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Interview with SOFTSWISS COO Andrey Starovoitov about iGaming and Crypto



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SOFTSWISS offers comprehensive software solutions to online casinos and bookmaking websites. The company was the first to integrate crypto payments into its Online Casino Platform. SOFTSWISS COO Andrey Starovoitov agreed to answer some of our questions regarding the potential of cryptocurrencies in iGaming.

  • Hi Andrey, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. SOFTSWISS is the first online gambling software company to start working with cryptocurrencies as early as 2013. What makes SOFTSWISS’ solution more advanced compared to others?

First and foremost, it would have to be our experience and expertise in dealing with cryptocurrencies, as well as understanding the potential opportunities crypto gambling presents for the operator. We made sure to incorporate crypto into all possible aspects of our product solutions. They are designed to manage cryptocurrencies with ease and enable the flexible integration of new coins for operating purposes.

Today SOFTSWISS offers not only a set of individual products but also an entire ecosystem to start crypto gambling operations from scratch. The product line includes important elements such as an Online Casino Platform, Game Aggregator, the Sportsbook Platform, the Jackpot Aggregator, a Jackpot as a Service solution, the Affilka affiliate platform. Another important advantage is the partnership with CoinsPaid, which offers a crypto payment processing gateway and a business crypto wallet.

All products are adapted to work with cryptocurrencies. For example, the Game Aggregator has already had 44 game studios customising their portfolio to use the most popular coins like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Tron, Dogecoin, etc. The Online Casino Platform is the backbone of crypto operations and, in conjunction with crypto processing by CoinsPaid, allows operators to launch payments in any altcoins on the market.

Crypto betting, in general, is mainstream. Everyone was stunned by the recent news that world-famous Canadian rapper Drake bet over $1 million in Bitcoin on a Super Bowl LVI match. The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is fully adapted for this purpose. Our experience working with the strongest crypto brands on the market allows SOFTSWISS to be at the top of the crypto gambling niche. Understanding trends in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology undoubtedly allows us to state that our products are currently leading the way in the B2B sector when it comes to crypto gambling solutions.

  • SOFTSWISS offers both White Label Solution and Crypto Casino Solution. What are the advantages of Crypto Solution and who would you advise to consider this option?

The Сrypto Solution is worth considering for all operators, as cryptocurrencies give access to a wider audience and more countries than the standard fiat currencies. The crypto audience is young and marketing to it is an investment into the future, an opportunity to enter something long-term. Crypto is here to stay.

But I would point out that it is the current market leaders, who should consider looking into crypto. We are at a turning point in the gambling industry. The gap between classic casinos and second-wave crypto gambling casinos such as Stake, Roobet, BC.GAME, Duelbits, Rollbit is now too evident. The young audience of the new casinos is very different from the classic online casino. 

We can highlight a strong demand for community building among players through forums, integrated casino chat rooms, increased interest in competitive elements, and a surge in new channels of engagement via streaming on Twitch and TikTok. And these are just a small part of these differences. It will be quite difficult to catch up with these new crypto casinos if market players miss out on the opportunities crypto offers, as new leaders in this niche emerge.

One of the significant benefits of using cryptocurrencies is the Conversion Rate and the Acceptance Rate (the rate that reflects the percentage of successful deposits). These rates are significantly higher when compared to fiat methods, as the average acceptance rate on the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform is close to 99%. Funds transfer speed is also better in comparison with some fiat methods. 

With Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid, we credit crypto to the player’s balance immediately, even if the transfer itself has not reached the CoinsPaid crypto wallet yet. Moreover, we minimise risks with various advanced tools. In addition, it is worth noting that the transaction cost in crypto is significantly cheaper than in fiat currencies.

All of these factors directly impact the player conversion rate and, consequently, the operator’s success.

  • Crypto projects often involve high risks. How do you help your crypto clients develop and avoid risks in the iGaming industry?

As I see it, the potential risks in the case of cryptocurrencies are negligible and barely different from those of a classic casino. Of course, some operators are wary due to their lack of experience in using cryptocurrencies, but SOFTSWISS is the right partner to help reduce the risks to a minimum by providing expertise and innovative product solutions. 

Among possible risks, the only thing that operators may be concerned about is the fear that cryptocurrencies are too volatile and their exchange rates can vary significantly. For example, this could lead to losses in settlements with gaming operators. The functionality of the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform will allow the game itself to be run on fiat, while the player balance will be fixed in crypto. This makes it possible to perform all settlements with game providers based on fiat currencies and minimise the potential risk of loss on exchange rate differences.

Secondly, this is more of a concern than a risk, I would call the traffic sources. Indeed, crypto traffic is still emerging and is in an active growth stage at the moment. It is different to the, if we can now call it that, ‘classic online casino audience’. There is definitely an opportunity for operators to convert existing fiat traffic into crypto through tech solutions like Utorg, Changelly, or Moonpay, which let you buy cryptocurrencies directly from a casino site. Streaming also works great for a crypto player acquisition, as streaming services often have a younger target audience.

  • What cryptocurrencies does the SOFTSWISS Crypto Casino Solution support? How are the supported cryptocurrencies  selected and can we expect new additions?

The SOFTSWISS Crypto Casino Solution enables operators to work with any coins, primarily due to the platform’s flexibility and the integration with Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid.

While CoinsPaid enables casinos to instantly convert payments from players into any of 20 fiat currencies. This way the player’s fiat balance is not subject to volatility and is fixed at the time of deposit.

The SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform can convert the player’s crypto balance into fiat at the time of betting. Casino players can play any game with their crypto balance, even if it (the game) does not support crypto.

This approach is used by all market leaders in crypto gambling and has a number of undeniable advantages. It provides access to a larger number of gaming studios and producers for players who typically prefer to deposit and play in crypto.

The second advantage is that adding new coins is much faster and does not depend on the game provider. And finally, the risks in the case of crypto value volatility are reduced, as the payment to the game producers is based on fiat currencies.

The fast process of adding new coins is important. Already we are seeing a gaming community forming around specific coins, such as Tron, and the emergence of new high-growth cryptocurrencies, such as Shiba Inu, requires an immediate response from operators to market demands.

  • If we look at the Game Aggregator’s 2021 statistics, we can see that the share of crypto from all currencies has doubled: from 20% to about 40%. How do you explain this growth in popularity of crypto among players? Are there any advantages to using cryptocurrencies compared to regular money?

It is safe to say that we have seen the second wave of crypto gambling and the re-emergence of the concept of crypto gambling itself in 2021. The rapid rise in the value of Bitcoin led to the growth of crypto adopters globallyand, consequently, the crypto casino audience. But the key factor was the entry of so-called crypto dice operators like Stake, Roobet, BC.GAME, Duelbits, Rollbit into the iGaming market as we know it. Crypto dice operators had already established a community of crypto adepts. They primarily presented in-house developed games (for example, Stake Originals) based on provably fair technology that allows them to verify the fairness of winnings. The confluence of these circumstances has influenced a resurgence of interest in crypto gambling. 

On the player’s side, the use of cryptocurrencies offers a number of advantages, mainly speed and ease of use in the case of payouts. Anonymity is also a significant factor for a part of the audience.

  • Is there room for novelty in the iGaming industry? Can blockchain technology further revolutionise it or are the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies mostly exhausted already?

In my view, blockchain technology will significantly impact the industry in the near future. There are clear indicators of it and it will be the audience’s demand for innovations that will improve the player experience, and it’s not just the use of cryptocurrencies in gambling. We are only just arriving at the formation of the crypto-gambling niche. Things like blockchain-based decentralised casino, NFT, and provably fair technology will be integrated into the market in the foreseeable future. By the way, SOFTSWISS is already considering the introduction of NFT technology in gambling.

  • Although cryptocurrencies are increasingly more popular and becoming mainstream, some people are still sceptical about their reliability. Do you see a long-lasting future for cryptocurrencies? Is crypto gambling just another passing trend, or is it here to stay?

I understand people’s scepticism about crypto. It is hard enough to understand how, in the modern world, something can have a huge value with essentially no connection to anything physical. Cryptocurrencies are a soap bubble to such people, but that’s not entirely true. We are seeing major changes in the global economy, where the value of an asset is influenced by the general public’s hype, interest, and trust. Bitcoin is certainly here to stay, and though the technology has aged, it has inherent value and has established trust among its community of users.

Obviously, cryptocurrencies are with us forever, and I don’t see any factors affecting the decline in interest. Naturally, some fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin, as the most popular and, I would say, the most basic cryptocurrency, could affect the interest of some as an investment tool. However, as the experience of previous fluctuations shows, the subsequent growth attracts more new adopters. Overall, we are witnessing iterative growth in both value and audience volume. 

The price and value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is driven by the demand for ease, speed and cost of a transaction.These factors provide the underlying value of cryptocurrencies in the world to its audience. It is hard to imagine whether it would be possible to transfer a large amount of fiat currency between different continents at the same speed and cost per transaction that cryptocurrencies provide. For this reason, despite the speculative peaks in Bitcoin’s value, we will see a steady trend of new audience growth in the future.

SOFTSWISS offers easy solutions to iGaming operators. The company’s products include several other services beyond its leading crypto integration solution, such as its Game Aggregator, bringing together more than 150 casino game vendors, or the Jackpot Aggregator, allowing iGaming brands to launch custom jackpot campaigns and promotions to enhance customer experience.

Find out more about SOFTSWISS!

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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