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Gambling addiction signs and what are governments doing against it



“Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” – Former English footballer Garry Linekar, after suffering multiple defeats against Germany

Had Linekar been a compulsive online punter, and not an acclaimed international player, he would have had a slightly different view of the beautiful game: Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the betting houses always win.

Read the above statement again. Do you get insanely angry? Feel that this is plain nonsense? Well, the above statement may well be nonsense; but you may have a compulsive gambling problem. One of the signs for compulsive gambling addiction is to get unreasonably angry at anything said against betting or gambling.

What are the other signs?

You really seem to have a gambling problem, if you can’t wait to learn more! Well, there are other more serious and obvious symptoms:

  • Feeling overly excited and thrilled about doing gambling or betting.
  • Tendency to take larger and larger wagers.
  • Falling in love with gambling and betting – always thinking about it, thinking about your past winnings, imagining your future conquests …
  • Escaping to gambling – from personal problems and emotional anxieties.
  • Trying to recover gambling losses by … further riskier gambling.

Only you can figure out whether you experience these tendencies or not. But you can confirm your compulsive gambling addiction when somebody close to you simply asks: “what is wrong you?”

They may have noticed some or all of the following problems:

  • You are skipping work and neglecting family life and enjoying gambling and betting more.
  • You are trying to keep your gambling activities a secret and lying about it.
  • You are borrowing (or, god forbid, stealing) money to sustain your gambling habit.
  • You are broke, when you should not be.

Understanding gambling problem

Gambling addiction is just like any other addiction, drugs, alcohol or sexual perversion. It has all the negatives of other addictions – like psychological doldrums, loss of personal prestige and feelings of insecurity – plus one more: it can drain your wealth away in quick time.

There are some popular misconceptions about gambling addiction. First is that gambling is alright if you are wealthy. The fact is that no amount personal wealth in this world is large enough to support this habit in the long term.

The second misconception is that those with a gambling problem tend to indulge in gambling all the time. Wrong. Some of them can actually go several days without involving in any sort of gambling activities.

Why can’t governments ban gambling and betting if it is so bad

You have just woken up after two decades of sleep, right, Mr. Rip van Winkle? Governments can’t do it because gambling companies pay them heavy taxes. Plus, a large number of people enjoy occasional rounds of gambling and betting. Some do it on special occasions for fun. Some do it in search of easy money. Some do it for the thrill and high associated with gambling. The catharsis gambling offers when you win is incredible. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gambling activity, if it does not become an addiction.

Most of the countries have made laws that put constraints on betting and gambling and created programs to help those who are affected by gambling problem. Some countries, say the USA, China and the Arab countries, have banned online gambling and betting altogether. Here is an overview of government action against gambling problem.

What are governments doing against gambling addiction?

All the governments have a single philosophy when it comes to curbing the gambling mania: cure is better than prevention. An increasing number of countries are offering licenses to online gambling and betting companies. Earlier, gambling companies had to start operations in tax havens like Gibraltar and Malta to register an online betting company.

In Europe, Great Britain started the trend of offering licenses to the online gambling in 2005. Many countries followed suit, mainly in search of tax money from the gambling companies during the times of economic crisis in the latter half of the 2000s. Now, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, and even Romania, among others, offer license to online gambling and betting companies.

Even in countries like the USA and China, where online betting and gambling are not legalized, a large number of people enjoy online gambling from home. The governments of Britain, Canada and Italy conduct regular awareness programs as a part of their healthcare activities. It involves training classes, motivation sessions and actual medical intervention.

Many Europeans governments suffer from a kind of gambling problem of their own. They do not want to lose the tax money from online gambling companies; they do not want their citizens to become gambling addicts either. All they can tell their subjects is this: do your gambling, but don’t get obsessed with it. In fact, it is a fair advice.

With an experience of over 8 years in the online gambling industry, as an affiliate, later affiliate manager and consultant, I consider myself a veteran of the industry and can guarantee that you will be served with the most accurate information.


Casino Technology announces Valentina Dobre as new Regional Director for Romania



Gaming equipment manufacturer Casino Technology has announced a new appointment for Romania to further strengthen the company’s management.

Following its steady plan for continuous market growth, the company named Valentina Dobre as Regional Director for Romania as of 1st of August 2017.

The company claims with Mrs Dobre’s profound expertise, professional background and in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry in the country, she became part of Casino Technology team, ready to implement the overall corporate strategy.

Valentina Dobre commented: “I am honored to accept this position and be part of the high level management team of Casino Technology. I will pursue actively further company positioning and growth on the Romanian market. Casino Technology has been on the country’s market for over 10 years and proved to be leader, having maintained trusted partnerships with local operators and customers.”

Casino Technology stated that Mrs Dobre’s background as Member of the Board of Directors at Romslot Association, Bucharest will additionally increase the Casino Technology market share.

“Valentina Dobre is an important appointment as she brings extensive knowledge of the market, that will help us boost even more our presence in Romania. She will have a crucial role in our further expansion, launching successfully our new line products on the market”, concluded Milo Borissov, Founder, President and CEO of Casino Technology.

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Two major announcements from BEGE Expo and EEGS: Mark your calendars



The Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE Expo) and the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Due to the big interest for both events the organizers made two major announcements – BEGE will outspread in one more hall and EEGS will start one day earlier than the announced date.

Over 50 leading companies from the industry have already confirmed their presence for BEGE Expo 2017. Well-known leading manufacturers, amongst them being Novomatic, Casino Technology, EGT, Suzohapp, BetConstruct, Interblock, Merkur Gaming, APEX, Alfastreet Trade, Nsoft, JPL and CPI, as well as new participants, such as the leading sports betting company Bet3000 (IBA-Entertainment Ltd.), EXEFEED, Quixant, Zitro, Change Italia s.r.l., Gamebridge Casino Equipment, JCM Europe GmbH, nano Vo sp. Z o.o., Berkotech Kft. and others will exhibit their latest solutions at this year’s BEGE. The great interest for the event forced the opening of new hall, thus making the 10th edition of BEGE Expo the biggest so far.

The registration is already open so you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to register.

Another newness that BEGE Expo 2017 will present is the special Affiliate zone. Following the expansion of the online business in the region, this year the exhibiton will create space for online operators and affiliates from the region to interact and create business partnerships. Affiliate program providers will be able to book their own space in the zone and all affiliates will be admitted for free.

EEGS also promises to reach new heights this year. Reschedule your calendars, because EEGS 2017 will start on 20th of November – one day earlier than intended. This year’s EEGS will continue to follow its main aim – to present the most recent updates from the region, including the countries Serbia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, F.Y.R of Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey and Croatia.

Separate sessions will be dedicated to Sport Challenges, Impact on gaming operators by Anti-Money Laundering Act, GDPR and online gaming. Day 3 will be focused on Tourism & Gaming, Responsible Gaming Academy and marketing topics.

BEGE Expo and EEGS have gradually established as a center for the gaming and entertainment industry in Eastern Europe and for 10th year in a row will be the place where professionals from the field come in order to expand their business, exchange knowledge and promote new products. For any updates you may follow the official websites of the events: and


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EEG Reports

Habanero signs an outstanding deal with BBIN



A new partnership agreement will see content from quality slots and table games developer Habanero go live with the BBIN Group.

Under the agreement, the supplier will give the software company access to its complete product portfolio of HTML5 games for all of its white label sites.

Recent releases from Habanero, including Fire Rooster, Bird of Thunder, and Panda Panda, have also been made available to the aggregator.

Daniel Long, Head of Sales at Habanero, said the deal was a game-changer for the supplier and one of the company’s most important to date.

He added: “By partnering with BBIN, we have significantly expanded our presence around the world, which means even more players will be able to enjoy our games.

“Many of them will be a natural fit with BBIN’s customers, but it is the diversity and variety of content that will appeal the most.”

Habanero operates a stable of 75 video slots titles, 9 table games, and 50 video poker titles, which are integrated into over 45 operators and aggregators and available in 21 European and Asian languages.

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