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Pass it to Maradona! It was an incredibly successful football strategy in the 1980s. Sometimes, even the God apparently lent a hand to the strategy’s success!

Similarly, ‘pass it to the machine’ must be an equally fruitful marketing strategy of our times. It basically means to automate the whole customer relationship management (CRM) process.

But how do you actually pass it to the machine?

Well, here is how it works. If you are not quite well-versed with the CRM and marketing activities, first let us quickly have a run down on how the marketing process works in a betting company’s CRM division. Then we will see how it is automated with Smartico’s platform.

A word about the platform before we begin. It has three major parts:

  1. Real time marketing application
  2. Gamification tool
  3. Real time business intelligence (BI) module


Sportsbook Operator’s Conventional Promotional Method

The CRM division of every major Sportsbook works super efficiently to attract maximum players to punt on the games that they promote.

Let’s take a look at how the CRM division works before a major game of European football.  The CRM division sends all sorts of promotions and intimations to players in their databases.

Promotions can be in the form of any format, mainly the following:

  • Emails
  • SMS on their phones
  • Messages on their social media feeds like Facebook or Twitter timeline
  • Push notifications to the app users
  • Pop-ups on the website

The operators have to get the text needed for emails and message notifications, videos and graphics for social media promotion for each game separately and schedule their sending on appropriate timings on CRM software.

Then there are the categories of players, or buckets as they are sometimes called. For example,

  • one bucket of regular, loyal customers,
  • another comprising occasional customers,
  • yet another having only newly joined customers,
  • another bucket comprising dormant customers and so on.

For each bucket, the promotional feature has to be customized. That is, different versions of emails, social media graphics and messages are ideally required for each category of players. Some clusters of customers will also need some kind of bonuses or offers to spur them into punt for this game. So the CRM operators have to add information about such bonuses manually too.

As you can see, it involves cumbersome manual work and there is a good chance that the intended message still may not reach the right player.

Automation can make the process easy and ensure that each player receives exactly the right kind of messages and intimations.

Inside the Automation Process with Smartico

Smartico’s three-pronged software application makes life easy for CRM operators.

The operators need to get the various kinds of creatives done as previously – text, graphics, video and all that. They have to create at least one template for each mode of communication too: for email, SMS push notification, social media posts and so on.

That’s all. The software will take care of the rest.

It uses special dynamic tags to deliver the right kind of content about the right match to the right players through the right channel by leveraging the real time BI module that churns live player data.

The CRM operators can select the games from a list of upcoming games across leagues that they want to promote. The software will initiate an automated marketing campaign at a scheduled time before each match.

One of the software’s most useful features is the Campaign flow builder, which allows the operators to create the flow and order of sending various modes of communication. For example, first send emails, then push notifications or SMS, then social media promotions and and finally show a popup when the player logs in to the website or app of the sportsbook.

Each of the communication will contain two kinds of creatives:

  1. Fixed
  2. Dynamic

Fixed communication will be the text, graphics and video that are intended to persuade the players to sign in and place bets.

Dynamic communication refers to the text and graphics that provide the information that keeps on changing from match to match: such as the names of the competing teams, the league, stadium, date and time of the match and such like. If the communication offers bonuses or special offers, the text and graphics depicting the bonus or offer are also will be part of the dynamic communication.

The software will automatically populate the dynamic elements in each communication based on the real time data of player behavior data and preferences.  For this the software makes use of something called dynamic tags.

To sum up, the work flow of the operator changes as follows:

  • Create the templates of email, messages, graphics and videos
  • Choose the matches that need to be promoted
  • Select with the targeted population of customers (That is, the operator can opt for promoting Bundesliga matches just to the players who routinely bet on Bundesliga matches only)
  • Set the starting time for the campaign – how many day, weeks or even months before the match (even if matches are postponed or get cancelled for some reason, the software will alter the communication schedule accordingly)
  • Insert bonus offers, wherever needed.
  • Pick the order of communication modes through Campaign flow builder
  • Sit back and watch the results

This way, the operators can think about improving the overall quality of the marketing campaigns and look for innovations, rather than running hurriedly to tick each boxes of the communication mix.

The software saves time, delivers better results and better streamlines the operations.

So, pass it to the machine!

George Miller (Gyorgy Molnar) started his career in content marketing and has started working as an Editor/Content Manager for our company in 2016. George has acquired many experiences when it comes to interviews and newsworthy content becoming Head of Content in 2017. He is responsible for the news being shared on multiple websites that are part of the European Gaming Media Network.

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React Gaming’s LOOT.BET partners with



Reading Time: < 1 minute is pleased to announce that React’s Gaming wholly-owned LOOT.BET subsidiary has entered into a partnership agreement with, a world-leading B2B provider of esports odds feeds, risk management services and iFrame solutions. Pursuant to the agreement, will provide LOOT.BET with its renowned esports odds feed and help LOOT.BET scale its operations worldwide.

“This partnership is excellent news for LOOT.BET, as it will enhance our online betting platform capabilities and functionalities and help us achieve our goal of increasing consumer engagement and topline performance,” said Leigh Hughes, CEO of React Gaming. “Given that has the highest industry uptime and best odds quality, its solutions could also have a positive impact on our operating margins, which is another benefit of using their solutions.”

“LOOT.BET focuses on providing gamers with the most engaging betting solutions, hence the quality of the odds feed and lines availability are extremely important,” added Peter Zhalau, CEO of LOOT.BET. “Our trading team was impressed with the quality of the esports lines quoted by Their team is clearly capable of performing at the highest levels and will help us scale and grow our business worldwide so we can dedicate internal capacities to other initiatives. has everything we look for in a partner, and we’re excited about working together with them in the years to come.”

“LOOT.BET is one of the most established global esports brands and one of the premier platforms in the esports betting space,” said Marek Suchar, Co-Founder and Managing Director of “This partnership confirms that is moving in the right direction and that the quality of our solution is second to none. We are extremely excited to provide a solution that will certainly help improve LOOT.BET’s trading performance and uptime in the long run.”

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Real Luck Group appoints Director of Marketing to complete leadership team



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Arrival of former Tencent Games and Red Bull executive comes as company prepares to scale player acquisition

Real Luck Group Ltd. and its subsidiary companies doing business as “Luckbox” (the “Group”), an award-winning provider of licensed esports betting, sports betting and casino games, announces the appointment of Daniel Sanders as Director of Marketing.

Mr Sanders’s previous positions include Senior Global Marketing Lead at Tencent Games and Head of Esports and Gaming Marketing at Red Bull. He was also previously a manager and player with renowned esports organization Dignitas. He will be responsible for leading Luckbox’s marketing strategy as the Company looks to accelerate player acquisition through the second half of 2022, a key component for driving organic revenue growth this year.

Real Luck Group CEO Thomas Rosander said: “This is a crucial position that completes the building of our core leadership team. This role requires a rare skill set that we have been working diligently to recruit for several months and we are very pleased to attract an individual of Daniel’s caliber to help accelerate our player growth strategy.

“Dan brings genuine esports authenticity along with proven marketing credentials and he will play an important role in our long-term mission to position Luckbox as a leading brand at the intersection of gambling, esports and gaming. His arrival enhances our leadership team’s wealth of experience in scaling users and revenues in the gambling industry.

“As part of our team, he will utilize the sophisticated business intelligence and customer relationship management infrastructure that we put in place over the past year, as we aim to embark on meaningful player acquisition campaigns for the first time in the Company’s history.

“Dan’s efforts to bring the Luckbox brand to a new generation of players will be supported by the continued deployment of the Company’s affiliate strategy, building out a growing network of player referral sites, attracting high-value traffic to our casino product with the aim of driving near-term revenue growth.

“We are confident our strategy gives us a unique advantage against a backdrop of soaring player acquisition costs currently affecting the sector. We have the resources to scale our marketing efforts and deliver on our growth strategy deep into 2023.”

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Lickd Partners with Decentraland’s Vegas City to exclusively provide commercial music in the metaverse



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Lickd, the ‘go-to’ platform for helping content creators legally use the music they love, has signed an exclusive deal with metaverse district Vegas City within Decentraland, which will see it provide commercial music to Vegas City’s partners and tenants.

The 24-month partnership will see Lickd supply curated playlists and genre specific ‘radio channels’ into Vegas City’s music player, which provides background music in venues and public spaces throughout the district and Decentraland. Through this partnership, all venues in Vegas City will now be able to access commercial music in the metaverse for the first time.

Paul Sampson, CEO Lickd commented: “This is a huge step for Lickd both in terms of expanding our offering into the metaverse and for the metaverse itself in terms of being able to simplify the music licensing solution. We could not be happier about teaming up with Vegas City and taking another step towards becoming the best micro-licensing offering in the industry. We continue to deliver cutting edge solutions that benefit both the platforms and rights holders that we partner with and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that this will create.”

Lickd is the first pre-cleared, music licensing solution for social video creators. The platform provides music from independent and major labels for pre-approved licensed use in YouTube and other UGC videos. By making licensed music accessible to virtually everyone, and not just the domain of professional production companies, Lickd is invigorating the music-maker marketplace with a raft of new business opportunities. This partnership with Vegas City represents another step into the metaverse for Lickd following Epic Games’ investment into the company in 2021.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lickd to be able to offer our partners and tenants in Vegas City access to a substantial catalogue of commercial music that, up until this point, has not been available” said James Ashton, CEO of Vegas City. “Not only will this deal create huge value for our existing users, but it will open up a whole new horizon of possibility for musicians, labels and fans.”

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