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Polish casino license derbies stimulates revenue tall tales



Poland’s casino license derbies have turned nasty as two competitors accuse each other of making wildly outlandish revenue claims to boost their chances of winning new licenses.

Last week, Polish business news outlet Puls Biznesu reported on the rather fanciful claims made about the revenue potential of certain casino operations by Zbigniew Benbenek’s ZPR group, which operates 28 of the country’s 40 casinos.

Polish law allows for a maximum of 52 casino licenses and new casino licenses must be issued via public tender. The Ministry of Finance judges license applications by a point system predicated on, amongst other criteria, their expected revenue projections.

But only the projections for the first three years of operations are subject to verification, meaning operators can promise the moon without fear of blowback.

In the case of an April 2018 tender for casino licenses in the Lodz region, ZPR’s application estimated that gaming revenue would total PLN38m (US$10.2m) in each of the first three years. But ZPR claims revenue will leap to PLN409m ($110m) in year four, rising to PLN4.6b ($1.24b) in year five and hitting just under PLN23b ($6.2b) in year six.

ZPR has submitted other applications for casino licenses in the Mazovia and Wielkopolska areas, claiming even wilder revenue predictions of PNL61b ($16.4b) and PLN100b ($26.9b), respectively, in the years outside the verification window.

According to official data, Poland’s entire casino market enjoyed turnover of PLN4.82b in 2017, from which the casinos earned revenue of just under PLN745m ($200.6m). The government claimed 50% of this revenue as its own.

ZPR’s revenue claims have been challenged by rival operator Casinos Poland as having no basis in reality. Casinos Poland, which operates six gaming venues, wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance arguing that the license derby shouldn’t depend on “the auction of absurdities.”

ZPR president Tomasz Szakiel responded to Casinos Poland’s objections by noting that his company was simply adapting better to the rules of the tender than its rivals. Szakiel also noted that ZPR was merely responding in kind to Casinos Poland’s successful 2017 bid for a casino license in Silesia, which saw Casinos Poland claim that its Bielsko Biala casino would generate revenue of over PLN5b in six years.


Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network

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Yggdrasil brings magic to the reels and blackjack table with Dr Fortuno



Dr-Fortuno Yggdrasil brings magic to the reels and blackjack table with Dr FortunoReading Time: 2 minutes


Supplier’s cross-vertical game of the year features industry-first shared jackpot


Yggdrasil introduces Dr Fortuno, the industry’s first cross-vertical shared jackpot, giving players more chances to win huge sums on the reels and at the blackjack table.

Both games star the charismatic leader of a travelling freak show who ventures to lands far and wide, inviting players into his mysterious and rewarding world.

The sinister Doctor, together with his troupe of freaks, allows players to enter his realm of dreams and curiosities to experience things beyond the comprehension of imagination.

The marvellous 5×3 slot features nudging wilds and the ‘Wheel of Fortuno’, which gives players a shot at the jackpot and a chance to win additional coins or multiply their winnings.

The Ringmaster also brings his magical flair to the blackjack table. The 5-player RNG multiplayer offers a wonderful new bonus bet and bonus game with incredible rewards including multipliers and a chance to win the daily jackpot which is shared with the slot game of the same name.

Yggdrasil added some extra charm to this shared jackpot with a Customizable Countdown feature. This enables operators to inject more excitement into their games by choosing the starting and ending parameters of their jackpot countdown. This flexibility caters for operators of all sizes, offering engaging and valuable jackpots at the frequency that works for their unique needs.

Jonas Strandman, Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil, said: “There is a lot going on in the Dr Fortuno Slot! Nudging wilds, a bonus wheel, free spins AND a jackpot! The bonus wheel happens often enough to keep spiking entertainment levels, while the free spins can dish out huge wins with the right combinations.

“The cross-vertical nature of the game presents our operators with a prime opportunity to introduce their players to new verticals, using a character and game mechanics that they are familiar with.”

“If you ever hear Dr Fortuno, also known as the ‘King of Yellow’, whisper his catchphrase, “By the pricking one of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!”, roll up, roll up and join his troupe to make fortune smile upon his lucky patrons. You never know, if picked he could bestow you with riches beyond your wildest imagination.”

As with all Yggdrasil slot titles, the Dr Fortuno slot comes complete with the collection of in-game promotional tools, BOOST®.

Read more about the game here.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Yggdrasil brings magic to the reels and blackjack table with Dr Fortuno

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SoftGamings to Take Part in G2E Asia 2019



4-11 SoftGamings to Take Part in G2E Asia 2019Reading Time: 1 minute


SoftGamings, a B2B casino platforms provider and gaming systems aggregator, is going to take part in G2E Asia 2019.

G2E Asia 2019 in Macau is the perfect opportunity for SoftGamings and other companies to present their achievements. Almost all biggest Asian casino operators will attend the event to find the best upgrades and additions for their systems.

G2E Asia 2019 is the perfect opportunity for SoftGamings to let everyone know about their recently established partnership with Betradar. SoftGamings earned the Betradar certificate in 2019 and is now one of the official providers of their quality live betting and pre-match solutions.

One thing that SoftGamings plans to present to the Asian and the world market is their unified API integration system which brought them the success they enjoy today. It allows casino operators to go through the integration process just once and gain access to games from dozens of software providers. Some of these include NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Asia Gaming and more.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: SoftGamings to Take Part in G2E Asia 2019

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Toro Bet selects Hard Metrics for Mexico launch



metric-gaming-mexico Toro Bet selects Hard Metrics for Mexico launchReading Time: 2 minutes


Operator to be powered by innovative platform from Metric Gaming and Bethard Group joint venture


Hard Metrics, the online sportsbook and casino platform and services joint venture between Metric Gaming and the Bethard Group, has signed its first operator partner, Toro Bet.

The deal allows Toro Bet to enter the Mexican sports betting market powered by the state-of-the art Hard Metrics platform.

The technology includes Metric Gaming’s trading, operations, risk management and suite of innovative and proprietary betting products, as well as Bethard’s business intelligence, player account management system and casino platform.

Toro Bet is the first operator within America to take advantage of the Hard Metrics turnkey solution, which provides an enviable level of product autonomy from a B2B supplier.

Uniquely, the Hard Metrics platform allows operators to configure distinct offerings to meet the competitive and regulatory needs of divergent markets. In the case of Toro Bet, it will allow them to establish their brand in Mexico and then move into other Latin American territories with offerings unique to that particular market.

Martin de Knijff, Metric Gaming CEO and Founder said: “We are thrilled to have signed our first operator partner through Hard Metrics and look forward to helping Toro Bet establish itself as a major player in the Mexican online sports betting market.

“Toro Bet have ambitious and exciting plans, which include expansion into other territories within America and Hard Metrics will be supporting them in those plans”

“Hard Metrics has been formed to provide operators with a powerful platform and service solution specifically for the American market and we believe this will help Toro Bet achieve great success now and into the future.”

Erik Skarp, CEO of Bethard added: “This is an important step on our journey to sign our first operator in Latin America and we see this as a clear sign that there is demand for our services in these regions.”

Kyle Carlston of Alternative Ventures, financiers of Toro Bet commented: “We are confident that we have assembled the best technology for our venture in Mexico.

Our partnership with Hard Metrics allows Toro Bet to offer Latin America a highly curated technology solution featuring best-in-class mobile, live betting.”

The joint venture is a one stop shop suitable for both established sports betting operators and those looking to launch for the first time, providing them with the technology and expertise they need to succeed in the US market and beyond.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Toro Bet selects Hard Metrics for Mexico launch

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