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Virtual Football – More Than a Pandemic Fad for UK Bookies?



virtual-footbal Virtual Football – More Than a Pandemic Fad for UK Bookies?

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The global pandemic crisis may have led to a decline in wagering on real life sports matches, but eSports and virtual sports, like virtual football betting, have picked up the slack. That’s because UK bookies have been required to find alternative means to draw players to their sites and these markets seem to be the ticket.

That being said, virtual has already increased in volume for many brands even before COVID-19. For instance, Bet365, Coral and Betway are among several UK bookies that have put in a solid effort to enhance their virtual sports offering. This includes introducing promotions that target the simulated sports market, including sign up offers for new players.

Even London-listed gaming operator 888 Holdings is introducing new virtual sports games on 888Sport. It recently announced in June that it would be extending its partnership with Leap Gaming. The 3D virtual sports portfolio will include virtual football, tennis, horse racing, trotting, greyhounds, velodrome and speedway titles.

With so many leading football bookies in the UK looking to capitalize on the popularity of these simulated betting markets, especially when there is still no knowing when professional sports leagues, competitions and events will return to normal, there is a very good chance that virtual football and others will continue to thrive.

Why Are Virtual Sports and eSports So Popular?

Aside from the obvious lack of mainstream sports markets to bet on due to the coronavirus, it’s important to note that virtual sports and eSports betting previously gained popularity in the last decade among Millennials. This generation of sports bettors grew up playing (and often continue to play) virtual sports, eSports and fantasy sports.

In many ways virtual sports and eSports have changed the way we watch sports. Take eSports for example, instead of watching players compete on a field or race track, the players on these teams compete sitting behind PC screens as they play first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike, battle royale games like Fornite, or high speed strategy games like StarCraft.

Pre-pandemic, these events were held in massive stadiums filled with tens of thousands of fans cheering on the players as they attempted to win the huge cash prize pot. For now, during the COVID crisis, these events simply take place via a live stream on the internet as they once did, long before their popularity evolved them into multi-million-dollar-event stadium fillers.

As for virtual sports, as the name implies, these are digital games based on real sports, like football, tennis, greyhounds, horse racing, motor sports and so on. They are a selection of scheduled fixed odds games that use a random number generator (RNG) to decide the outcome. Punters watch the simulated game playout via video stream.

Punters like virtual sports for a number of reasons. Among the top reasons are that bettors are very familiar with the product and do not need to wait for a live match to watch their favorite sport. They simply login and access the virtual sports schedule to enjoy all the action. Even for those who aren’t familiar with this type of betting activity, it’s easy to take part. You don’t necessarily need to be knowledgeable about the sport to play. Additionally, typically bettors need to wait only between 90 seconds and three minutes to know the result of their bet.

Not Just a Pandemic Fad

Even though virtual football and other virtual sports may be new to some bettors, it has been steadily gaining ground over the past few years, long before the pandemic. For instance, players bet $600 million in the first 12 months after virtual sports betting was introduced in Greece in 2017. Likewise, in Italy, the share of virtual betting increased two times from 1.9% in 2017 to 3.8% in 2019.

Last year, Marin Wachter, the CEO and founder of virtual sports supplier Golden Race, revealed that virtual football was responsible for 79% of the company’s GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) for 2019. Wachter believes that virtual sports has incredible potential to surpass sports betting revenue in the future, and he’s not the only one. According to E.B. Tucker, a senior analyst for Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader, based on US gambling trends in recent years, he believes that virtual sports betting will be the next $100 billion betting market in the nation.


Of course, for bookies to find success with virtual sports, they need to make sure that they are offering a quality product to customers, including cutting edge graphics, animations, streaming, a wide variety of sports and state-of-the-art RNG to ensure the fairness of the final outcome of the game.

Since this isn’t a problem for most of the major UK sportsbooks, virtual sports has proven and continues to prove itself to be a profitable business because of its low operating costs and consistent margins.

The reality is that the longer it takes for mainstream sports to return, the greater the odds that punters who are new to virtual sports will become more familiar with them and likely fonder of them as well. This being the case, the market’s growing fan base only serves to increase its profitability, which means its very likely that virtual sports will be more than a pandemic fad, with more bookies keen to invest in them for the long term.

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2020 is the year to start an online casino — and Slotegrator has published a how-to guide




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Anton Kuchukhidze Is in the First Episode of the “Ukrainian Realities in Gambling” Podcast



8-12 Anton Kuchukhidze Is in the First Episode of the "Ukrainian Realities in Gambling" Podcast


The team has started a series of podcasts, which is called “Ukrainian realities in gambling”. The first to be invited to the studio was Anton Kuchukhidze, a foreign policy expert.

The expert talked about the latest developments that are taking place around the creation of the regulator and the preparation for the start of the work of operators.

Anton Kuchukhidze has been taking an active part in the public discussion of the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine for several years now. During the current conversation, he focused on the following aspects:

  • whether it is likely that license payments will go to the Ukrainian state budget this year;
  • taxation of gambling operators – bill No. 2713-d and its criticism by the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada;
  • which way of taxation is the most optimal for both the market and the state at the moment;
  • why the Cabinet of Ministers did not indicate revenues from the gambling business in the chart of budget revenues for 2021 and at the same time provided for the costs of the regulator;
  • features of creating gambling zones in Ukraine and the development of tourism;
  • prospects of the Ukrainian gambling market for the next year.

The expert gave forecasts, estimates, provided examples, and shared interesting facts. Follow the link and watch the video to the end.

The formation of the gambling market in Ukraine has just begun, so the podcast will feature many more interesting topics and guests.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, rate it, write comments and questions.

Let’s make the professional dialogue about the gambling business long, hot, and very interesting.

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3 Characteristics of great mobile slots games




slot-game 3 Characteristics of great mobile slots games

Now more than ever, mobile slots games are in super-high demand all over the world. From those games that whip you along on an adventure through ancient worlds to those that provide a colorful, fruit machine experience, slots are more exciting than ever!

Yet not all slots are the same. Some just have a knack of providing a more interesting, fulfilling game than others! Coincidence? Certainly not! The very best slots around are better than the rest for a reason.

In this article, we will take a look at three characteristics of great mobile slots games. From those titles that emphasize amazing bonus features to those with stunning graphics, the best slots games really do have something special about them!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 3 characteristics of great mobile slots games.

Great slot mobile slots games look amazing

As modern life becomes more and more focused on the mobile experience, the importance of stunning graphics increases. Players now expect their slot games to have all of the visual appeal of a full-blown desktop computer game, except they want it all between their fingertips!

The very best mobile slots games manage all of this and more, providing players with visually sumptuous titles that immerse players in the heart of the action. Whether you enjoy movie slots, adventure slots or something different, the finest games will leave you stunned.

Slot games are clearly more visually appealing than ever and sites such as provide a convenient spot to enjoy hundreds of mobile slots at once!

The best mobile slot games provide plenty of bonus features

Another key element of any quality mobile slot game is an abundance of exciting bonus features. Whether it is through free spins, wilds or another device, players can’t get enough of exciting and unpredictable bonus features, so this is a must for any slot game looking to be considered among the finest.

The top mobile slot games boast an original, exciting theme

The third and final characteristic on our list of essentials for a great mobile slot game is that of a brilliant theme! In the world of slots, many of the games on offer are fundamentally extremely similar and so it is the packaging that keeps players excited.

Whether a game based on a quest for treasure through ruined civilizations or one that takes its cues from a blockbuster movie, the idea remains the same; make sure the theme is interesting!

If this is the case, then slot games tend to do very well indeed. In fact, if a game manages to combine all three of the above factors, then it could well be in the running to be considered a truly great slot game!

Whether you are in the business of designing slot games or simply playing them, be sure to follow our guide to the 3 characteristics of great mobile slots games. That way, you will always be certain that your chosen game is up there with the finest of them!

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