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Interview with Dmytro Taran, COO at Slotegrator



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Could you introduce yourself to our readers? What do you do?

I am COO at Slotegrator. I’m responsible for product development, technical part, support, project management office and client delivery department.

What exactly do we mean by technical standards? How do these standards impact the gambling experience for players?

Technical standards in the gambling industry mean that software products have characteristics such as innovation, development speed, the flexibility of new features, and wide platform functionality. We use technical standards and our work based on service architecture to make a valuable product for our clients. All this should be adapted to the needs of clients, as well as being intuitive and easy to use. Our partners’ goals and requirements determine our objectives, and we use technical standards and creativity to create products that meet the needs of the time. Standards in this case are quality criteria for us, as well as helping to keep partners and customers as secure as possible from problems in the gambling industry.

What are some of the most important technical standards that gambling operators should adhere to in order to meet player expectations?

Technical standards for gambling operators today should be integrated with the technological trends: AI, blockchain, VR etc. It’s really a dynamic area and we nonstop adopting it. As I said earlier, technical standards in the gambling sphere form the basis on which quality will be evaluated.

How do you think players’ expectations regarding technical standards have evolved over time? Has it always been something players consciously looked for or is it an only recently emerged concern?

Nowadays players have become more demanding and attentive to detail. And it’s not just about the game, but also the entire casino site and other gambling products. Every element of the business is affected. Players have professional-level expectations, and their requests have multiplied, but the increasing complexity of requests is motivating us to strengthen technically in order to satisfy our customers.

Are there any emerging technical standards or technologies that you think will have a significant impact on the gambling industry in the near future?

Among the top technologies that set the tone for our technical work is blockchain in different applications and artificial intelligence. These are no longer innovations — they’re trends that help us to create the most competitive products. In 2024, I suppose our new technical standard would include AI elements as the fundamental basis.

Also, I would like to mention using artificial intelligence in the operator’s decision-making. It is a great breakthrough for improving customer service in the gambling sphere. On the one hand, machines would replace people, but on the other hand, we could get completely new opportunities for technical improvement to our products that we haven’t discovered yet.

How important is transparency when it comes to technical standards in the gambling sphere?

Regardless of the field, any business’s reputation hinges on transparency. This is also in tune with the technical side of the issue because transparent and responsible businesses simply have more staying power. Slotegrator is committed to transparency when dealing with regulators, our clients, our partners, and ourselves — we’re always clear about what we’ll deliver, how we’ll deliver it, and when. We simply view it as necessary for long-term success.

What role do you see regulators playing in ensuring that gambling operators meet technical standards and fulfill player expectations?

Regulators’ demands are getting tougher. For the most part, they’re concerned with reducing problem gambling rates. Gambling is entertainment, and it’s important to keep it that way by preventing it from becoming a disease. Periodically, new requirements affect the technological side, which makes things more complex. If a company wants to operate in the gambling market, all of these requirements must be met. Our company stands for responsible business, so we always consider all requirements and amendments, and we prepare for each certification very carefully.

And another thing about standards: we always want to be sure that players are visiting a casino of their own free will, without the undue influence of aggressive marketing. Using ID technology, we can evaluate a player’s behavior on the platform and determine if they decided to play on their own. This is a top priority for casinos and platform providers like us, so we make sure to provide technical features to get it done.

Can technical standards limit the ability to innovate and to bring something completely new to the gambling sphere?

In my opinion, the standards are stepping stones. Yes, there are defined frameworks and requirements that must be met, but the challenge of meeting them helps us take the next step on the road to development. We have to work within the framework, but we also strive to adapt our products to meet the requirements. It’s a unique situation that we see as a way to grow.

Combined, it all helps to create amazing innovations that grow the gambling industry as a whole. We are always receiving new cases, researching best practices, and discovering new approaches. And this gives us motivation for development and renewal.

Slotegrator is a responsible business: our products are certified according to the standards of the industry and a certain region. We’re looking to expand the number of certificates for our casino solution platform and aggregator. This will help us to improve the quality of our products and make them even more competitive than now.

How does Slotegrator help gambling operators keep up with technical standards?

We always keep a finger on the industry’s pulse and follow changes at every level — legislative, technical, engagement, marketing, etc. That way, we can help our partners and customers solve any request, and show ourselves as a reliable partner.

What is the secret of Slotegrator’s success?

Slotegrator’s adherence to standards is emblematic of the quality of our products and our ability to adapt technology to fast-changing realities; the way we constantly meet technical standards flows naturally from our team’s undeniable flexibility. We prioritize listening to our customers, complying with regulatory requirements, and working according to the laws of the industry. This is the secret of Slotegrator’s success.

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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Ebbe Groes, CEO, EveryMatrix, said: “The WLA are pioneers in safer gambling certification and we’re delighted they have recognised our work, commitments and pledges to both uphold and drive forward safer gambling best practice across everything we do.

“We entered this process because we firmly believe that to create and maintain a sustainable and successful industry we must ensure that all players are protected and given the right options to play safely and responsibly, and all our customers are informed of any risks and the actions needed to mitigate those risks.

“I’m personally committed to this, believe this is the way forward for both iLottery and iGaming and hope many others join us.”

Naomi Koops, Senior Compliance Counsel & Safer Gambling Co-ordinator, EveryMatrix, said: “This is the beginning of a company-wide commitment to follow the WLA principles, not just for the lotteries we partner with, but also for all our clients. Ensuring our products and services are developed with the very latest academic research, with player protection in mind, is a key priority for the business.

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Melissa Azam, CSR Senior Manager, WLA, said: “The WLA is pleased to officially recognise EveryMatrix’s adherence to the WLA Responsible Gaming Guidelines for suppliers highlighting their commitment to ensuring player protection and safer gambling is at the core of both their own and their customers’ operations.”

EveryMatrix has a dedicated Global Sustainability section for its customers and their players to access.

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