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As the World’s First Metaverse Employer, Decentral Games Is Defining the Future of Work



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Few periods in history have altered the general public’s perception with regard to the future of work more profoundly than the last eighteen months.

After spending considerable time in isolation, perhaps it’s no wonder workers across the world have emerged from the pandemic having re-evaluated their professional passions, workplace preferences, and outlook for the future of their careers. Coincidentally, this once in a lifetime macroeconomic event has coincided with a key inflection point in the worlds of cryptocurrency and blockchain. For the first time in history, workers have been afforded the unique opportunity to pursue gainful employment in the most futuristic workplace known to humankind – the metaverse.

Decentral Games proudly bears the honor of becoming the world’s first metaverse employer. It’s an important and necessary responsibility we believe will bring a new wave of adoption and sense of community not only to our platform, but to the industry at large. As we’ve continued to scale headcount over the last year, our thesis for investing in new talent and helping to define the future of work has only grown stronger.

Despite having established careers prior to joining Decentral Games, new employees who join our ranks express feeling a call to become part of something bigger. “The job I had at the time was ten years in the making, an amazing place to work, and I wanted to leave it with every part of me…” Murphjestic, Decentral Games’ Community Manager recalls of leaving his Big 4 Accounting role. “I loved that job, so it wasn’t a matter of being unhappy with my employer. I had fallen in love with crypto, the metaverse, the potential and the amazing communities that were being forged.”

It’s a story we never get tired of hearing. Despite varying backgrounds, we’ve found motivated, adventure-seeking individuals at every turn who have felt driven to bring their collective decades of experience to Decentral Games without looking back. DG’s Events Manager, Adam for example, brings 20 years of entertainment industry experience to the table, and after traveling the world playing clubs as a DJ he found himself ready to apply these skills in a totally new capacity. “I started DJing in Florida, then playing clubs on the east coast of America and most recently playing venues all over South East Asia and landing in Italy.” he says. “I joined the Decentral Games team to provide versatile mixes, on board a dozen DJs, and grow high profile entertainment events.”
“I won’t lie, it was scary enough to give up a stable IRL job for a job I didn’t know if it would be for the future..” Casino Host Aeron says. “Now after more than five months I can say that this job is all I wanted and even more!”

It’s often the case that technological innovations come with a counterintuitive tradeoff, that despite being more connected than ever, the human element of community and working towards a common purpose is lost. As a team, we quickly realized that gaming and socializing in the metaverse was going to be an unfamiliar feeling for most – at least at first – so connecting with new users from the start and making them feel welcome was proving to be an especially important task. “The original idea was to have someone charismatic greet new users and play games with them so they aren’t alone.” GLHF (Kris), DG’s Casino Manager remembers. “That quickly blossomed into an elite, full-blown support system of 20+ Casino Host team members, most of which are working 8+ hour daily shifts, and can now answer almost any question and resolve issues for users, on the spot.”

Most employees see immediate gratification and fulfillment in the work they’re performing due to their rapport-building with our customers, many of whom are awestruck navigating the metaverse for the very first time. “It reminds me how important it is to onboard complete strangers…” Casino Host, 100Rainbows said. “While a waiter will meet/greet patrons and aid them with the menu, a Decentral Games Host can help newcomers to walk/talk and teleport within the metaverse.”

These initial interactions additionally present an opportunity to introduce players to Decentral Games’ play-to-earn model, a unique system that allows both players and employees to acquire shared ownership in the platform the more they interact with it. Players place wagers and earn rewards via our proprietary $DG token, an asset simultaneously represents both a unit of account and fractional ownership. Through the $DG DAO, $DG token holders own the casino, control the profits, vote on new games and decide on feature proposals. The system allows customers to “be the house” and financially aligns the interests of our employees with our players, fostering a stronger sense of community not seen in the traditional gaming sector.

Aside from the nature of their work, DG metaverse employees see the upside of completely remote work, a team-oriented environment, flexible hours, and opportunities to develop cutting-edge skills. “I can pick the hours that won’t affect my school work and also allow me to not miss any time with friends and family and that is something I’m extremely grateful for,” Ethan, a Casino Host says of his schedule. “In fact, I can work more than double the hours at DG than I’d be able to work elsewhere all from the comfort of my home.”

Above all, what keeps our talent executing day in and day out on Decentral Games’ bold vision for the future is the belief in limitless opportunity and potential. The world of cryptocurrency today is filled with genuine excitement, a feeling that is deeply reminiscent of the internet boom that captivated the world’s imagination in the early 2000’s. Similarly, before they made the leap to get involved, many of our employees were just crypto-enthusiasts looking to get a foot in the door of this game-changing industry. As the industry has evolved to support the immersive infrastructure of the metaverse, the new ecosystem has rapidly matured to the point of being considered the future frontier of work. Even amid the uncertainty of price fluctuations in crypto markets and short-term market uncertainty, the team is filled with conviction that cryptocurrency has the potential to ring in a brighter future for all who wish to participate in it. “The strange part is describing my work to people, it’s always a ‘Shut up, no way!’ moment if they are young or simply a confused look for people my parents age, Denzel, a Casino Host, says. “Nonetheless it turns heads and opens people’s eyes to the possibilities being created by blockchain technology.”

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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The World of Electronic Game



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The electronic game also known as a computer game or video game is an interactive form of a game that needs electronics to create an interactive game for players to play. This machine is operated thru video game arcades, video consoles, handheld games, or personal computers. It can also be played on smartphones and a platform connected to the smart television.

Standalone systems can also be considered as video games such as slot machines. Handheld games like smartphones are part of an electronic game whether the player is playing video games online or wagering. Gambling is very common these days to people all around the world because of its convenience to wager using one’s gadget. The popularity of online casinos increases the demand for electronic games.  A lot of casino sites are also gaining popularity nowadays like Allbonuscodes from Canada. The online site usually introduces new casino games with great incentives and perks such as no deposit free spins in Canada -which is truly great for gambling enthusiasts.

Common Forms Electronic Game

1. Teletype Game

Considered the early form of computer game. This type of game became popular in the early ’70s and it prints series of characters on paper which the player reads instead of a video display.

2. Electronic Handhelds

This type of computer game is the earliest form of the dedicated console (a video game limited to one or more built-in video games distributed via ROM. Cartridges, disks, downloads, and other media). Interactive games can be played and characters are made smaller in handheld games.

3. Pinball machines

An arcade game equipment on which pinball is played. Players use paddles to control one or two balls inside a pinball machine. Pinball machines are standalone system and it is glass covered completely with lights, targets, and designs inside. Players have to score many points by hitting the ball using the paddles before the balls drain down the exit. This type of arcade game became popular in the 1990s.

4. Redemption Games

This type of machine is an arcade game that rewards the player proportionally to their score in the game. Its rewards are usually tickets and it is redeemable. The more skillful the player is, the more novelty tickets to win.

5. Slot Machines

The all type favorite casino gambling machine which is very popular to the majority and it can be played at the land-based casino or sometimes amusement parks. It has three or four reels that spin when the button is pushed. When the object in the reel matches, then the player wins.

6. Video Games

A video game is a type of game wherein the player has visual interaction towards the game that they are playing. Examples are arcade games, handheld games, or games that can be played thru a personal computer.

7. Computer Video Games

Also, refer to as PC Game, it is considered as the modern type because players can play video games thru their personal computer with the aid of a stable internet connection. The player can play internet games alone or with other players.

Final Insight:

Electronic games have gone a long way, from the Teletech Game to the kind of mobile games that we now know. E-Games will continue evolving and entertain people.

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Slotmill’s seals agreement with Vavada



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Slotmill has concluded an agreement with online casino Vavada which rapidly has secured a significant market position targeting central- and eastern Europe. Vavada offers a wide range of products and will now add the Slotmill game portfolio. Delivery of the Slotmill games will be through the partnership with Relax.

Johan Ohman, the founder of Slotmill, commented: “The addition of Vavada is very satisfying and I believe that the BURST function and rich player experience will make the Slotmill games well received by the Vavada players.

Max Petrovski, COO at Vavada, said: “At Vavada, we believe that the addition of Slotmill games fits in perfectly with our product strategy. We aim to provide games that offer quality together with a fun game experience to clients and we believe Slotmill games offer just that.

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Week 37/2021 slot games releases



Reading Time: 6 minutes


Here are this weeks latest slots releases!

Yggdrasil, the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content, has struck gold in its newest Infinity Reels hit from Bad Dingo, supplied in partnership with ReelPlay. Bad Dingo’s Golden Haul Infinity Reels sees players follow a friendly miner deep underground in search of glittering veins of wealth, as he blasts his way to unimaginable riches. Unique to Bad Dingo, landing the new Infinity Wild symbol extends the wild symbol across multiple reels. Hitting multiple Infinity Wild symbols at once provides for an incredible visual as the dynamite cart driving miner extends across the reels, explosions in his wake.


Nolimit City is gearing up to release yet another one-of-a-kind slot gaming experience, this time travelling back in time with a blast from the past. Still feeling the effects from their most recent release, Mental, they are now ready to throw their players into a warzone where the battle for gold is in the harsh depths of a sea that swallows anything alive- Das xBoot. Das xBoot presents a 234432-reel set layout, with close to unlimited ways-to-win and a total simulated max payout of 55,200x. The game features the studio’s powerful mechanic, xWays®, along with the comeback of their renowned and perfectly fitting xMechanics, xBomb® and xNudge®.



AvatarUX has exclusively rolled out its eight PopWins hit, taking players to the plush world of the most glamourous pigs in town. Set in a glitzy, casino-style setting, PiggyPop sees the supplier’s iconic PopWins mechanic return, with each win ‘popping’, before the reel height increases and two more symbols take their place. The feature allows the reels to expand to up to six symbols in base play, and eight in the free spins mode.



Spearhead Studios unveils a new visual identity for one of the company’s most popular titles. The Pirates of the Mediterranean has gotten a well-deserved visual makeover and is ready to greet players with an updated look & feel. Pirates of the Mediterranean Remastered is a 5X3 videoslot with ten paylines which is set to bring entertainment levels up. Players will encounter the adventurous pirate captain and his sea maiden in their quest to recover the huge riches contained inside the pirate’s coveted treasure chest. The base game includes random Walking Wilds, which can appear on any of the five reels, and which can also re-trigger.


1X2 Network is taking players deep underground to a mine located at the earth’s core where a team of Dwarves are harvesting rare gems and coins in Dwarven Gems Megaways, the latest slot to leave its production line and built on the state-of-the-art GECKO framework. The long anticipated first game on Iron Dog Studio’s new framework shows the smooth gameplay and enhanced user interface that 1X2 Network’s teams have talked about in the lead up to this release. The robust and flexible framework is set to form the basis of the portfolio for a long time to come and has been built from the ground up with the end user in mind. Dwarven Gems Megaways showcases the best of the framework well and is sure to leave operators and players excited for more content built upon it.


On September 15, 2021, True Lab’s new circus-themed slot made its public debut.
Inspired by carnival vibes, the game is pulsing with flashy visuals, taking players into a careless atmosphere of celebration. The slot offers 243 cascading pay ways, impressive potential winnings of up to x10,000 the bet, and a variety of authentic features. Joining in cascades, the symbols disappear into thin air, like the greatest acrobats and masters of illusion, repeating the act until the last combo on the reels.



Playson has made a scorching addition to its Timeless Fruit Slots portfolio with the launch of Hot Burning Wins. This nostalgic 3×3 title features the classic five paylines which pay from left to right, delivering a relaxed and simplistic playing experience that is appealing to a wide audience. The fruit machine style slot has a premium front-end design with photorealistic fruit symbols that players are accustomed to with Playson’s Timeless Fruit Slots portfolio. The game is packed with quality drawings of watermelons, grapes, plums, lemons, oranges and cherries, along with its top-paying symbols BARs, golden bells and iconic red Sevens.



Blueprint Gaming has unveiled its latest slot Eternal Phoenix Megaways that includes the popular Power Play mode, allowing players to have more control over their Megaways experience. For an additional cost, players of this slot adventure are guaranteed a minimum number of Megaways, offering the chance to experience bigger wins, greater cascades and a higher frequency of triggering the bonus.



Yggdrasil, the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content, has partnered with 4ThePlayer to release its latest unique YG Masters creation 10x Rewind. The title is set to blast players back to the past with the Rewind Time Win Spin mechanic, which reverses time to repeat previous wins. To trigger this unique mechanism, three Win Spin scatter symbols must land, only appearing on reels 1, 3 and 6. Past wins are taken to a new level during this feature, boosted by an increasing win multiplier. Where previous wins do not exist, random wins will be generated.


Fans of the Dead Series are in for a treat with Play’n GO’s latest release, Ghost of Dead. Ghost of Dead introduces us to the living spirit, Akh. Ancient Egyptians believed that, in death, vitality and soul combine to create Akh, who can take on any form and is free to roam the world. Now, Pharoah Unas’s spirit has been resurrected. Unas uses his new-found magic to guide worthy mortals to his hidden treasure. Players of the Dead Series will see familiarities throughout the game. Ghost of Dead is a classic 5×3 slot; the expanding symbol seen in previous games takes its place here too. This is a game with huge potential as players can win up to x10000 their bet.


BGaming starts the autumn festive season by celebrating Oktoberfest! Fruit Million – the first shapeshifter slot in the brand’s lineup – has converted into a Bavarian-style game! Arranged in the 19th century for the first time, Oktoberfest is still one of the most famous and captivative festivals on the globe! Every year it brings together millions of beer-lovers who have fun on the Munich streets. Due to a pandemic, the open-air Oktoberfest-2021 was canceled but it’s not a reason to miss a bright holiday! BGaming invites players to celebrate it with the Fruit Million slot!


Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider to the IGaming industry, has cast a line deeper than ever before and snagged a real catch with new release, Bigger Bass Bonanza. A continuation of its hugely popular predecessor, Bigger Bass Bonanza provides players with an extended set of reels and the opportunity to win up to 4000x their stake, virtually doubling the original game’s maximum multiplier value. Based in a neon-lit harbour with tropical surroundings resembling Miami, players will need to keep an eye out for various rewards and prizes. As before, three or more scatter symbols during base play will trigger the Free Spins feature and 10 spins, with any additional scatter symbol adding five spins to the count.



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