The other side of the industry, the affiliate, meet David Schwartz

The other side of the industry, the affiliate, meet David Schwartz
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Today we interview a person coming from the other side of the industry, the affiliate part. David Schwartz has been in the industry for over 8 years and shares his experience and success story with you. David is the owner of, a website many affiliate managers are aware of.

EEG: Tell us a little about yourself.

David: I am a simple person who loves to share the good times with friends. I like not to take things seriously, I like messing around. Social contact is very important for me, because it gives us great wealth.

I am a self-taught web, I started in 2003, a girlfriend had signed up for an MLM site, I knew nothing because from a fire safety training. But soon I realized that I had there a formidable tool in the hands to make money. So I began to read, learn and think for the web. I created my first site, and a network … comes the explosion of online poker in France, I inserted directly into this niche without delay and this is my first step into the gambling was done! Was born of a passion for SEO and web promotion.

EEG: How long have you been in the industry and what are your favorites niches?

David: I began to be totally in the gambling industry from 2007, then I just dropped but other activities as well as the first web agency that I had mounted to devote myself at first to almost all of the gambling niches. I started with poker, then I had a domino period online, bingo, scratch and finally casino. The online casino has become my niche favorite very quickly. To the point that I work more than currently sector. This diversification is good, but in such a competitive industry as this I think it is important to be in total immersion for more results.

EEG: What made you choose this industry?

David: The face is going to hide, I chose to industry for the money it is possible to win. But over time, it is an industry that made me more because it is a social vehicle for many people, it is also a part of dream in a world now rather sad! One other thing I love about this industry is that it is a perpetual motion or whether it is necessary to question, to find new strategies will have to adapt to new rules …

EEG: What was your greatest achievement in the gambling affiliate business ?

David: My greater success in the affiliate is to have succeeded to recognize my work with industry professionals and have kept my integrity. After course, like many others, I would say getting very good position on the search engines have huge traffic, creating several successful networks, able to live … Today I am proud to provide consulting services directly to some casinos to try to make them change their vision a little of this business and they do not think only money but also to incorporate a stronger relationship with their affiliates.

EEG: What’s next? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

David: My next success is still in the paper stage and hopefully unveil well with you (our conversion on skype), but I will not say more for now, we’ll talk some soon. Meanwhile, I continue my services and also work on a new network of sites that are for me the important means to stay in this industry.

In 5 years … It’s already hard to see tomorrow … Always with my wife and children in the south of France around a good barbecue and a glass of wine!

EEG: How do you rank affiliate/affiliate collaborations ? And what does that mean to you ?

David: It’s not going to lie about the subject, many of his relationship courtesy, exchanges remains friendly to many. Precisely this industry created a climate of competition, which in my opinion is not necessarily good for all. This is the thing that I would like to change, we make the same thing, so why not help each other and share more on the subject. Luckily I have many contacts that we develop a more truly sincere friendship and even for some developing joint projects. I really think the collaboration between affiliate must grow even more in the future because it’s somewhere we largely, affiliates, who are doing work that industry.

EEG: How do you rank/affiliate manager collaborations ? How can you benefit partner with an experienced program ?

David: There too many things have to change, because being in a communication age, where access to many tools, it is not necessarily in the best conditions. I have contact with very friendly manager affiliates, have been friends for some, Each one we knew to develop a trusting relationship or did enjoy this knowledge to another. Here is how it should be! For others with whom I am also in contact since the year is limited to “enter my program, it is the best ….” and result for a simple banner you wait a week and the relationship is limited to it. And every time they change companies it recontact me and it’s always the same. So as you can see in this domain there succeeded good as bad …

For me a good program should accompany the affiliate to success, for it must make available these resources and knowledge. It should not be limited to marketing tools, but must develop new adapted to the project of the affiliate, for example affiliates are design applicant because it is a post that is costly to the affiliate, the I think the program can help the affiliate best to find tools that convert better. The affiliate manager has to share these skills and knowledge for the affiliate, somewhere, makes him live. It can give development track at the affiliate, offer advice …

EEG: What do you think of our work on the development and updating of Affiliation Market for Eastern Europe?


David: I think you have a very large and beautiful mission, because the countries of the east are, in my opinion still a bit behind in the field of the internet for most people, so it is important to develop an activity such as web for the purpose of information, but also training. It is important to work on the market as the countries of the East, on ethics and try to separate old images that are not necessarily good for the development of this industry. It is an initiative that I support and will support 100%. Your strength, in contrast to some, your proximity and knowledge of this market. More initiative such as your need to grow locally different market because promximité and market knowledge that we are able to provide more relevant information, services, better quality … We must stop this globalized monopoly where different aspect of the market is more or less managed by some competent people with little knowledge on the subject. Simply bravo!

EEG: Let’s say you are planning a trip in Eastern Europe. Where would you like to travel?

David: Prague is a city that I love for its architecture and history. This city is closely linked to the history of Europe and the girls are beautiful! LOL. Not without laughing, I love cooking too, in good time and I’d really like to strongly experience some aspect of this kitchen. After many country attracts me is because there is a great cultural diversity between each is that makes them all the more interesting.

EEG: Where you wouldn’t want to travel ?

David: The tourist trap, the Dominican Republic, what is there to discover there apart from all hotels lined up facing the sea. There is nothing to do or discover, share remain on a lounger sipping a cocktail.

Zoltan "Hawkie" Tundik

With an experience of over 8 years in the online gambling industry, as an affiliate, later affiliate manager and consultant, I consider myself a veteran of the industry and can guarantee that you will be served with the most accurate information.

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