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NJ Sports Betting Fumbles in Its Second Full Month, Down 51%



NJ-Sports-Betting NJ Sports Betting Fumbles in Its Second Full Month, Down 51%Reading Time: 2 minutes


New Jersey sports betting was looking red hot in September with the first month of NFL betting generating nearly $24 million but things took a quick turn in October where revenues dropped drastically to $11.68 million, a drop of 50.6% month over month. While it’s too early to throw in the red flag we should take notice of a few things. Firstly, not all NJ online casinos who are planning to offer sports betting have launched as of today. Golden Nugget online casino, Resorts Online Casino, Hard Rock online casino, and Bet365 are just a few that all plan to launch online sportsbooks within the next few months. So, the market is still very young and without a few of its heavy hitters.

Odds Underdogs Could Be Throwing Off NJ Sportsbook Revenues

Secondly, NJ sportsbooks can have bad months. At the current level of revenue, it is very easy for a few big wins to drastically sway the revenue total. Look at DraftKings Sportsbook. They went from $8.5M in September to just over $5M in October. While we don’t have visibility into turnover volume, we can say confidently that DraftKings probably took in some heavy action that didn’t go their way. Thirdly, home underdogs have been uncharacteristically good against the spread this year with a total record of 27-22-1 through November 20th.

NJ Sportsbooks Are Still Catching Their Footing

And lastly, the sportsbooks in market are still trying to catch their footing. It’s early days for NJ sports betting and most books are still tweaking their operations and gearing up their marketing. There is still much to learn in terms of liability and odds management and the books are getting better every day. Give them some time and not before long will we see more brand advertising and better service.

“We’ll be keeping a close on the market as we move out of the NFL regular season to see what impact that will also have on the market but it should be noted that there could be some lost revenue back to the black market while NJ still suffers from payment and registration pains,” said NJ Marketing Editor, Anirudh Vashishth.

The regulated New Jersey online sports market generated $11.68 million gross revenue in October, down $11.98 million from the previous month.

October 2018 NJ Sports Betting Online Revenue (in millions)



Bally Casino AC

$                                           0.30

Bally Online

$                                           0.11

Borgata Casino AC

$                                           0.12

Borgata Online

$                                           0.07

Golden Nugget Casino AC

$                                           0.05

Golden Nugget Online

$                                           0.15

Harrahs Casino AC

$                                           0.10

Harrahs Online

$                                                 –

Ocean Resort Casino

$                                           0.44

Ocean Online

$                                           0.39

Resorts Casino AC

$                                           0.10

Resorts Online

$                                           5.09

Meadowlands Track

$                                           1.11

Meadowlands Online

$                                           2.43

Monmouth Park

$                                           0.61

Monmouth Online

$                                           0.61

Tropicana AC

$                                           0.02

Tropicana Online

$                                                 –


$                                         11.69

Total Online

$                                           8.84

Total B&M

$                                           2.85


PA Sportsbooks Kick Off After New Jersey’s Wave

On Nov 15th, Hollywood Casino opened it’s PA Sports betting lounge, the first operator to take a legal sports bet in Pennsylvania. Online sports betting is also legal in PA, however no operators have launched this service as of now. PA Casinos are anticipated to open up online sports betting operations before the end of the ’18-’19 NFL season.

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Slow and steady wins the race



brainstorming-branding-businesspeople-1162968 Slow and steady wins the raceReading Time: 3 minutes


James Ashton, Head of Content at online casino comparison site, says that affiliates should focus on brand building rather than link building.

The online casino affiliate space is one of the most competitive for performance marketers to enter and fight for the spoils. There are thousands of sites all targeting the same players with the same offers from the same casinos.

The majority take the same approach to drive players to their sites, identifying key search terms and then creating ranking content around those words and phrases. This is then supported with link building activity where a volume of value approach is considered the best.

But with so many sites targeting the same keywords with the same content and same approach to link building, it is tough to stand out and deliver potential players the information, tools, and services they need to make an informed decision about where to play.

It could be argued that online casino affiliates are so focused on ranking and link building that the product they offer those that do land on their sites is not up to the standard that it should be. With, we have prioritized product and brand over ranking and link building.

So how, and why, have we done this?

Design for the user first and foremost:

The majority of online casino comparison sites use the same design and layout, with the online casino brands they work with listed on the homepage followed by reams of content based around the keywords they want that page to rank for.

With, we have designed our homepage so that it looks more like a news or magazine website, allowing us to showcase the great content that we have invested a lot of time and effort into creating.

We have sections for news, features, and must-read guides and interviews that split the homepage into various sections. This makes it really easy for readers to navigate and explore; they can access all this information for free without having to scroll through reams of online casino listings.

Sure, we have split this up with casino cards that we use to push our casino partners, but we have achieved this in a way that looks authentic and does not impose on the user experience. We want them to access our content first and then if they wish, sign up to our casino partners second.


Content that delivers genuine value:

When it comes to the content we create, we focus on genuine, authentic features, explainers, guides and interviews that online casino players want to read. We work with our operator partners to create this content, as well as game developers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Of course, we are mindful of the need to create some content around key ranking phrases as search remains a big driver of traffic for online casino affiliates. But even when we do, we ensure the content provides the value our readers are looking for.

There really is no point in ranking for a keyword or phrase and have a reader click through to your site only to find the page they have landed on does not provide the information or answers they are looking for. They will simply click off and never come back.

This means writing content that is clear and easy to read and not packed full of terms and phrases designed to assist with ranking. For example, we would never write “the best online casinos the UK will offer…” – a visitor reading this will assume we have made a typo or our writers are not that great.

For online casino comparison sites looking to deliver the best possible experience to visitors, creating top-quality content must be an absolute priority.


Active on social media:

Social media can be a bit of a minefield for online casino affiliates, but we believe it is a powerful way to engage and communicate with our readers. No matter the size of your following – we have a little over 60 followers but growing steadily – its shows you are real and helps to build trust.

The great thing about social media is that affiliates can experiment and have fun; we are working on all sorts of ideas for videos, competitions, interviews, that we believe will really drive engagement and loyalty with our readers and followers.


Build a brand for long term success:

The approach we are taking with Find My UK Casino is that of building a brand as we believe this will ensure we not only acquire readers and potential players but that we are able to retain them over time. Sure, this is a long process to undertake but slow and steady often wins the race.

The ultimate goal is that people Google “Find My Uk Casino” as they know we are the best destination for everything they need to know about playing at online casinos in the UK. We know that is a long way off, but by taking the above approach is a goal we are certain we will achieve.

This approach will not be for all online casino affiliates, but we are happy to be swimming against the tide as we believe this is what will ultimately allow us to stand out from the crowd.


Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Slow and steady wins the race

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Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. Declares Third Quarter 2019 Cash Dividend of $0.68 per Share



9-13 Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. Declares Third Quarter 2019 Cash Dividend of $0.68 per ShareReading Time: 1 minute

Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. (NASDAQ: GLPI) (the “Company”), announced today that at its meeting yesterday, the Company’s Board of Directors declared the third quarter 2019 cash dividend of $0.68 per share of its common stock.  The dividend is payable on September 20, 2019 to shareholders of record on September 6, 2019.

While the Company intends to pay regular quarterly cash dividends for the foreseeable future, all subsequent dividends will be reviewed quarterly and declared by the Board of Directors at its discretion.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. Declares Third Quarter 2019 Cash Dividend of {$permalink}.68 per Share

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PR – NSoft at Entertainment Arena Expo 2019



8-14 PR – NSoft at Entertainment Arena Expo 2019Reading Time: 1 minute


NSoft is going to exhibit at the Entertainment Arena Expo and enable operators to discover the rich one-to-one customized experience of NSoft’s products – Sportsbook, Virtual Sports Betting, Draw Based Games and NSoft Vision.


Entertainment Arena Expo (EAE) is the biggest exhibition for the casino and betting industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The event will take place from September 3rd-5th, at Romexpo Exhibition Center Bucharest.


Entertainment Arena Expo 2019 is the spot where exhibitors and visitors will extend their businesses and materialize their growth plans. NSoft, taking part in this premium event will present its complete solutions aiming to meet the customer’s uppermost requests.


In order to obtain in-depth and comprehensive information about the latest NSoft’s innovations and products, feel free to book a meeting with our representatives at, or simply meet them at Stand 523 during the event, they will be happy to share NSoft’s know-how with you.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: PR – NSoft at Entertainment Arena Expo 2019

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