8 December 2016, B Conference in Abu Dhabi UAE

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Blockchain is a technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes. Being the world’s first

A bit about Bitcoin

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A bit of Bitcoin History Though Bitcoin appeared recently (in 2008) it is still uncertain who came up with the idea. In other words, the

Blockchain 2016: results of Prague conference

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague – the second annual conference dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology took place in the Czech Republic. In 2016 to

Content Monetization via Bitcoin Nanopayments: How It Works and Why It Is Convenient

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In February 2016, SatoshiPay introduced a new feature – payment for online content via Bitcoin nanopayments. Thus, users have obtained a possibility to pay for

Mass Acceptance of Bitcoin – How to Make Cryptocurrencies and Credit Cards Familiar among peers

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Despite the growing number of crypo wallets and transactions, Bitcoin remains a niche product. To become a popular means of payment, it must be accepted

Two weeks left before the start of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague!

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In as little as two weeks, on 19 May, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 will be held – the event for bitcoin and blockchain

Smart contracts will replace intermediaries and notaries

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Real estate purchase, investments in the business, sports betting, all this will be perform through smart contracts without intermediaries, notaries and registration authorities. A smart

How to consolidate 40 000 participants on one Ethereum project. Report from representative of 7elephant

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How to inspire more than 40 thousand participants from 50 countries for a collaborative project based on smart contracts? Representative of 7elephant, Sergey Primachik, will

About prospects of mining from equipment manufacturers

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Prospects of mining industry are highlighted in a separate report at Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Prague. Two representatives of HashCoins, company manufacturing equipment for cryptocurrency

Bharath Rao, founder of Coinpit Inc. to speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

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The team of speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague welcomes Bharath Rao – the founder and director of trading platform Coinpit Inc. Topic of

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