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Bitcoin Prague 2015 results and a quick preview of what’s next in the Bitcoin industry



Bitcoin is gaining a lot of track in the igaming industry, even if we talk about b2b services or client demands. This is why we’ve asked Natalie Gavrilenko, the Conference Coordinator of the Bitcoin Conferences organized by Smile Expo to give us an insight of what was the outcome of Bitcoin Conference Prague and what’s next in the domain.

EEG: To get this interview started in the right way, how would you sum up the Bitcoin Conference Prague in 2 fun words? 

Natalie: Need to be repeated 🙂

EEG: We’ve seen the pictures from the event and felt sorry about not being present at the event, would you help us out and explain the mood of the event? What was it like, it certainly looked very successful?

Natalie: Yes, you are not mistaking the event was really great! We had exhibition hall with main European Bitcoin players, we had interesting conference program and a lot of discussion panels. So, the mood of Bitcoin Conference Prague was to make business with cryptocurrency and to create opportunities with blockchain system.

EEG: Do you have any official numbers for attendance and maybe a stat of the increase in the number of visitors by Bitcoin events you’ve held earlier?

Natalie: If we compare attendance statistics of our Bitcoin events in 3 countries (I’m talking about Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic), we have very interesting situation:

-the biggest interest from investor’s side is in Russia

-the biggest B2B interest is in Czech Republic

-the biggest interest from attendances, visitors and start-ups is in Ukraine

So my advice to all Bitcoin companies is if you need new clients, new customers – go to Ukraine and start business there. If you already have your business – go to Czech Republic for promotion. And go to Russia if you want to go drink some vodka with the smartest guys in the whole world. 🙂

EEG: What was the feedback that you’ve received from the exhibitors or maybe representants?

Natalie: Feedback after all our Bitcoin events is always great! Our team is professionals and we always try to do our best for our clients, visitors and exhibitors. Never mind if you see our team always busy and always focused on something – we are glad to talk and listen to all ideas and comments from visitors’ side. 

EEG: Was the speaker panel a success as predicted? The lineup was amazing and the information’s that were shared probably got to the right ears, right?

Natalie: Yes, we have made interesting and rich conference program with different directions – its Blockchain technology, decentralization on the basis of blockchain system, it’s the determination and forecasting the future of cryptocurrency, gambling topics and a lot of other.

EEG: How about the Bitcoin Party, that was probably one of the most exciting sections?

Natalie: Yes, Prague is very authentic European city and we simply couldn’t ignore its charm. Bitcoin after-party was held in well-known Czech beer restaurant, all guest had an opportunity to taste famous Czech beer, delicious meals and listen to nice music. What else people need to feel happy after long conference day!

EEG: With all the excitement of the summer upon us, which is the next Bitcoin Conference  and what are the targets for this year?

Natalie: This is the most exciting part of this interview, thanks for it! Our nearest Bitcoin Conference takes place in September in Kiev. As I mentioned above, it’s going to be the most attended and the largest of our Bitcoin events. I hope that your readers know that Ukraine is the front line country in CIS in the number of Bitcoin transactions and Ukrainians earn about 15 percent of all funds for mining, providing their computing powers for Bitcoin ( in Ukraine electricity is very cheap compared with other European countries). Of course one of our panels will be dedicated to Bitcoin gambling – the hottest topics and highly skilled speakers.

So I`m pleased to invite all Bitcoin fans to our Bitcoin Conference Kiev in September 2015. It will be interesting, I promise!

EEG: We are very pleased to have your company as a media partner and we certainly hope that by adding and covering your events we can bring a new audience and shape igaming industry in the Eastern and Central Europe. Any last words, maybe a dedication to the partners that you guys have?

Natalie: We really appreciate all our partners we are working with and want to say “Hello and welcome” to our future partners. We are doing the common thing – we love and share the idea of free and independent currency, so let`s help each other and promote Bitcoin together!

With an experience of over 8 years in the online gambling industry, as an affiliate, later affiliate manager and consultant, I consider myself a veteran of the industry and can guarantee that you will be served with the most accurate information.


Bitcoin in layman’s terms. How to explain to your granny what bitcoin actually is?



Bitcoin has reached skyrocketing popularity recently. TV talks about it emphasizing on the cryptocurrency rate, Internet bloggers dedicate articles to this digital currency, and business publications shed light on its nature. However, bitcoin remains a mystery for some of us.

Adults tend to show a skeptic attitude towards the phenomenon which roots are not clear at all. Crypto industry is one of the most complicated topics our parents and grandparents face. What is more, not all young people have a notion of bitcoin notwithstanding the continuous Internet access. So, how to explain the notion of bitcoin in layman’s terms?

Steps to simply and quickly throw light on bitcoin

1. Take physical money for a basic notion
We all understand what physical money is. It can be carried in a wallet and then exchanged for any kind of products and services. Even small children understand it. Everybody knows that money is tangible and can be brought to the shop so it has value.

2. Show similarities with online banking and cards
In fact, the majority of our transactions is conducted by means of e-money. It can be seen on the webpage of your online banking account or on an ATM’ display. Where is e-cash stored? It’s not like a wallet with e-money you can withdraw, give somebody of pay with. As a matter of fact, all our electronic money is stored in IT systems of commercial banks.

3. We already use e-cash
E-cash is only a number on a bank’s computer attached to your account id.

4. Banks are a chain of intermediaries
Banks serve intermediaries that manage an account with e-money. Therefore, by carrying out an e-payment, we in fact allow a bank to conduct it. Then, there appears a record in a bank’s system claiming it does not deal with your id money anymore, and banking accounts of a third party can now be connected to a receiver’s account. To put it simply, we often buy or pay for something not knowing a receiver and in fact send them anything. It’s a bank that is responsible for the whole process charging relevant commission.

5. Bitcoin eliminates intermediaries
Bitcoin is money we know well. The difference lies in the absence of third parties, which merely eliminates commission. Besides, bitcoin can be used as shares. Its price may fluctuate depending on various aspects. Many people even earn on bitcoin by buying it cheaper and then selling for a higher price.

The notion of mining

A logical question may cross the mind: where to find bitcoins? It’s hard to explain that money can be mined, not made. However, try to liken this process to mining of high-valued minerals. The nuance is that here you need a powerful PC, not a shovel or a pickaxe.

Where to park bitcoin
Bitcoin has grown very popular across the globe. Many companies in the countries with legalized bitcoin have already presented an opportunity to pay for their products through digital money, not only physical or electronic. You can exchange bitcoin for a certain product or even purchase real estate. Remember to follow the exchange since it is unstable and fluctuates all the time. It is called volatility.

The online publication Login Casino created a short video describing its phenomenon in layman’s terms for those who have no notion of digital economy. Click here to watch the video:

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Login Casino bitcoin marathon has come to an end



Bitcoin Marathon. Marathon from A to Z, organized by the online magazine Login Casino, has come to an end. Over the past few weeks, the leading experts in the cryptoindustry were highlighting the most relevant topics connected with cryptocurrency.

The speakers of our bitcoin marathon were: Maksym Krupyshev, head of game customer service at Cubits, Andrey Ivanov, blockchain projects security development manager at Digital Security, Kristina Kost, founder of the news resource LOFFL.RU, reporting on the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and others experts.

The way it happened:

The speakers used plain language to tell our participants about what bitcoin and cryptocurrency actually are, what its role in our life is, how and in which spheres it can be applied, what the work with bitcoin should be started with, and which projects are worth being invested in. The experts gave some useful advice concerning the issue of securing your savings, reviewed the major cases, connected with crypto thefts, and shared the secrets of blockchain and ICO project promotion.

Maksym Krupyshev shared his view on what bitcoin is.

“Criptocurrency and fiat currency can work in synergy. Fiat money belongs to the state, and it will be very hard for the state not to have any control over money transactions”, believes Maksym.

Andrey Ivanov, in turn, raised the issue of blockchain project security: “There has been a lot of ICO lately on the market. Some of them are successful, but some are not. As soon as ready money begin to appear there, it starts to be of interest to perpetrators”.

However, if you did not manage to take part in the event during a live broadcast, you can always watch the archive recording in the Login Casino «Library», having authorized yourself on the website.

“We’ve been thinking for a long time over how to help our readers (and now viewers as well) get the access to the broadcast they are interested in anytime, since not everyone can enter the landing during the live broadcast. So, what we came up with was an idea to create a specific Login Casino library – an archive, where all the broadcasts will be stored, and anyone will be able to get an access to them anytime”, told Login Casino.

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The next speaker for Login Casino bitcoin-marathon will be Christina Kost (LOFFL.RU)



Login Casino continues its bitcoin-marathon – a series of online conferences devoted to cryptoindustry. The guest of the next webinar, which is going to be held as a part of the bitcoin-marathon, will be Christina Kost. The topic of the webinar is “Trends and prospects of bitcoin in 2018”.

Christina Kost is the creator of the news recourse LOFFL.RU, which is aimed at covering the main events in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Besides, she is the founder of the biggest cryptocurrency blockchain-community CryptoCon in Saint Petersburg.

The speaker is an expert council member of the working party on digital economy to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and she is also an expert council member in the first blockchain-coworking in Russia – B-CH coworking. She is an organizer of the events devoted to the blockchain industry and an expert in the spheres of ICO and digital economy.

Christina gives her tips for the beginners in ICO: “The first thing to do is to present your project in a proper way, to gather all the market information and then – develop the ways of carrying out ICO, communicate with the experts and companies, which are already in this business”.

Don’t miss the live-webinar with our expert! The broadcast will be on April 10, 2018 at 16:00 here.

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