead of ICE London 2019, Mat Ingram, CPO of independent developer, Reflex Gaming, explains why the commoditisation of content is a race to the bottom

Looking back on 2018 what have been the highlights and the key achievements in the online space for the Reflex brand?

2018 was a year characterised by strategic and steady expansion for Reflex in the online sector. We went live with five new top tier operators as well as numerous smaller operators courtesy of our existing distribution partnerships which continue to do well for us. We have adhered to our “quality over quantity” philosophy, resulting in six new game titles over the course of the year, all but one emanating from our market-leading portfolio of land-based content. We have forged new commercial relationships, worked with new development partners, and continued to learn a lot.  There’s no doubt that 2018 was an important and successful year.

How would you describe the main challenges for the online sector – is it facing a case of over supply?  Is there a danger of quantity subsuming quality when it comes to games content and what can be done about it?

For me, the sector is surprisingly slow-moving given its entirely-digital nature, but this is a symptom of the complex distribution routes that are now so prevalent, along with the hugely busy supply chain. Many planets have to align technically and strategically for a relatively simple event to occur, such as a game release. Compare this to our server-managed land-based machines, where I can develop a game in half the time and release it overnight to thousands of machines, but of course in this case I am in complete control of the tech stack and the content strategy, which helps enormously! The over-supply of what I would describe as vanilla, ‘global’ content has turned the previous art of game creation into a production line building commodity ‘widgets’ whose value to the supplier is measured in how low they can get their costs. This must, in turn, reduce quality, however this is not always immediately apparent. There are so many games being released that without any promotional activity (that the bigger suppliers can fund), one game performs much the same as another, thus perpetuating their commodity status. As such, I believe there is an increasing requirement for specialised, ‘hyper-local’ content – by which I refer to games that have been specifically created by suppliers with local expertise and experience for local players. As suppliers, we often have to modify our games anyway to suit local regulations and language, so there is already an existing idea that games must be localised, but I believe that it is also better for the user if the games with which they are presented are those that have been crafted for them rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that is often used. Reflex have some of the most successful games in the land-based markets in which we compete and we should leverage these with partners who have expertise in distributing hyper-local content.

Has your thinking on omni-channel gaming changed since ICE 2018 and if so where do you stand now?

No, my opinion hasn’t really changed on this. It may be sometimes difficult to quantify the benefits or produce empirical evidence of them, but intuitively I feel that it has to be better UX for a player to be able to move from one channel to another and play the content they know and enjoy on platforms that support a seamless transition from one place to another. Surely, if the player has a better experience whilst doing this, they are more likely to stay loyal to the retailer / operator and indeed the games? It just seems to make sense to me. This is why Reflex are talking to a number of operators who have both a land-based and an online presence about how we can work together to provide UK-specific, omni-channel games, and we are one of only a few suppliers who can do this.

How will Reflex be using ICE London 2019 and what does success look like?

We will be using ICE to showcase our diverse land-based and online product ranges. It’s one of the few opportunities we have to put everything together in the same space, and our omni-channel credibility becomes really apparent when you see it all together. The range includes UK and Dutch land-based machines of many styles and categories, through to purely online and mobile content, with the same design ethos running across all channels. The star of our land-base range is the GamePro cabinet which will this year include the new GamePro Max, a sit-down lounge-style machine. Our view is that whatever a player experiences in a land-based environment, they should be able to experience on their desktop or mobile within the confines of the devices. A successful exhibition for Reflex is mostly not about the number of contracts or deals we sign, as most of the hard work has been done on these prior to the show, but rather it is about how many new people we meet and new opportunities present themselves, and judging by the number of meeting requests we have already had, we should be in for a busy few days!

As an exhibitor do you get the opportunity to spend time walking the aisles at ExCeL and taking stock of the industry and the direction its travelling in – how important is it to do this?

I think this is hugely important, although being honest, I don’t get as much time to do it as I would like, as I am generally busy on the stand. However, I have a great team who come to the show and who act as my eyes and ears on market trends and important product innovations.  I wouldn’t say it’s a military style operation but we have regular catch-ups whilst the exhibition is in progress and they take me to see the things and meet the people that have caught their eye. I am a firm believer that Reflex should stand independently with respect to innovation and not succumb to parodying the ideas of others, but that said, it is important to know and understand what other market sector participants are doing and why.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Vanilla content will always be second best – argues Reflex CPO

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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Top-6 mobile Casino Apps in 2019



Top-6-mobile-Casino-Apps-in-2019 Top-6 mobile Casino Apps in 2019Reading Time: 3 minutes


The mobile casino is a way of life. Many players prefer to play online roulette, poker, baccarat, slots and many other games on their mobiles. Nowadays, any online casino and online live casino offer you the option to play your favourites games on your mobile no matter where you are. All that you need is a mobile device and access to the internet.


So, before you get into the Google Play, in the AppStore or sign-up directly to a slot site check the guide the lads from the created for you. They provide you with the top six casino apps in 2019 for a mobile casino. Decide which of them suits you more and make your choice. Then download the ideal one according to your needs.


  1. Slotomania

Playtika has developed a fantastic application. It is among the most popular online apps. If you check out the Slotomania’s facebook page has 14.000.000 likes! The Google Play Store has rated Slotomania with 4.4 stars.

It is also more than popular at iOS. You can download it and play for free at 160+ slots per day. You can find titles such as Magic Trixie, Grand Phoenix and many more.

  1. Wizard of Oz: Casino Slots

Wizard of Oz offers something particular. It is an app where you can find only slots. If you like to try many casino games, then that is not an application for you. However, if you want to have some cherished and vivid memories of your childhood, then download this app.

You will enjoy slots inspired by nostalgic movies. This app is available in all the mobile devices no matter if it is an iOS or Android.

  1. HugeFun: Slot Machine Games

If you want to play for free. Huge Fun is compatible with Android and iOS. You can spend some time with virtual currency and explore any slot of your preference. Download the application, make your registration and you will get 20.000.000 free coins. That is a  unique bonus to give you the ability to try as many games as you want. HugeFun is an excellent choice for any player who wants to have fun without risking any pocket money.


  1. Slots: Jackpot Party Casino

With more than 110 exclusive slots, that is an application that will not let you down. You can download it either on your Android or iOS device. Besides, any new player is rewarded with 6.000.000 coins! Furthermore, you can grab daily bonuses, register your participation in tournaments and hunt progressive jackpots. It is a unique experience that you have to try.

  1. Free Slots Casino – Adventures

Do you want to play for free and start with 250.000.000 coins as a registration bonus? You do not have to worry if we are joking because we don’t. Download the Free Slots Casino-Adventures, and that will become true. You do not have to risk your money. Play for free at more than 50 fantastic slots. Apply your strategy, find out the rules of any game, and become a better slot player. Do not miss the chance to take a perfect “training” at this app.

  1. Casino Games – Slots

Play for free no matter if you are online or offline! Yes, that is possible with this application. Download the Casino Games-Slots to your iOS or Android device. After that, the app works offline also.

More than 50 games are available. Besides you will get a welcome bonus of 250.000.000 free chips, free chips every 15 minutes, and more daily rewards. It is a full package that offers you action 24 hours per day no matter if you are connected or not.


Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Top-6 mobile Casino Apps in 2019

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Bet.Works Appoints Jay Rood As Chief Risk Officer



JAY-ROOD Bet.Works Appoints Jay Rood As Chief Risk OfficerReading Time: 2 minutes


Bet.WorksTM  a US-based iGaming and sportsbook platform supplier, announced today that Mr. Jay Rood has joined the company as Chief Risk Officer.

Mr. Rood is a legendary Las Vegas gaming executive and sports betting innovator with over 25 years of experience in sportsbook operations.

Mr. Rood has had a storied career in gaming and sports betting which began in Lake Tahoe working for Caesars back in 1992. 

Mr. Rood joined MGM when it opened in December 1993 as a ticket writer and worked for the operator for over 25 years ultimately overseeing all of MGM’s sportsbooks including ten in Nevada, two in Mississippi and one in New Jersey as the expansion of sports betting has swept across the USA following the PASPA repeal in 2018.

Mr. Rood joins Bet.Works at a pivotal moment in US sports betting history as more than 30 states are expected to legalize Sportsbooks over the next 12 24 months.

Sixteen states have already passed legislation as eight states are live with eight states pending launch. The US sports betting market is estimated by Morgan Stanley to be approximately $400 billion and is comprised of an estimated 44 million US citizens who wager annually. 

Bet.Works’ Founder/CEO, David Wang, said: I had the privilege of working with Jay in the past and his 25 years of sportsbook operations will help take the company to the next level.

“There is no one more qualified to lead our organization as we deploy in more states in the coming months. Jay and our in-house Las Vegas-based trading and risk team will oversee all of the brands on the Bet.Works platform with a significant emphasis into advanced in-play wagering via our technology platform.”  

Jay Rood, Chief Risk Officer at Bet.Works, said: “I am excited to be joining a group of extremely experienced and talented individuals at Bet.Works focusing on servicing the emerging sports betting industry with unique and powerful technology and a team that has extensive knowledge in the US betting market.

“David Wang’s vision and drive is contagious, and I believe he has positioned Bet.Works to be the provider of choice for gaming operators looking to enhance their offering to their guests.”


Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Bet.Works Appoints Jay Rood As Chief Risk Officer

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Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Plans to Issue Sports Betting Regulations by July 1



iowa-capitol Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Plans to Issue Sports Betting Regulations by July 1Reading Time: 1 minute


The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has revealed that it is working to develop rules for sports betting. Iowa became one of the latest states in the US to legalise sports betting after the Governor signed the bill into law in May.

Administrator Brian Ohorilko said that they are planning to upload the rules on their website by July 1. He added that the commission will hold a meeting on July 30 in West Des Moines to take action on sports betting and start accepting applications from casinos interested in offering sports betting services.

“The industry is requesting a pretty aggressive timetable to have things implemented by August. We’re doing everything we can to do that, but making sure that we’re doing it the right way,” Ohorilko added.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Plans to Issue Sports Betting Regulations by July 1

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