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Top 10 Online Slots of 2018



top-10-Slots-2018 Top 10 Online Slots of 2018Reading Time: 6 minutes

Among the many different casino games that are found at the plethora of online casinos on the net, such as Blackjack, Roulette and many more, online Slots still remain the most played games online in 2018. Why? Well, they’re bright and colorful and straightforward to play. Below we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Online Slots of 2018 that you can play at online casinos. Have a read through our article,then take your pick and start spinning those reels and winning some cash!

1. Gonzo’s Quest

The next video slots game we’d like to mention in our list of Top Slots games to play in 2018 is none other than Gonzo’s Quest which will is soon due to be released as a VR Slots game this summer. The NetEnt powered Slots game, which features Gonzo as a character, is based on the historical figure Gonzalo Pizzaro who was a Spanish conquistador and serves to digitally transport avid Slots players to Eldorado.

The Slots game starts with a short 3D video of Gonzo’s tale. Once the actual slots game has loaded, you’ll be able to see detailed symbols of realistic Inca carvings of both animal and human faces. T After you’ve place your bet, you won’t see reels spinning. Instead, you’ll just see a number of falling blocks in 5 different columns.

Provided that you manage to strike a winning combination while playing the 20 line slots game, the symbols present will disappear in a 3D explosion. Any gaps present will fill up with more falling symbols.

Three immensely interesting features of this slots game are its Avalanche multipliers, Free Fall symbols and wild symbols. Once an Avalanche multiplier appears the win multiplier increases. If you manage to get a combination of 3 Free Falls symbols, 10 Free Falls will be activated. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to land on Wild symbols they will be substituted for all symbols.

2 . PlayBoy Gold Online Slot

2017 marked the year that the legend Hugh Hefner sadly passed away. Yet, his legacy still remains; especially his widely established Playboy brand. In the online gambling world, this can very much be seen in Microgaming’s successful Playboy slots. And this year, Microgaming has just added another slot game to its series by releasing another title: PlayBoy Gold Slots.

As the successor of Playboy Slots, this slots game is presented with a new 6-reel layout, 100 different paylines and giant symbols. Special features include a bonus picking round and free spins.

On testing the game at one of the online casinos, the Jumbo Blocks feature is one that really stood out to us. This is triggered when the symbols large Playboy symbols appear on the game’s reels. Once it’s set off, the large Playboy symbols will take up more than one reel. The middle 4 reels will then spin together with the Jumbo Blocks. When a Jumbo Block appears in full on the Slots’ reels, one of three features is set off. These include the Instant Credit Prize, which gives you a cash bonus, the Multiplier feature, which multiplies the winning amount you’ve managed to amass and finally the Free spins features which gives you free spins.

3. Twin Spin Deluxe

First there was Twin Spin, and now Twin Spin Deluxe the game’s sequel by the acclaimed and much celebrated online casino software company, NetEnt, is here to keep us all entertained in 2018. The 6-reeled Slots game, which was released in the last few months of 2017, is prized for its smooth gameplay and popular features including the Twin Reel Feature and Cluster Pays.

While spinning the Slots game’s reels, you’ll be able to see all the symbols line up as you wait for the outcome once you’ve clicked on the spin button. The symbols in the game include bells, bars,7s, queens, kings, jacks and diamonds. All you have to do prior to starting your game is to basically choose your coin value and bet level which ranges from 1 to 10. Once you’re done, you’re pretty much good to go and watch those Slots reels spin!

4. Beautiful Bones

If you’re up for something different, why not just join in the Mexican celebrations from beyond the grave by playing Microgaming’s game – Beautiful Bones? Set against a background bursting with the fun and bright colors, a wild theme of the traditional Mexican El Día de los Muertos festivities, the beautiful Calaveras keenly await your digital presence to take your bets.

All in all this game is absolutely fantastic. The Day of the Dead inspired game has a total of 5-reels. And with 243 ways to win, the festivities begin from the get-go when lining up 3 identical symbols or Calaveras, vertically or horizontally, as WILD spins are collected. Yet the fun doesn’t simply stop there; if you really want to get the chance to win some cash, spin the game’s reels to possible get even more free spins to help keep you longer in the game!

5. Starburst

Starburst may have been released quite some time ago now, however, NetEnt’s 10-payline video slot is definitely still relevant and widely played in the online gambling world. Yes folks, it’s one of those timeless classics that will probably still be around in another ten years’ time. On loading the 5-reeled slots game, you’ll be able to see several vibrant cosmic gem symbols. Other symbols that are present in the casino game are the classic Bar symbols and 7 symbols. However, this particular video slot’s gem is indeed its wild symbol which is perhaps the most coveted by players. Wild symbols only appear on the second, third and fourth reels and if two of them appear on the reels, the Starburst Wild feature will be triggered.

6. Jack and the Beanstalk

Growing up, most of us read or watched the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk with great fascination and delight. Yet, sadly as time rolled by and we all grew up a large part of the magic faded. Luckily, NetEnt has brought Jack and the Beanstalk back in slots form for all of us as adults to enjoy!

The 3D video slot, which is available on all devices, tells the exciting tale of Jack and the Beanstalk as he embarks on his quest for riches. As you enter the Jack’s fantastical world, you’ll notice that NetEnt’s talented team have used several colorful symbols that all pertain to the fairytale we all love so much. The 20-payline video slots game offers gamblers the marvelous opportunity to claim Wilds, Treasure Collection and Free Spins.

8. Raiders of the Hidden Realm

Looking for a superhero-themed game? Then be sure to check out the Raiders of the Hidden Realm in 2018 that you can find at many PayPal Casinos online. The Playtech powered online slots game is an epic superhero themed game that’s set in a magical ice realm is definitely a title you shouldn’t even think about missing out on.

On launching the slots game, you can expect to join the Raiders, Morgana, Sparks and Strider, as you place your bet and set the game’s 5-reels spinning. Once you’ve started playing, you’ll be able to win by hitting the right symbols on 40 different paylines. Moreover, you’ll also grant yourself the opportunity to experience one of the game’s exciting features. Namely, these include 3 free spins features.

The Morgana’s Free Games feature is triggered when you manage to spin its reels and land on Morgana symbols on the first and fifth reels of the slots game. On managing to do so, you’ll be able to receive 8 free spins and a Morgan symbol which will appear on the reels on each of the free spins you manage to generate while enjoying this game’s feature.

The Raiders of the Hidden Realm’s Stider’s Free Game feature is set off when the Strider symbols land on the first and fifth reels of the game. You’ll be able to get 7 free spins once they have. Any wild symbols that you land on will remain displayed on the reels as you spin the game’s reels in hopes of generating even more spins and of course cash.

Provided that you manage to land on the Sparks symbols on the game’s outer reels, you’ll be able to activate the Sparks’ feature. This particular slots’ feature will reward you with 6 free spins which will transform into individual wild symbol with any multiplier.

9. Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

In 2016, many online gamblers found themselves extremely disappointed when Playtech pulled its Marvel Jackpots series. And just when many online gamblers thought they’d never be able to play an interesting Slots title ever again, the release of Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters completely managed to change everybody’s minds.

Now although Playtech’s new progressive jackpot slots game series is not quite the same as its former series, the series still provides fantastic entertainment for gamblers to enjoy. After all, it’s got stunning Egyptian-themed graphics and life-changing jackpots to be won just like the Marvel ones did.

The 25-payline Slots game features a more than generous amount of free spins with extra wild symbols, multipliers, locking wilds and more. The top prize to be had whilst playing one of the progressive games in the series is about $1 million. What’s not to like?

10. Rise of the Pharaoh’s Slot game

A few years ago, the Egyptian-themed slots games were all the range. However, many online casino software developers sadly stopped producing slots games with Egyptian-themed crypts, pyramids and Pharaoh’s for some time. Now they’re totally making a fabulous comeback and while there are many of them, Rise of the Pharaoh’s Slots is proof enough of just how spectacular Egyptian-themed Slots are.

The 5-reeled Slots game, which displays an Egyptian tomb in its background, features several different symbols including mummies, Gods, Pharaohs and more. In total, the Slots game has 15 fixed pay lines and the larger your bets are, the bigger your chances of winning a life-changing amount is. Among the most exciting features to look out for while playing Rise of the Pharaoh’s Slots at online casinos are free spins, wild symbols and sticky wilds. It’s even got its very own bonus game with multipliers too!

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European Gaming News

EGT Romania: new promotions for slot machines!




EGT-romania EGT Romania: new promotions for slot machines!


A challenge that EGT Romania has always accepted, both towards customers and other operators, most of them already becoming partners, is to always offer them the opportunity to grow their businesses by choosing the most performing, attractive, interactive, awarded and appreciated products from the gambling industry. So, periodically we make offers as attractive as possible to facilitate the decision to progress of each operator.

Starting with January 2020, EGT Romania offers operators the opportunity to purchase slot machines from both previous generations and the latest models, at extraordinary prices conditions.

VEGA VISION UP, VEGA VISION +UP, VEGA VISION +ST – in 12 or 24 installments without advance payment

The increasingly diverse demands of players develop the need for operators to integrate tailor-made products and services into their gaming halls. AWPs are some of them. Taking this into account, you can now take advantage of the following offer:

  • You can purchase cabinets from the Vega Vision range with AWP mixes in 12 or 24 installments, without advance payment.
  • You can also purchase Vega Vision cabinets in 12 or 24 installments, without advance payment, if you choose game mixes from the Collection Series range.

!!! In addition, we thought that you might want to convert AWP to Collection Series or vice versa at some point, so we created a minimum cost for you. Therefore, you will benefit of only 999 Euro + VAT per conversion (compared to 1950 Euro + VAT – the basic price).

P-24/24 UP, P-27/27 ST SLIM – 2 months free of charge!

These EGT slot machines, equipped also with AWP game mixes, awarded and appreciated year after year, are still in the top of the preferences of players and operators alike.

The active special offer consists in:

  • Enjoy 2 months free of charge when renting P-24/24 Up and / or P-27/27 St Slim with AWP game mix

S32/55 – S-line range – 40 E discount

Presented for the first time in Romania in September 2019, within the EAE, the S32/55 terminal, from the S-line multiplayer range, impresses with the imposing appearance, with a dominant display of 4K resolution, 55 inches.

Active offer:

  • You can rent S32/55, during this period, with 40 E discount.

For questions, complete information and additional details, we invite you to contact the EGT Romania sales team at the data available here.

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European Gaming News

Could UK Government Policy Threaten Online Betting Promos?



Untitled-2 Could UK Government Policy Threaten Online Betting Promos?

Most observers would agree that the UK political class is pursuing a dialogue on the very nature of the gambling industry. The headline issue is, of course, fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT’s), which have been the focus of a huge campaign. This week the UK Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, announced that the maximum stake in these gaming machines will be cut dramatically starting in October 2019. The move has cross-party support, and even the gambling industry has been vocally supportive, knowing that it at least makes sense from a PR perspective to seem concerned about the issue.

However, FOBT’s are not the only issue being discussed about the industry in the UK, with some changes perhaps having a big impact on punters. Advertising has come under scrutiny recently, with an almost saturated feel to the volume of sports betting adverts played on television during events like Premier League games. Sky, the UK’s dominant figure in sports broadcasting, has agreed to ‘regulate itself’ and limit the number of betting adverts beginning at the start of the 2019 Premier League season.

Sky moving to restrict advertising

The move by Sky, while seemingly commendable as they will lose out on a chunk of the estimated £460 million gambling companies spend on advertising in the UK, is also indicative of the fact that the landscape is changing. The Labour Party, in particular, has signalled that they will try to put curbs on many aspects of the industry should they win the next election. For example, Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson, has called for a ban on funding accounts with credit cards and any advertising during live sports events.

However, one area that will be keenly watched by casino players and bettors is that of promotions. Incentives like free bets, price boosts, reload bonuses and the rest are the “carrot” that usually acts as a tipping point to encourage a player to join a new site, but they are certainly not the only reason why people bet. If a Government decides that promotions force people to bet, rather than supplement a decision that has already been made, could they too be in the firing line as the UK authorities try to further regulate the industry?

Free bets offers popular with punters

One would argue that would come to the detriment of the customer, rather than the industry. Consider how a punter might want to bet with William Hill on Real Madrid at 12/1 to win the Champions League, or the Boston Celtics at 7/1 with Bet365 to win the NBA Championships; they could check a list of free bet no deposit 2018 offers and potentially make their bet for free. Is it fair to take away those incentives from the customer?

1 Could UK Government Policy Threaten Online Betting Promos?

There is a fine line between the idea of a promotion and the “bet now!” command that is being looked at by the Advertising Standards Agency, but it’s hard to know where that line will be drawn in the future. Punters would be irate to learn that they can’t, for example, go to a bookie and find an incentive like a price boost on the current odds of 12/1 for Chelsea to win the Premier League.

In the end though, money usually settles these matters. While the UK Government has made moves on FOBTs, it was slow-acting because bookmaker shops were keen to point out that those betting terminals equate to jobs. 2017/18 was estimated to have raised £2.8 billion in gaming tax receipts for the UK Exchequer. The Government will be loath to jeopardise that income. The point is: if the bookies can make their case, those promos will be here to stay.


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Pragmatic Play roars to life with 5 lions



New release sees ancient spirits guarding amazing riches

15 June 2018: Pragmatic Play, the multi-award-winning games provider, has announced the launch of 5 Lions, a 3×5 video slot steeped in myth and legend.

Chinese iconography lights up the reels of 5 Lions, with turtles, phoenixes and dragons appearing covered in glittering gemstones.

The mystical lions of the game’s title act as the wild symbols, granting the player a random multiplier of up to 40x and springing to life when they appear in any winning line.

Melissa Summerfield, Chief Commercial Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “Our suite of high quality games continues to go from strength to strength, and 5 Lions is a great addition that we are proud to introduce to our partners and players.

“The game’s mystical air is complemented by an engaging and visually satisfying array of bonus content, and it certainly has the potential to keep players coming back.”

Three gilded yin-yang symbols unlock 5 Lions unique free spins feature, expanding the three central reels to four symbols in height and boosting the potential ways to win from 243 to 576.

Players then have the opportunity to choose between seven lions, offering a wide selection of different multiplier ranges. These options range from six free spins with a range of high multipliers (15x, 30x, or 40x) to 25 free spins with a range of lower multipliers (2x, 3x, or 5x).

Pragmatic Play’s portfolio contains more than 80 proven HTML5 video slots, including Wolf Gold, Chilli Heat and The Champions. These titles are now live with a growing list of leading casino brands, including Mr Green, Betsson and LeoVegas.

For more information on this release or to arrange an interview please contact Tom Lewis at Square in the Air on 020 3586 8257 or

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the fastest growing providers of slots games in the online gaming industry. It has proven expertise in creating mobile and desktop content that engages modern players. Its expanding portfolio features more than 80 proven HTML5 titles, which support 26 languages and all major currencies, and are built on unique in-house designs.

The provider’s games are attuned to the needs of players and operators in regulated markets all over the world and are now a fixture on many of the leading casino brands.

For more information please visit

Source: European Gaming News

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