11th European conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues

11th European conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues
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In September 2016 it is going to happen. To be more precise from 13 – 16 September 2016,  the 11th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues will take place in the beautifully refurbished InterContinental Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

By that time it is expected to have over 300 participants from more than 40 different countries  coming from a wide variety and diversity of background to attend the conference.

The title of the conference is: Development of the invisible and unknown: Research, Responsibilities and Regulation.

As you may know, the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG) aims to increase the level of dialogue between its members representing various aspects of gambling. The Association provides a forum for the systematic study, discussion and dissemination on knowledge about all matters relating to the study of gambling in Europe and promotes the comparative study of:

-Historical,economical, mathematical, social and psychological aspects of gambling

-Development, execution and evaluation of the regulation of gambling

-Ethical marketing and management of gambling opportunities

-Understanding of the development of pathological gambling and the provision of prevention and treatment programmes.

The EASG avoids taking a communal view about any specific issue relating to gambling.

The close to 200 members of the EASG are regulators from a lot of European countries, gambling industry representatives, land based, online operators and lottery organisations. Also academics and researchers and prevention and treatment specialists are a member of our association.

Since more than 20 years we organize a very successful conference in different parts in Europe.

We started in 1994 and we will have our 11th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues in Lisbon in 2016.

Since about fifteen years we are the largest and most respected conference in Europe, some even say in the world.

For sure regulators will com to Lisbon as gambling and definately the regulation of gambling is a hot topic, not only in Europe but all over the world. What to think about the EU based guidelines and the national regulations to be implemented. Some countries have a steady and well regulated position. Others like Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands are still struggling, especially in the online area. What should be allowed? How should it be allowed? When is this all going to happen? We promise regulators an exiting conference with lots of different topics, including a focus on Responsible Gaming. That is so important these days. A top priority for politicians, but difficult to find in regulation.

The industry will also come to Lisbon. Land based casino industry (including the European Casino Association) the slot machine industry (Euromat) , but also representatives for the lottery organizations and not to forget the online gambling and betting operators.

For academics , researchers the conference is a must, meeting point. Top researchers like Jeffrey Derevensky, David Hodgins, Bob Ladouceur (professor emiritus), Alex Blaszcinsky, Iver Hand, Rachel Volberg and Mark Griffiths will be there. But many more are to come.

In the programme we will have a special dedicated session to the most controversial topics that are mentioned by these Research V.I.P.’s . Speed dating.

Last but not least we expect a large group of participants that are involved in treatment, professionally and those who have a focus on self help programmes, face to face and online.

The basic outline of the conference programme together with all necessary information to send in abstracts and to register for the conference is available on our website ( www.easg.org ).

Two years ago we had over 110 presentations in plenary and parallel session. We expect to do the same this year.

However it is not only  content and knowledge spreading. The EASG conference is also know for the social aspects and its famous social programme. From the moment you arrive you are being taken care of. A great welcome reception, a special dedicated evening providing local food and music and a gala dinner , for sure with entertainment.

Two and half day of top entertainment and knowledge building and maybe making new friends, that will remain friends for the rest of your life.

One more thing for those who want to do more, want to learn more. We also organize two pre-conference workshops on Tuesday 13 September in the afternoon.

One topic is on Match Fixing, never boaring and very actual and important again these days taking into account the professional tennis rumours. And is this still tip of the iceberg? We promise excellent presenters, like we did before in Amsterdam last year and the moderator of the workshop Philippe Vlaemminck will lead the discussion.

The other topic is an absolute must for treatment specialists and other interested parties as it will be on Brief Interventions and Motivational Interviewing techniques. It will be delivered by David Hodgins who is considered to be THE worlds’s expert in this area.

And, besides a lot of other specials, we will host an IMGL Masterclass  and a special on the Bingo Project.

In short what should stop you from getting to Lisbon, Portugal in September? And if you come, maybe you should think of adding a couple of extra days to your travel scheme. There are so many beautiful things to see and do.

Let’s meet!

Pieter Remmers, Secretary General and Conference Organiser

Zoltan "Hawkie" Tundik

With an experience of over 8 years in the online gambling industry, as an affiliate, later affiliate manager and consultant, I consider myself a veteran of the industry and can guarantee that you will be served with the most accurate information.

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