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Q&A: Betting Jobs And Huddle Future Of Recruitment



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As we move into a post-pandemic world, European Gaming spoke to Chris Miller Managing Director at Betting Jobs and Mario Zdelican, Co-founder/EVP of Operations at Huddle about the future of recruitment in iGaming and the lessons to be learnt from the last two years.


In-person industry shows like ICE are returning after a hiatus. How important are these for both candidates and recruiters?

CM: Prior to the pandemic I would have said that in-person shows like ICE were essential. They serve as a great time to make introductions to clients who are hiring and candidates who are attending with a goal of employment. We can often be the matchmaker there and then and produce a successful outcome.

Over these last two years both we and our clients have had to adapt without them, of course. In a post-pandemic world, they may not seem as essential as we once felt they were. However, we will be making the most of having everyone in one place at the same time at ICE and other industry shows as it represents an opportunity for Betting Jobs to make things happen instantly.

MZ: Building relationships with talent across other industries, as well as the IT community, locally and globally is of essential importance when recruiting and this was incredibly challenging during pandemic-related lockdowns. There were attempts made in the form of online conferences, but the networking part could never be replicated and struggled to reach pre-pandemic levels.

Going back to in-person shows will help us in further building relationships with candidates. Great talent wants to build relationships with prospective employers and the people who work there, and this is much easier to achieve now that we are able to travel again. It is much easier to explain and demonstrate the Huddle vision and culture, as well as our projects, by actually showcasing it in-person to potential new employees.


Will the hybrid model of working persist in a post-pandemic world and what challenges does it raise?

MZ: We are sure hybrid work is here to stay. Over the course of the pandemic, we have witnessed enormous change within the working world – organisations that were once resistant to employees working from home have undergone a dramatic shift towards being open to work from home and hybrid models.

Since there was no playbook for those scenarios, organisations all over the globe had to try out various ways of dealing with distributed work. We are already seeing new organisational designs around hybrid workplaces, with a multitude of adjustments being made by companies looking to create a model that works for them. In the coming years, we are surely going to experience more and more challenges, but improvements as well. A long time ago we said goodbye to traditional working models, with employee well-being and work-life balance now the focus of the change. We are excited to see what the future brings. Based on what we have learned so far, we will have no problems in adapting to whatever comes our way.

CM: For me there is no doubt that the hybrid model of working will persist. I do expect some pushback from companies who traditionally require candidates to relocate to jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, and Bulgaria to carry out their work. However, candidates are currently more attracted to companies that offer either fully remote working or a hybrid model of employment. There is never enough available iGaming talent to satisfy the entire marketplace at once. Therefore, the companies that are winning on the recruitment front are those who are agile in their approach to hiring and who are willing to embrace current market trends.

In terms of challenges, the building and maintaining a company culture is one of the most topical. Some iGaming businesses have taken to these changes well by being receptive to remote working from the earliest days of the pandemic, or having remote working already established within their business model. Working from home and nurturing their company’s culture simultaneously has become natural to them and their business practices.

Those who have struggled to adapt to this are eager to return to traditional employment. These businesses will find it may take longer to fill positions at large, as candidates have more choice and flexibility available to them currently. The way the working world has changed in the last two years will prove to be an ongoing challenge for those who are eager to return to the Monday to Friday 9-5 model.


What opportunities have been created for businesses being able to hire prospective employees who can work anywhere in the world?

CM: Accessing skillsets and talented employees who would have been out of reach to businesses previously for geographical reasons has created many opportunities. When it is determined that an employee must be based in a set location, the decision for who to hire is based on who is available within a reasonable radius, or who will be willing to relocate. This means that a company may hire the best person they have interviewed, as opposed to hiring who is the best person for the job.

This issue is eliminated for those open to global talent, however, there are sensible factors to consider such as the differences in time zone between employee and employer. However, the world is your oyster, as they say, and this rings true in the present day when it comes to recruitment.

MZ: Remote work helps us to reach the top talents around the globe, and it greatly facilitates the growth and development of both the business and the product. The iGaming industry has so much to offer, as do the start-ups that operate within it. Start-ups like Huddle are becoming more and more of an attractive prospect on the recruitment scene, and now we have the ability to work with talents from anywhere in the world. It feels as if we are just starting to show the potential of opportunities for the top candidate profiles.


Does this allow for the hiring of experienced staff in burgeoning markets such as the US and Latin America?

MZ: The iGaming industry has never been as much in demand for talent as it is now – it is suffering from a lack of industry expertise. This is mostly due to the US and LatAm markets opening up, as well as other, smaller, markets. Demand for talent, new products and services is at its peak. Therefore, we are trying to think outside of the box. As easy as it is to hire people within the industry, there are candidates in many tech companies across various industries that are a perfect fit that have already solved some of the problems we as an industry are facing. Bringing that knowledge under our roof as an industry is a huge plus.

CM: In some cases, yes, although we are finding that many of our US clients maintain office working policies. If that’s the case, this is of course what we work towards, although we do make the realities of the present-day candidate-led recruitment market clear. To a large degree it depends on the role that is available. For example, if it is for a commercial person who is required to meet clients, it is less important for them to be office-based than, say, the person who manages or has oversight of the office.

For the burgeoning market of Latin America, country managers and their teams are a good example, as many will naturally be based remotely. Businesses don’t want to establish many companies across the continent and pay for office rental. It’s commonplace for people in such positions to work remotely and hire teams within their country. However, this is not a new thing as it has been the case since the early days of the sector and remains that way now.

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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BGaming’s Lucky Lady Moon slot is now enhanced with MEGAWAYS™ mechanics and exciting features



Reading Time: 2 minutes


BGaming, a fast-growing iGaming provider, has added the edge to the entertainment value of its popular Lucky Lady Moon slot by enhancing it with MEGAWAYS™ mechanics and thrilling features. 

The mystical-themed online game goes with very high volatility and 96.8% RTP while playing out on a 5-reel, 3-row field with more than 200.000 ways to win.

The main character of the game remained the same: the majestic lady, who appears from behind the moon under cover of night, sirenizing the players and welcoming them to try their luck. Except for the attractive graphics and charming music, the Lucky Lady Moon MEGAWAYS™ provides remarkable features, including Free Spins and exciting x2 to x25 multipliers determined by the Wheel of Fortune, a Refilling feature, Wild symbols with an x2 multiplier, and Scatter symbols. Players who want to increase their chances of getting generous gifts from Lucky Lady Moon will be delighted by the Buy chance and Buy bonus feature integrated into the game.

Kate Puteiko, Marketing Product Lead at BGaming, commented: “Considering the fact that some players value variety while others stick to particular math or mechanics, we wanted to create an experience valuable for both categories of users. The Megaways mechanics have already earned the attention and love of the iGaming community, the same as the original version of our Lucky Lady Moon. I believe this synergy will increase players’ engagement and provide a new way of entertainment.”

The slot is already available to players of Rox Casino and Izzi Casino.

The release of Lucky Lady Moon is preliminary to another BGaming’s big launch. A new version of Wild Cash with an increased x9990 max win will go live in August.


BGaming is a fast-growing game provider converting gambling into gaming. Thanks to an expert team and a player-driven approach, the studio creates innovative and engaging products featured on reputable platforms and 700+ online casinos worldwide. BGaming is the world’s first to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games. Today the brand’s portfolio includes 80+ products with HD graphics and a clear user interface for every device.

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R. Franco Digital content added to Pariplay’s Fusion™ offering



Reading Time: < 1 minute


NeoGames S.A subsidiary Pariplay, the leading aggregator and content provider, has added R. Franco Digital, Spain’s leading provider of gaming content, to its Fusion™ offering.

Franco’s extensive slot library comprises a wide range of award-winning titles complete with a range of entertaining mechanics and original themes. The supplier’s portfolio includes 40+ games developed by a creative team with an innovative vision and top-performing recent releases include Buttom’s World, Vacuum Buster and Cyborg 30L.

The addition of R. Franco Digital content to the Fusion™ platform will further boost the Spanish supplier’s global expansion, with a host of engaging new titles to be added in the coming months.

The partnership aligns with Pariplay’s position as a leading content and aggregator partner across Latin America, where it has signed a string of significant deals in the last 12 months.

Pariplay’s Fusion™ offering consists of over 13,000 games from 80+ suppliers, as well as a comprehensive suite of back-office conversion and retention tools that enhance player value.

Callum Harris, Director of Partnerships at Pariplay, said: “R. Franco Digital is a company steeped in tradition and with a deep knowledge of the type of content that appeals strongly to a Spanish-speaking audience.

“We are delighted to bring them on board as a Fusion™ partner and to be able to increase the strength of our offering with their diverse product portfolio.”

Mario Benito, Commercial Director at R. Franco Digital, said: “This new partnership with Pariplay represents a major milestone for us, granting access to a range of major operators across the world.

“LatAm is a region of great interest and one where Pariplay is highly active, so we believe that this deal is only the start of what will become a long-standing and very fruitful alliance.”

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Platform and aggregator Groove power up partner network and extend international reach



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Platform and aggregator Groove has reported a strong start to 2022 with the addition of several new game partners, adding further revenue drivers to the popular platform and bringing Groove’s supplier base to over 90 game developers.

The new partners include innovative games studios serving distinct niches as well as established brands with dynamic publishing schedules including NGP, Playbro, Thunderspin, Lotto Instant Win, Inbet Virtuals, Zeusplay, Superlotto Games, JustPlay, and CT Interactive.

Groove is the content provider of choice to over 70 big industry names and has now brought more innovative content to the global market under these new partnerships, with several of the new partners having been specifically selected for their specialist approach and for further broadening Groove’s game content range to generate even more player appeal.

Groove’s ever-expanding collection of games from latest releases to time-worn classics is rapidly becoming one of the biggest content platforms and the company is adding to the portfolio at a rapid rate through progressive partnerships. High-quality maths, cool graphics, compelling storylines and an assortment of new promotions, activations, bonuses and jackpots are now available from the new game partners.

Groove’s powerful platform includes thousands of casino games as well as a wealth of aggregated content ranging from slots, online casino and live casino, to poker and table games, that operators can access via easy integration to drive player engagement and revenue.

Groove provides a holistic set of solutions for multichannel B2B iGaming covering online and mobile gaming across all devices. The company has rapidly built a powerful operator cluster around its technology and is supported by one of the strongest technical teams in the industry.

Yahale Meltzer, COO at Groove said: “Groove has an established international network and presence which has been strengthened by this spate of new partner relationships. We are adding over 100 new games every month alongside our expanded partnership base, making our portfolio one of the most compelling choices out there.”

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