Exclusive Interview with Dariy Margaritov, CEO of UltraPlay

Exclusive Interview with Dariy Margaritov, CEO of UltraPlay
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Our colleague, Szaló Réka talked to Dariy Margaritov who is the Chief Executive Officer of UltraPlay, an entrepreneur and visionary with strong background and experience in online gaming, eSports and bitcoin.


First of all, thank you very much for accepting this interview. I would like to ask you to shortly introduce yourself to our readers.

Margaritov: Founder and CEO of UltraPlay – the leading eSports betting solutions provider worldwide. An entrepreneur delivering high-quality results and creating breakthrough programs and initiatives.

When and why you started working in this industry?

Margaritov: I started back in 2001 as an affiliate, as I saw the market holds quite the opportunity at the time. I was mostly involved in sportsbooks and casinos. Then in 2010 decided to found UltraPlay, as a software development company for the online gambling industry.

The company you represent, UltraPlay, constantly innovates, presents new products and is a leader in this sector. What is the key of your success?

Margaritov: Team’s dedication to each aspect of the company’s business is very crucial to our success. The company is assembled by a team of iGaming and IT professionals who are constantly developing state-of-the-art products and betting solutions. Our proactive approach allows us to set the bar higher and lead the industry’s trends so that we successfully establish ourselves as market leaders in many aspects of the online gaming business.

Having been the first in a very dynamic industry such is gambling, we have achieved to establish Blockchain technology back in 2012 with the first Bitcoin-based online gaming casino on the market. Since then we have recorded tremendous increase in the players’ usage of Bitcoin as a payment method. Solidly building our grounds, we are now experiencing the results of our dedication and innovative vision as Blockchain-based projects in various industries are blooming right now.

The aim of your company is to build the most advanced platform by constantly innovating and keeping up to date with the new technologies. This is a very difficult task. How can you overcome the difficulties this rapidly changing industry faces you?

Margaritov: Gambling is a very fast-developing sector following the latest technology and business trends. It has its specifics and challenges that with the right approach can be turned into advantages. With our vision and mission to provide highest quality products and services, we were able to become one of the leading iGaming providers worldwide. Our diverse portfolio of the hottest online betting solutions nowadays is a strong advantage for us.
Betting on eSports is becoming more and more attractive to traditional bookmakers as it’s appealing to the next generation of players. In the beginning, we were the one to promote our eSports betting solution. Now the products we develop stand for itself and operators are coming directly to us as the market leader providing unrivaled eSports betting data and advanced gaming platform.

Will you please tell us our readers what role you undertake in the company’s life? What are your tasks and responsibilities?

Margaritov: As CEO of UltraPlay, I oversee the business operations and activities, client service and management in order to make sure the company’s mission to deliver innovative and high-quality products to all customers is achieved.

What are the major problems, challenges this industry has to face and what solutions would you suggest for these problems?

Margaritov: Our aim to improve certain aspects of betting that players experience motivated us to start the eGold project and Buff 88 platform and offer a Blockchain-based betting. You can see the whole idea on: www.egold.gg. Briefly, through Blockchain technology the two major industry’s problems – lack of transparency and the insufficient security are easily solved through eGold tokens. On the other hand, Buff88 will offer a disruptive solution for a Blockchain-based betting. What does that mean? The blockchain functionality ensures that each bet once placed is absolutely secured – it can’t be deleted, it can’t be declined, it can’t be limited, your stake is locked until the match is over and your profits will be automatically paid out thanks to the smart contracts.

Tell us please about the future plans, projects of UltraPlay.

Margaritov: Leading the eSports betting on a global scale, we excel our expertise and gain first-hand experience that will be transformed in many new projects the company will be involved in the future. Our sports betting offerings are going to be further expanded with our own solutions and services that clients can use and enjoy. We are constantly upgrading Playfinity – our advanced betting platform. Such as its name, the platform endless ways for players to feel the next level of online betting.

What upcoming events is the company focusing on nowadays and how prepared is the company for these events?

Margaritov: We started our project eGold, which is going to change the eSports betting scene with its disruptive nature and cutting-edge technology. Blockchain is evolving so fast that comes along with diverse challenges and opportunities. They can transform the whole betting ecosystem at some point.

Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Margaritov: Robert De Niro

Where would you travel the most in Central Europe?

Margaritov: Czech Republic and Croatia

What motivates you? What does motivation and success mean to you?

Margaritov: The desire for growth pushes me every day. To know that you’ve achieved a lot means the world to me. There is nothing like seeing your company grow and be recognized in the industry.


About UltraPlay:
UltraPlay is a modern technological company, founded in 2010, with the core ambition to offer an innovative approach to the online gaming industry by providing advanced betting solutions, focused on eSports, sports betting, casino, live betting and bitcoin solutions.
Assembled by a team of iGaming professionals with vast experience in betting product development, operations, eSports and marketing, UltraPlay is a trusted partner for delivering superior sports software and odds products to its customers. Learn more about the company here.

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