Why BLUE MIND brings calm and distruptive thinking to the gambling industry?

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In the ever evolving and fast-growing gambling industry, not only C-level but all employees are overexposed to visual and mind stress, facing challenging projects in

Interview with Shona ODonnell

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Since we keep getting newer audiences that don’t exactly know what the Berlin Affiliate Conference is about, we would like to ask you, who is

Angelo Dalli, President of Bit8 speaks about the current state of the Maltese gambling situation (reprint EEGReport Magazine)

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Hi Angelo, first of all let me congratulate you for the recent award you received with Bit8. Best B2B application award at the Malta Communication

Odeta Nestor, President of the NOG Romania speaks about the current state of the Romanian gambling situation (reprint EEGReport-Magazine)

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Since our last interview, many things have happened and Romania has become one of the largest gambling markets in the region. Congrats for this achievement!

Brand related Interview with Amir Obralić – Marketing Manager at NSoft

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While we aim to bring you all the exciting news around the iGaming industry in Central and Eastern Europe, we have run across a company

Interview with Alexandre Tomic, the star of Virtual Reality at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2016

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While writing the questions for Alexandre Tomic, I have come to the conclusion that everybody is making demos about their VR environment however some of the aspects

The Emerging Trends of In-Play Betting at the i-Gaming Forum Sweden 2016 with Tom Light

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Interview with Tom Light, VP of Business Development, SBTech(conducted by i-Gaming Forum Sweden) THE EMERGING TRENDS OF IN-PLAY BETTING 1) SBTech is covering a session on

Affiliate Manager in the spotlight: Jessica Guether of Fortune Affiliates shares her story

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Well, it doesn’t get any better than this, working at one of the industry’s giants and loving every part of your day and activity. Jessica

Affiliate Managers in the spotlight: Gal Ackerman, Head of Affiliate at Trade360 Partners

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It’s not often that we come across affiliate managers of such caliber. It’s a competitive market and especially if you are in the financial affiliate

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