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Affiliate Success: Interview with multi-award winning online gambling affiliate website founder Joshua Chan



It doesn’t get better than this! We have managed to catch an interview with the founder of, Joshua Chan, whose story is going to inspire you to venture into this great industry. Being an online gambling affiliate doesn’t mean that you are going to walk down an already paved road, but there are some recipes that will bring you success. We can certainly say that Joshua is among those super-affiliates that has adopted the recipe and worked its way to the top.

  • Name: Joshua Chan
  • Age: 38
  • Hometown: Sydney, Australia
  • Living in: Sydney, Australia
  • Favorite Food: Yum Cha / Dim Sum
  • Must Read Book: To be honest I don’t read books:/

EEG: Firstly we would like to thank you for this opportunity, we are really interested and I’m sure that all our readers are going to read this with huge interest.Tell us a bit about yourself, we want to know who Joshua Chan really is and how did you start working at

Joshua: I am the founder of, coming from an education in IT and started off my career working for my brother’s online start-up for 7 years. I started the site in late 2006 after buying a house and looking for a second income to help pay off the mortgage. The site managed to make more than my primary income within a few months back then so I stopped my contracting and focused on building the site to what you see today.

EEG: is the largest casino review website out there, am I right? Where do you think LCB stands now and what are your future plans?

Joshua: I think your right, I started in the niche of looking for the best bonus for all the popular casino games in a comparison style setup. Once I had that working and the team was keeping it updated we decided to keep on adding information about every topic we could think of about gambling and we are still adding scores of articles each week. Not to mention we have the largest online casino forum and player feedback on all the reviews.

As for the future we are working on implementing a new design which will be the 4th design for the site. It will be very different to the current look, with a focus on usability and adaptable to any screen size.

EEG: What are its strong points of and how many people work on delivering all the content? Plus you have the LatestPokerBonuses, LatestBingoBonuses and LatestSportsBonuses.

header Affiliate Success: Interview with multi-award winning online gambling affiliate website founder Joshua Chan

Joshua: We have a team of 30 people working on the sites in 3 main divisions, most of them full-time, one division works hard on keeping it updated adding news and reviewing new and old casinos, games etc. The second team is working on getting better bonuses from the casinos and then mediating any issues the players have with them to make sure the player always gets treated fairly which is our main priority. Lastly the team that I lead these days is working on improving the site technology and adding new branches of related content. Most recently is the new regulations section. (

EEG: We have of course know that it takes a huge effort to create and maintain such a portal, how big is your team and when are you guys based currently?

Joshua: The team is 30 strong and we are based all over the world, with half of the team in Europe and the other half located in the US and Australia.

EEG: What can you advise new affiliates that are looking to venture in this great industry?

Joshua: It has become harder to enter the industry but it is still possible with a good idea and a strong work ethic, you will need to do something considerably better than anyone else that has established themselves to cut through the clutter already online.

EEG: What were the bumps in your road when you got started and how did you overcome them in you professional life?

Joshua: When I started it was an interesting time in the industry as most affiliates had just taken a huge hit losing most of the US market after UIEGA came into effect, of course I entered just after this so I was looking at the industry with fresh eyes while most were licking their wounds. The timing was fortunate because all the Google advertising had become forbidden and Google had removed all the ads, I did not know this so started putting ads on google and at the time they would go live instantly and this gave me a good boost of traffic for a very low price, although it was short-lived as Google shut my ads down after a few weeks, but it was enough to give me a taste of what some keywords could bring in terms of revenue so I started my research into building an SEO friendly portal.

It was not long before my research into SEO paid off and I was able to quit my contracting job and focus on improving the site full-time.

Another bump in the road was a penalty from google which we managed to remove after a few months and google traffic has been improving since then but we still have a way to go before we get back to our peak. But while this was a blow it did make me sit up and create a new strategy of purchasing some very large existing sites to spread the risk into many good revenue sources rather than putting all my eggs into just LCB. We now have much more traffic in total than we ever had with large purchases of sites like,,,,,,,,, and

EEG: We are sure that you receive daily messages from Affiliate Managers showcasing their products. You of course select them by brands they work with, but what are your thoughts on how Affiliate Manager-Affiliate relationships be built?

Joshua: I must admit I used to fill this role years ago but have built a very capable marketing team that manages our relationships with Affiliate Managers. I do meet with our larger partners and some are true friends since we have known each other for many years. In this industry you do have to be very careful who you trust and while I have been burned by dishonest people I have also had many times when giving the right people trust has generated huge rewards.

EEG: Who is your favourite celebrity?

Joshua: Hmmm interesting question, I am not one to admire celebrities but I have always enjoyed movies and my favorite actor at the moment is Robert Downy Junior but I admire Elon Musk for really making strides to make radical changes in the world.

EEG: Do you attend any igaming conferences? Is so, which one and what is your most fun experience?

Joshua: I do get to a conference once a year usually when it is winter in Australia, I think my favorite one was in Budapest where we mainly had a group in the industry that had become true friends in a short time and partied until 6am 3 nights in row, although it took a toll 🙂

EEG: If you would just open your Youtube search bar, what would you search for?

Joshua: I have followed =3 for some time now and do get a laugh each week a new episode is released.

EEG: Alright, here comes the fun part….favourite food, where would you like to travel in Eastern Europe, some part of the region maybe that you haven’t visited yet and favourite destination around the world?

Joshua: My favorite food is Asian in general but in saying that I love all cultures food and have travelled extensively throughout the world and food has always been a big part of that adventure (I am looking forward to getting some Sarma in Belgrade). I am actually kind of in eastern europe right now (siting in the Montengrean airport waiting for my flight to Belgrade), and on this trip have been to Amsterdam, Luxemburg, Barcelona, Krakow, Warsaw, St Petersburg and Moscow.

My favorite place in the world is Sydney Australia, while it is far from the rest of the world in combines a big city and lifestyle better than any other. I do plan to visit the more countries in Eastern Europe as I love exploring new places.

EEG: Where you wouldn’t want to travel in Eastern Europe?

Joshua: I have no places I wouldn’t visit at least once, I love to explore.

EEG: What is your opinion about EEG(Eastern European Gaming –

Joshua: EEG is off to a solid start and that region of the world does need a dedicated organisation because the players are different from other locations.

EEG: Thank you for this opportunity and have a great one!

Affiliate Succes

One King to rule them all! King Billy wins Best Casino in the AskGamblers Awards!




Where is the capital of the King Billy Kingdom? The good people at King Billy Casino keep their lips sealed about it – but we know that at least for the night of January 17, their capital was Belgrade, Serbia. Because, it was there, in a spectacular gala in the Hyatt Regency hotel (also broadcast live to the rest of the world) that King Billy landed the big one.

AskGamblers Awards. Best. Casino. 2019.

It is one thing to be winning industry’s big awards when you have decades of experience under your belt and your name has been a synonym for gambling from the early 20th (not 21st) century. But it is a very different thing to be doing it when you were founded only as recently, as St. Patrick’s Day, 2017.

So, in less than 3 years, King Billy Casino has proven its mettle in the AskGamblers Awards by winning Best New Casino in 2017, Best Casino 3rd place in 2018 and now, Best Casino in 2019. We reached out to Volodymyr Harkusha and Ruslan Legenzov, King Billy Casino CEO and King Billy Casino Head of Affiliates for statements.

“It is difficult to express it in words!” an excited Volodymyr says holding the prestigious trophy. “You just cannot put into words, the hard work, the team spirit, the sheer talent and the persistence of our people which brought us this amazing award. Through the good times and the bad times, our staff is there, always passionate, positive, active and effective. I am blessed and proud to be working with them!”

Ruslan Legenzov adds: “The saga of the King continues! Recognition that not only comes from the judging committee, but also from the players themselves is a double proof of what King Billy Casino is offering. We thank everyone and we continue. The best is still yet to come!”

The AskGamblers Awards are one of the most respected institutions in the iGaming world. Their distinctive feature is that they are the only awards where the winners are decided by a joint experts & players’ voting process.

The AskGamblers Awards are organized by AskGamblers, an award-winning portal itself, which provides accurate information about online casinos worldwide, as well as the opportunity for players to resolve their issues with casinos transparently.

King Billy Casino is a new generation online casino, available in 6 languages (English, German, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian and Japanese) with an impressive record in awards and an amazing variety of games and features. King Billy has prioritized the creation of a superb user experience focusing on the myth of King Billy and his Kingdom and treats all players with the specialness they deserve.

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Affiliates can cash in as gambling in Canada continues to grow




canadian-online-casinos Affiliates can cash in as gambling in Canada continues to grow

Canada is in the top 10 gambling countries in the world, with statistic aggregators Statista concluding that 75% of adult Canadians are regular gamblers.

Sports betting has been prevalent in Canada for centuries. It is one of the nation’s oldest hobbies and the country’s first laws regarding gambling were passed in 1774.

It wasn’t until 1985, however, that the Canadian government determined that individual provinces could decide on their own gambling regulations.

Betting on single sporting events remained illegal but Pro-Line betting was introduced and natives could place sports parlay bets.

Fast forward to the present day and billions of dollars are being wagered on single sporting events every year.

According to the Canadian Gaming Association, punters in Canada are wagering $10 billion each year via illegal bookmaking operations, and another $4 billion per year is wagered through offshore online betting sites

Canadian bettors are free to access bookmakers that are based overseas, and there they can place single sports bets or parlays, as well as enjoying casino games including slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

Leading betting sites such as Bet365, Betway and 888sport accept players from Canada, as well as casino-first products like LeoVegas.

In 1997, Sports Interaction was founded, becoming the first online sports betting site to be set up and licensed in Canada.

Players can use common banking methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, MuchBetter, EcoPayz, Interac, iDebit, and Instadebit for gambling-related transactions. 

Some bookies are even beginning to accept Bitcoin, which opens even more doors for online gambling in Canada and will only aid the already rapid growth of betting in the Great White North.

All of the most-watched sports in Canada are available to bet on with the major sportsbooks. Thousands of bets are available every day, with live betting and the cash out function being put to use.

The NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB are all hugely popular among Canadian bettors, while soccer, tennis, horse racing and UFC attract a large number of wagers too.

The opportunity for affiliates to make the most of this meteoric rise has never been better. With more and more punters moving away from provincial lotteries and turning towards online betting sites for better odds, more markets, live betting, and lucrative sign-up offers, player acquisition is sure to be a priority for bookies that accept Canadian players.

Education must also be a focus for sportsbooks and casinos. There is plenty of desire for online betting solutions in Canada, but not all punters are aware of the options available to them.

The consensus within the industry is that the current legislation surrounding gambling laws in Canada is outdated. 

There have been efforts to push for an amendment that would allow the full legalisation of single-game sports betting via bookmaking operations based in Canada, but until then, it is fair game for offshore bookies to take advantage of their supply and demand leverage.

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How affiliates are helping to shape US sports betting



1-5 How affiliates are helping to shape US sports betting

With the potential for the US online sports betting market to dwarf that of any other, domestic and international gambling operators are continuing to flock to the newest regulated states with dollar signs for eyes. But talk to those within the industry and it’s, in fact, sports betting affiliates who stand to profit most.

This piece explains the reasons for this, how affiliates are helping to get the market off the ground and the likely challenges that lay ahead for affiliates seeking a piece of what is set to become a very lucrative pie.

A whole new era

No longer are US citizens subject to the murky waters of unregulated betting at offshore sites. 

The decision of the US Supreme Court to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May 2018 has paved the way for regulated sports betting to be introduced on a state-by-state basis.

What was once an obscure market of underground and unlicensed betting, is now home to online sports betting operators looking to get a footing in newly established online markets. In turn, offshore sites are becoming redundant and will slowly but surely be eliminated.

The role of affiliates in this process is not overlooked. Guiding US gamblers to safe and secure online gambling sites is paramount to US operators vying to secure new customers and that crucial first deposit.

The bedrock of US sports betting

While there has been great fanfare around legal sports betting in the US and relative success in certain states, speak to some sports fans and they’ll still be none the wiser regarding the sports betting opportunities now available. Or, owing to the length of time the activity was prohibited, there will be reservations, naturally.

Either way, this is a concept the US people are still getting to grips with. Despite the early success enjoyed by New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the industry is still getting off the ground and very much in its infancy. But whether online sports betting would have reached the heights it has already without the work of affiliates is a question well worth asking.

Among a brand new market in which gambling operators are having to make themselves heard above rigid laws and regulations, and consumers are not too sure which way to turn and, significantly, who to trust, affiliates are playing a vital role in raising awareness and educating consumers.

Crucially, it is online affiliates who are assisting in helping to pull players away from the offshore scene, which has effectively held a monopoly of the industry for a number of years and guide them toward the safety of legal gambling sites.

Affiliates are also acting as an intermediary between states erring on the side of caution before committing fully to online gaming, and budding bettors still unsure about the benefits of legal gambling and how the best online sportsbooks come to be.

With change comes a challenge

Evidently, there are issues affiliates are having to contend with along the way. Of which, the biggest comes in the shape of acquiring the necessary licenses needed to make money in each individual state.

Worth pointing out is the fact the licensing process in every state follows no clear pattern. Each has its own unique framework in place with varying operators, meaning no two states are the same. Essentially, the US market equates to working with 50 different countries which prevent affiliates from moving as quickly as they would like. Not to mention the compliance hurdles that need clearing.

In addition, the legalization of sports betting has opened the door for well-known media companies to enter the fray, raising the proverbial bar in terms of competition. Given the enormity of a market destined to stretch across the country, the potential for success is there for everybody, from the giants of the affiliate network to the one-man-band out there.

Land of opportunity

An aggressive market going forwards is without question, as is the likelihood of having to clear yet more obstacles.

But given the industry is only just getting started, and more states are still to legalize sports betting, all affiliates, no matter how big or small the operation, will believe they are in the race.

And why not? As yet, this is an industry with no established order where everything is up for grabs. Providing affiliates know their intended markets inside out and have a strategy in place to deliver the best content in the industry, the US market presents a golden opportunity for all.

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